Affection From the Enemy

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  1. View attachment 10601 She sat in her dark apartment.. staring blankly through her window; her mind whirling with thoughts on how to pull off her biggest crime. The van was going to be at the border next week. The buyer will be ready the next day.. now it is a waiting game.. my plan is flawless this far. Of course it wasn't. At any moment someone could rat her out; there could be a mole in her operation. That has happened once before, but she has began screening everyone who comes into her 'business'... okay well maybe she wasn't the one screening people. It was a man who goes under the name 'Len' or sometimes 'Val' if the previous man had gone to jail.. or worse.

    Valencia Scott.. an organized crime leader that is wanted, but isn't known.. or is she? This woman was 25 and walking a lifestyle that most shouldn't. Often, she wonder how she ended up here.. in a life that could lead to her death; she has been lucky not to be dead yet, but that was probably because she hides behind people.. mainly guys. Valencia was a name she hated.. what could she do? Instead of going by her name she would make men take her name, breaking up into 'Len' and 'Val'; she went by Val.

    Biting the inside of her lip, she stands up and runs her fingers through her hair with a deep sigh. She had pulled off many things.. why was this any different? Val begins to pace her living room. The plan was still going through her head.. over and over.. every detail.. down to the color of the van. Why did it matter? It just did. "I can't be in the house," Val said quickly.

    After grabbing her simple black purse and slipping on her grey suede boots and heading out. Maybe she would go get a cup of coffee or something.. it was 2 in the afternoon.. a cup of coffee shouldn't keep her awake tonight if she drank it now. Once outside she glanced around, noting who was around her. There were only normal looking people.. what caught her attention was someone across the street talking to no one.. maybe the man had a headset on or something... definitely a man she would have to keep an eye on to see if she sees him again. Until then.. she was going to walk casually to the cafe.
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    People with pretty faces were not always the nicest of people. After a certain age everyone learned that lesson. Few had the good fortune of learning it secondhand rather than from direct experience. Whether it came from from that pretty girl who used the hopeless nerd in highschool to get answers for homework or that handsome guy in college who manipulated a sweet girl into losing something she could never get back. Several were scatterd throughout the entertainment industry at every rank. Others were beautiful criminal masterminds that could disarm potential situations based on their looks alone. Still, there were those who were handsome grim reapers that killed for a living. Those were some of the most dangerous people as their faces masked one twice as cunning than any animal and three times deadlier. But it was a solitary existence that only certain personalities could embrace without feeling as though any consequences were suffered.

    When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go. . .

    Piercing blue eyes watched Scott with all the interest of a hungry owl gazing upon a mouse in the underbrush. Those eyes belonged to a man in his twenties whose age depended on the false I.D. he carried that day. Inside his blue jeans rested a brown leather wallet that held just such an I.D. claiming him to be twenty-six. Wool hid well-sculpted muscles inside of a loose-fitting grey sweater. Right at that moment he checked his phone after feeling it vibrate in the pocket opposite to that wallet. Dark brown eyebrows knitted together for a moment as his entire tanned complexion turned stern and cold. A text told him that payment had been confirmed for his current target. No time for any nervousness or hesitation in his world. The cellphone went back into his jeans pocket next to what felt like a fine piece of string. Only the hunt mattered after the contract was taken. Did he care about the assignments? Man or woman? Innocent or guilty? Could there really be any code of honor in such a cuthroat job?

    When you've got worries all the noise and the hurries seems to help I know. . .

    From crowd to crowd he moved, blending in with other people street corners or even just those walking down the street. But Val never left his sight for long. Nothing inhuman like a scent trail connected them. Certainly not some advanced technology that tracked the perfume she wore or some bizarre detail like that. Pure, refined tracking skills were what allowed him to follow her with the utmost swiftness. All the way to whatever her destination ended up being. It did not matter in the least to him. All he required was the right setting to make his move. Getting close to the target was unnecessary in most cases if the job was done by a true professional. No traces of the predator who killed the prey. But every once in a while exception came along that required special attention and tactics if they were intelligent enough. Or very well protected. In the end he would simply follow them to the ends of the earth if required by the job.

    ". . .Downtown."
  3. Head up. Eyes forward. Slight smirk. This was the stance of confidence. This was the look of someone Without a worry in the world.. a facade.. protection from the outside world. Glance at him. Smile. Look down. Val knew how to play the game, gather the interest of a peer. What man wouldn't melt at the quick flash of flirty hazel eyes and a feigned blush. There was something about a girl being bashful that seemed to attract the other gender; she has used this to her advantage many times and probably will use it many more. As she turned the corner, she glanced back over her shoulder to scan over who was behind her.

    Red shirt... green blazer.. ugly skirt... grey sweater..messy hair.. None of them are familiar. That pleased her.. the fact she didn't see the same shirt, outfit, or hairstyle twice.. always a good sign. It wouldn't be much longer until she was off the street and in the comfort of her favorite little cafe. She frequented it enough for everyone to know her. One step in the building and all she heard were shouts welcoming a woman named Kate. No one had ever questioned her or asked for a last name, and she didn't worry about her real name being discovered since she played it safe and paid with cash... at least she felt safer doing that.

    The sweet smell of coffee flooded her nostrils as she pushed open the glass door. What a warm smell it was.. a comforting smell. The familiar chorus of "hey Kate" started around the whole cafe. Reading a newspaper.. briefcase on the floor. A couple on a date. Man on a laptop. Then a man with just coffee and a phone.. Mmmm.. That was the man she was going to watch. Most of the time the person she picked to watch was a normal person just going on with their life, but she couldn't be too cautious. Keeping the same demeanor she had walking on the street, she went to the counter. Warm smiles from the workers greeted her. The flirtatious grin of Lee was always a joy to see.

    "So, cute stuff, what will it be? Your normal frou-frou java chip?" He grinned and leaned on his elbows over the counter towards her, brown eyes lighting up. Val just smirked, tilting her head to the left just the slightest bit, raising an eyebrow as she leaned down to make the distance between them smaller.

    "No, I'd like something a little harder."

    "Venti Americano it is!" Lee knocked the counter with his knuckles as he pushed away from the counter. A flash of pain went through Val's eyes. This man has been on several dates with her; they had shared nights together. His heart was so genuine, so full of love, and he had already been open with her about his intentions. Oh, how she wished she could just fall into him. She wanted someone to comfort her when she walked into their apartment. No longer would it just be her, but it had to be; she already had too much of a relationship with him.

    For a moment she dazed out into the world of sweet nostalgia.. replaying the moments between them that meant the most, the moments where Lee snatched bits of her heart. His voice and a cup sliding towards her broke the trance she was in. With a soft smile and quick nod she took the cup and settled down in a seat, crossing her right leg over left, pulling a book from her purse that laid across her lap.
  4. Only around ten yards behind her came the young man in a grey sweater and dark blue jeans that hand a hand in each pocket. Brown hiking shoes moved along the sidewalk at a steady pace toward the cafe but their noise found itself lost underneath all the other sounds of city life. No one would hear those footsteps until it was too late. Lonely hallways were one such place and empty alleyways were another example of when those ominous footfalls would finally register as a potential threat in the ears of his prey.

    Head up. Eyes forward. Slight smirk. Got it.

    Examining the girl with care, he noted her body language, doing his best to learn her quirks with haste. To learn what she did so that he could deduce why she might do it at all. If anything got people killed in a hurry it often came down to simple habits that could be turned against them at the drop of a hat. Did he think it a facade? Too early to tell just from looking at the way he watched her with such attention to detail. Even without these refined skills he would have noticed the way so many people inside reacted to her arrival. This was by no means the place to strike. Yet it did provide the perfect place to observe and learn more without even starting a conversation.

    Plus I can get a bite to eat and something to drink.

    Just seconds after she started talking to Lee he noticed the change in her body language and took the opportunity to enter the cafe unnoticed. Well, unnoticed by 'Kate' at least. Other patrons noticed him just fine. After all he was by no means invisible to their eyes. Handsome features chiseled into his face that were so striking that quite a few of the women inside took note irrespective of their ages. Certainly not the place to make any sort of move that went beyond the norm. Getting into line, he stood with patience for around fifteen seconds and then moved with a practiced facade of impatience to peek around those between him and 'Kate' toward the counter. Only a few moments passed before he got back into the 'normal' stance but it had been enough to discern a few things from watching the young woman and the counter worker interact with one another.

    Lee's fist slamming against the counter brought an intense hatred into the eyes of the young man. A memory triggered, perhaps? Whatever it was found itself consumed whole by the steel will of his psyche. No time for nostalgia during work and especially not the negative kind. A clock on the wall ticked away while the gears in his head were turning until it was finally his turn to order. Now he came face to face with Lee in the most casual way he could. Decisions other than what to order were made while sizing up this total stranger. Ones that in time might not bode well for the safety and welfare of others.

    "I'll have a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a hot chocolate."

    "Alright and what's your name?"


    Jack's voice still had all the youthful smoothness of a man his age, deeper than some men's voices but by no means James Earl Jones. Every threatening tone was kept under the tight wraps of a casual nature while he spoke. No reason to intimidate some guy in a cafe without reason. But he did call a little attention to himself by standing next to the counter to wait for the order rather than just taking a seat. From that vantage point his intense blue eyes wandered around with all the trademark signs of a harmless, aimless wandering.

    Though they did find their way over to 'Kate' more than once.
  5. The world around her was quiet. Nothing at the moment phased her as she allowed the book she was reading to whisk her away into 1800s England. Every so often, as she flipped a page, she would look up at the man she decided she needed to watch. He still hasn't moved. Overall presence hasn't changed. With that sense of security she looked back down at the words printed across the page in front of her. Must have sucked to be Jack the Ripper's Victim. Val bit the inside of her cheek as she read small details of how the women looked after he had decided they were his target. Ha.. I know all about being a target. She scoffed slightly and slipped a her thin index finger into the page before closing the book, taking time to look around the room and take a sip of her coffee.

    She reached for her cup and put the plastic of the lid against her lips. Val could feel the warmth of the coffee through the thin material. Finally, she lifted her gaze to scan the room. Grey sweater.. alarms went off in her head, but her face stayed calm as she took a small sip of her coffee then set it back on the table. Calmly she crossed her left leg over her right one, cleared her throat and opened her book again.. but just barely... half her mind was focusing on the man in the grey sweater.

    Jack.. Jack. That's his name. Val pursed her lips and glanced over at the man. He definitely was attractive; a woman with any sense would see that. The way his jawline was angled, how the contours of his lips were perfectly shaped... how that sweater probably hid something rather amazing. Trying to a hide a smirk, Val looked back down at her book, cocking her head away from the front allowing her hair to create a barrier. This was no time to ogle a strange man in a cafe; she did that with Lee and look where it got her.

    "Jack," Lee said simply and pushed his order towards him.

    Perfect opportunity to get up and leave. Wordlessly, Val slipped her book in her purse and gracefully stood up, hoping the man in grey would be too distracted getting his food to watch a simple stranger leave. She grabbed her cup and pushed open the door, the bells jingling. Val cringed but just kept walking. The street then the cafe.. the man in grey. Where can I go.. The bookstore; she set her face in her confident mask and slipped around people as she crossed the street and made an immediate right.

    "Maybe my book will be in," Val murmured to herself before taking a sip of her coffee.

    The man in grey stayed in the back of her mind. That familiar tingle of paranoia ran up her back, urging her to turn her head, but she would resist the urge... she had to. Taking a deep breath, she tried to push away that need to see if the grey sweater was there. If it was then what? Then... she would.. her eyes went up and left as she tried to determine her plan.. unfortunately that meant she wasn't paying attention.

    Warm liquid was soon running down the front of her shirt, staining her shirt into a deep grey. She looked up to see who was standing there, but he was already walking away fanning his shirt to try and dry the coffee that was now running down the front of it.

    "Damn..." She groaned and began to mimic the stranger, grabbing the hem of her shirt and fanning it. "Damn..." that was all she could manage to say.
  6. 'Jack' grabbed the hot chocolate without even looking at it first. His ears had allowed him to determine exactly where it was without even using his sense of sight. Lee had a somewhat perplexed look on his face when the brown-haired youth turned around to grab the bagel. Between them a stare formed with Lee looking curious while 'Jack' looked cold and confident with a tiny smirk for no extra charge. Most people would have knocked over the cup rather than display such deft spatial awareness. For those few moments his back faced 'Kate' but that hardly mattered. Bells gave away her attempt to escape his sight, handsome head turning back just in time to see her walk out the door. Rather than rush off after her right away he started to devour the bagel. Hungry for more yet precise in the manner he ate, not a single bit of cream cheese escaped his mouth to cause a stain on his shirt or fall to the floor.

    By the time she had started to cross the street the bagel was nothing more than crumbs on the floor.

    Out the door, the hot chocolate still held secure in his hand with a tight lid while the distance between him and 'Kate' dwindled. For every person she had slipped past his steps mirrored hers move for move. Could she possibly be so well-informed that she knew he was coming? Or was she just that paranoid? Either way it became clear he had found the right target aside from that tiny little thing called a matching physical description. 'Jack' slowed his pace once four people were all that separated her from him. Less than a distance of six feet between them yet she never turned around once. Paranoid woman was not paranoid enough. . . perhaps too frightened to want to be right about someone following her?

    "Maybe my book will be in,"

    Her voice, he had listened to it intently inside the Cafe, he could now pick it out from the rest of the crowd. Could he be considered a stalker? Of course. . . since hunters always stalked their prey. Even though his employer could have hired others to do the watching for him this young man preferred a much more personal touch. Already she had seen his face clear as day in the daylight along with several others. Now she would recognize him with ease if he kept turning up in her life uninvited. To most this was a major mistake if they were concerned about their face getting known too long before the target was taken out. Which meant that 'Jack' must have believed she did not have much longer to live.

    Just as she bumped into the other man with her coffee, the brown-haired youth stepped into an antique shop. Better to avoid staying out in the open around her for prolonged periods of time. Even the dumbest people were capable of comprehending someone tailing them. Piercing blue eyes scanned the shop while he ran his fingers through wavy chocolate strands of hair before smoothing it back down. Not many people were interested in buying old stuff around this neighborhood. Shopkeeper glanced up from behind the counter and offered a kind welcome only to be greeted with cold silence. In his other hand the hot chocolate still had plenty of warmth left. Enough to still scald someone's mouth if they were careless enough. Now once more the cellphone came into his hand. Only this time he used it to access the internet and utilized the map function.

    Local Bookstores. Local libraries. Hmmm. . . there's one bookstore within walking distance and a library within driving distance.

    Before 'Kate' even finished recovering from the coffee ordeal, 'Jack' was already on his way to the bookstore. Eyes glancing from those around him to the map on his phone and back again. All around him were those without a clue that a killer stalked their streets. Lucky people would never learn such a scary fact until an obituary came in the morning paper. Then they would thank their lucky stars they were spared such a grisly death. Move on with their lives without another thought about the dead unless the two shared an actual connection. No sense of vengeance for a total stranger who had the bad luck to get murdered. Others less fortunate would witness something they wished they had not. Less fortunate people like that always had bad luck. . . had accidents.

    Soon enough he started heading back toward her apartment. 'Kate' would likely return there given the coffee stain on her clothes. Which left him with plenty of time to get back to the place he had acquired for stakeouts on this assignment.
  7. When Val had turned around to head back to her apartment the grey sweater wasn't there. That eased her worries a bit, made her feel like he was still at the cafe, just a normal person living our his normal life. It was a bummer that coffee had spilled all over her shirt; she was really looking forward to her novel by Jennifer Donnely.. not she couldn't get it.. not today anyway. That little errand would have to wait for tomorrow.. since she was planning on going home, she was going to stay home. Music and a bath... Hmm that sounds lovely. So lovely.

    Her heels clicked against the cement as she made her way back to the apartment. Finally, she was there. In mid stride, she stopped walking.. looking from the elevator to the stairs. Pursing her lips a bit she cocked her head to the right. I don't really want to go up three flights of stairs, but the elevator is so stuffy after being outside.. and dark. The stairs it is. With a quick nod she began to daintily trot up the stairs, arms close to her side, hands out to the side like a stereotypical prep; her rich brown hair bouncing with every little jump up a step she took.

    At last she made up to her apartment. 3C.. that's me. There was a reason Val chose 3.. and chose C. Her favorite number was 3 and C was the third letter in the alphabet. It all worked it, made her feel safe in a strange way. Humming softly to a song called 'Relentless', she opened her door then walked in, closing it with a bump from her butt. There was no use being upset over spilled coffee, so she tossed her head side to side a bit beginning to mouth the words to the song, kicking her heels off after dropping her keys into the bowl by the door.

    "Your love keeps on reaching out to me," Val sang softly as she bolted the door. Dancing over the floor, she pulls her grey shirt off, tossing it over the arm of the chair. "Just can't outrun it! Just keeps coming!" Her singing became louder as her mood began to become lighter. Humming the rest of the song, she went over to the stereo and turned her Ipod on, awesome music starting to flood through her room. Instead of country it was harder, more rock-ish.

    "You, you're hotter than a cherry on a cigarette!" Val continued to sing as she wiggled from her jeans, kicking them off and randomly onto the floor. She was still bopping to the music as she made it to the bathroom, scattering each sock, her bra, and her panties somewhere in her home.. more or less like a trail to the bathroom where she began to start a bath.. soon sinking herself into the warmth of the water.

    She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings; it was safe in her apartment. The door was locked.. who would dare enter her apartment? No one.. that's who. At least that's what she would always tell herself. With a sigh she allowed the music that filled her apartment, and the water that warmed her bones, to lull her into a light sleep.
  8. A white door with paint chipped off in random places swung open with caution just enough for a thin twenty-something year old man to slip inside. Once closed behind him, the lock immediately came back into position.

    'Jack' had checked the apartment listing directory earlier in the day. He knew exactly which apartment Val was staying in. Otherwise he would not have chosen the apartment HE did for his stakeout position. Although his employers were the ones who footed the bill. In this fashion he avoided having a trail the police or even the FBI could follow later. Some assassins, after they gained enough of a reputation, let it go to their head and would not lower themselves to staying inside some hole in the wall joint. Instead they would stay in the highest quality hotels whether the assignment called for it or not. But 'Jack' was not one of them. He had not reached the age of oppulance and he likely never would. Instead his vanity went into the clothes he wore during the actual assassination. A unique outfit which had started to gain notoriety in some circles and one day might even cause his downfall if he allowed it to turn into his trademark. Clothes to hide his identity from all who had the misfortune of watching him work.

    The apartment likely did not have a fine person for it's last tennant. Whoever they were anyone could see the place had a long distinguished history of partying hard. 'Jack' certainly did not cause such a mess. His greatest crime was likely some three day old food in the decade old fridge which shook with all the force of demonic possession at odd hours. A pair of rolling suitcases had arrived with him and that was about it. One in the closet had all his clothing. The other was emptied by now, the dangerous occupying items scattered around the place in case anyone broke in. He had been awake since 5am setting up potential boobytraps inside the place for any unwelcome visitors. Even after entering the city as quietly as possible he had plenty of admirers from past assignments. Other assassins hired to track another assassin was not out of the norm.

    He now took off the grey sweater inside the somewhat shoddy apartment. No need to hide his physique now. Who would spy on a guy in a boring grey sweater after all? A tight black t-shirt with odd yellow designs faded into obscurity clung to his well sculpted muscles as he flexed. Moments later he was stretching himself out even after having just walked several city blocks in the course of one morning. Pretty good way to stay limber just in case a ripe opportunity arose to finish this contract sooner than expected.

    Room 3C. . .

    Pulling a pair of ebony binoculars off a stained coffee table standing on three legs, he left left it wobbling as he walked over to the window. Violet colored lenses took the place of his eyes while the magnified vision allowed him a glimpse into the apartment across the way. All he could do was watch her from afar. The lenses hid whatever emotion her form might have stirred within him. No bugs had been placed in the apartment due to lack of time. But there was plenty of time later. Eyes focused entirely on her form, 'Jack' noticed her mouth moving first, trying to discern if she were actually talking to another person. That theory dwindled along with her clothes to practically nothing. Did he look away? Of course not. Rather his eyes remained glued to her every inch of her they could see until she finally vanished into the bathroom. All those gorgeous curves etched into his mind with such detail he could almost touch them. He did want to touch them. From there his imagination would have to take over if he wanted to keep seeing her.

    And it did.

    Running his fingers along her chest and up her spine while taking in her scent intoxicated him. Fantasies tortured and tempted him, egged him on to give into his darkest urges. Thoughts buzzing through his mind in a swarm of sinister and seductive intentions. Dozens of scenarios on how to infiltrate her apartment. A handful had of them had her awake and wearing clothes. Many, many more of them did not. Vulnerability of such an important contract made his heart beat faster and his blood pump to all sorts of places. Such a supple body cried out for the attention he alone could provide. Oh yes, he could see why they had chosen him for this assignment. Even now he pictured her body as his breath, while he stood alone in a rundown apartment, grew ragged with romanticidal desires.

    Now that he had gotten all worked up. . . he would have to take care of this sooner or later lest it drive him off the edge.
  9. Her fingertips trailed the top of the water as she chewed the inside of her cheek a bit. Next week it all goes down. Everything is planned. What could go wrong? Well.. now I just lay low for the week. With that she slipped under the water, holding her breath. How simple it would be to just end it. Sometimes her paranoia really got to her, made her wish she was dead... or at least about to be. What kind of life do I really have? Wondering where people are at all times.. the water was soothing.. her music being muted by the liquid.. the world was quiet. I can't.. her head was back above water; the sound of her surroundings hitting her again.

    Instead of entertaining dark thoughts, she hummed lightly and stuck her legs up out of the water, pointing her toes towards the ceiling. Her legs were nice.. so she thought. Val was pretty happy with her appearance and many dudes have been. She smirked slightly.. that's what she would do tonight. Lee was about to get a call.. what she needed was a simple night of fun, a night of temporary love. With that she got up out of the bath, wrapping a towel loosely around her body before going back out into the living room.

    Her phone was on the counter so she simply leaned over it, elbows propping her up as she scrolled through her contacts, the towel running up the back of her thighs to just under her butt. After finding his number, she turned around and got up on the counter, crossing her right leg over her left; her phone pressed between her cheek and her shoulder... the phone rang.. continued to ring.. went to voicemail. He never allows my calls to go to voicemail. Let me try this again. She redialed... this time the phone was answered, a girl voice was on the other end.

    "Hello?" The other female sounded confused.

    "Is this Lee's phone?" Val was just as confused.

    "It is, but he gave it to me for the day.. at least until our date tonight.. Wait, who is this?" The woman began to sound defensive.

    "Apparently... no one." Val hung up, placed her phone back on the counter. Why did that hurt? It wasn't like they were dating; she didn't want a real relationship. This was all her fault anyway. Maybe she would go out to find a random guy. What time is it? 6pm.. I guess I could start getting ready.

    She flicked on her bedroom light then went over to her chest of drawers and picked out a cute lace thong with pink bows on the hip. With the towel still on, she stepped into her thong and wiggled it up her thighs until it rested around her hips then dropped the towel, once again revealing her body. A bra might be nice wouldn't it? Should I wear one that matches the pink bows or one that matches the thong itself.. Hrrmmm.. Val picked out a lacy see through black bra and put it on before trotting to her closet to find a dress. "I have the perfect dress!"

    Quickly, she pulled a short dress from her closet and pressed it against her body, doing a quick twirl; it was definitely her favorite dress, and she never got the chance to wear it too often. After pulling it from the hanger, she stepped into it, bending over slightly as she danced it onto her body. The tight material hugged her hips as she pulled it up over her breasts. I should probably take my bra off. This strapless dress looks weird with a bra... Within moments the bra was off and her dress was on. Now, the dress properly fit her.. the hem of it just covering her butt... and of course the dress matched her undergarment.. It had a black overlay with tears up the front exposing pink.

    It was now time to do her hair and make up. After awhile her hair was properly curled and her eyes were shown off perfectly. The final step was to put on her cute black strappy heels. Once they were on, she left, deciding to take a cab to Club 24.. excited to get the night started.