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  1. Fill out this application and just start role playing! Up to three characters is the limit!

    Please no sex scenes here. You can build it up, but please move that to a different thread or somewhere more private. And don't worry, I like to write sex scenes as well, so you may with me, but just follow this rule and we're fine. Thank you.

    ☆ ~ Welcome Aeternus Eternus Academy. Please enjoy your school year. ~ ☆


    Sexually Orientation:
    Dorm: Yes or No
    Picture/Physical Description:
    Brief History:


    Name: Dante L. Hazen
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half-Elf
    Sexually Orientation: Homosexual (in closet though)
    Powers/Abilities: Dark magic and controlling the dead, though is really bad at it.
    Dorm: Yes
    Picture/Physical Description:
    Black hair, green eyes, slightly tan skin, and quite slim and short for his age. (He's about 5"3.)
    Personality: Quite loud, stubborn, short-temper, childish, and stupid. (And possibly a Tsundere.) Tries his best be the next Evil Overlord, but fails at casting spells. At least he's pro at video games and decently good at everything else.
    Brief History: Dante L. Hazen, the heir of Michelangelo D. Hazen, who was once the most evil and powerful overlord, had retired and passed on his job to his only son. But Dante is not ready, mentally, physically, and magically. And not to forget, he's only 15. Still attending school, Dante has the chance to not follow his father's footsteps before it's too late. But can really anyone convinced him otherwise? He's as stubborn as a mule.


    Dante huffed and groaned as he stared at the cloudy blue sky from the roof top of Aeternus Eternus Academy. Though, he's not allowed there, Dante doesn't exactly 'follow' rules he's given. The young raven haired teen let out a loud yawned then pout as he began to grumble to himself.

    "Where are they? I told them to meet me here an hour ago!" he suddenly exclaimed, laying back on the ground with his arms behind his head, acting like a child he is when not getting their way. "I swear! I'll turned them into a fish if they don't hurry up!" Dante gave a small pause and frowned. "If I knew how to..." He gave a sigh, knowing how low level of a sorcerer he was and rolled over his side, already growing depressed at the reminder of how pathetic of an excuse of a sorcerer.

    "Ugh! Just hurry the fuck up and get here already, guys...!" the teen whined, feeling rather lonely and bored, wanting anyone, anything, to keep him entertain!
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  2. Name: Terra Jace Michaels
    Age: Seventeen
    Grade: Junior
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Succubus Half Fey
    Sexually Orientation: Straight
    Powers/Abilities: Ability to communicate with Plants and Animals, Take small pieces of peoples life force
    Dorm: Yes
    Picture/Physical Description:

    Slim with a large busom, and reaches a height of 5'0. Green hair and golden eyes, with two horns on her head and pointed ears.
    Personality: Mischievous, Child-like, Playful, Rebellious, Temperamental, Emotional, Violent, Flirty
    Brief History: Terra was born of a frowned upon union, only half Succubus, she brings much shame to her race. Though she acts as if it doesn't bother her, her parents shame bother her. She goes to school to learn how to become more like one of the races, though she knows she'll never fit in with either and is quite content just being her own person. One day she plans on having her own male harem and ruling over the world, but for now she is content just going to school.

    Terra had been feeling bored all day. She hadn't caused any problems for anyone yet, and she had no idea where any of her friends were. A gust of wind blew, tugging at the edge of her brown corset dress. She adjusted the dress around her chest, making sure it brought attention to her full breasts. A boy passed by her, looking her up and down. She flashed him a small smile, and he stumbled. Suddenly, she remembered how Dante told her to meet him and the others on the roof. Rolling her bronze eyes, she began to make her way to the roof. Though she passed a few people, nobody paid much attention to her. She was frowned upon by her race and lucky for her it had somehow spread to the school. She didn't let it bother her, because she knew one day they would all be her slaves, and their lives would be in the palm of her hands. The thought of it caused her chest to fill with glee, and her bow lips formed a mischievous smirk. Once she made her way to the top of the roof, she saw Dante laying on the ground all by himself. She heard him whining to himself, and couldn't hold back a loud laugh. "What in the fuck, man? You so lonely that you gotta yap to yourself?" She asked, strolling over to him. Once she was beside him, she sat down, tucking her feet under her legs. Her fingers reached to her throat, absentmindedly stroking the collar that sat there.
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  3. "Terra!" Dante yelped, sitting up quickly, trying his best to hide his excitement from no longer being alone by glaring at the female, but was smirking like the idiot he was. "Not my damn fault! I've been waiting my ass for you guys for, like, an hour already and you know how stir crazy when alone!" he had explained, resting his hands behind his back and leaned back. Dante eye'd Terra then stared at the sky again. "So, what caught your ass to make you late? Making guys fall under your 'spell' and become your slave? And where in the Blaze Heaven is everyone else?!" he ended with a pout as he just lolled his head around out of boredom.
  4. Terra flashed him a playful grin. "Of course I'm making them my slave. What else would other people be useful for?" She ran her slim fingers through her short, thick, green hair. "I have no idea where the others are, but I'm sure they'll be here soon." She leaned forward, resting her chin on the palm of her hands, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. "So, why'd you want everyone to meet you up here anyway? You plannin' on pushing us off the roof?" She asked, a teasing glint in her eyes. She glanced around the roof, noticing how eerily empty it seemed with just the two of them. "This would be a great place to kill someone." She murmured, mind wandering from the boy in front of her to other subjects. After a few seconds of silence, she shook her head, bringing her attention back to Dante. "Anywho," She sung out, "Maybe they all got distracted? Or forgot?" Though she didn't show it, she felt her curiosity begin to peak. She couldn't help but wonder as well, and it seemed quite odd for the others to not show up.
  5. Dante couldn't help but to roll his eyes at her reply. Of course, Terra always had been the type to go after men and make them her personal slaves, though he can't exactly blame her for wanting to do so, because he would pretty much do the same... if he wasn't so terrible with his magic skills. Someday...

    Dante then couldn't help but snort when the half-Fey/Succubus mention how the roof top was the perfect murdering spot. "Sure, it's a pretty good spot for killing, but it has WAY too many flaws if the crime was committed. One, too many eye witness everywhere and the fact there's cameras here makes it difficult NOT to get caught. And two, it's easy to trace back fingerprints and footprints to the suspect because the roof is a restricted area. So, it's not really the best place for murder and get away with it. Now, if you REALLY wanna kill someone, I recommend the forest that's nearby. Little to none eye witness. Multiple ways to cover your tracks with grass, leaves, dirt, and mud. Especially with your abilities, get some animals to hide the body for, even mark their territory where the body is buried and I bet anything you can get away with it," he ended it with a laugh, not realizing he went a bit off topic and a little too in depth about this. It's almost terrifying he knew so much about this, but the same time, not really.

    Remembering this was not at all what they were originally talking about, Dante looked over at Terra and sighed a little as he found it quite true what she said.

    "Probably..." he mumbled in great disappointment then sigh again, but more heavily. Honestly, he wanted everyone to meet up here because he thought of this really cool, yet crazy idea they would do this year as a gang! But... nearly nobody showed up, making him feel even more lonely. At least he got Terra though! Better than nothing, he suppose.

    "Can we just... wait a bit longer? I really want everyone hear about this plan I have, I'm sure they'll love it," he said in a sollum voice before forcing a smile. "Please?" Even moments like this, he'll show his more tame side to almost anyone.
  6. name ; Dexter Genera.
    age ; Seventeen.
    grade ; 12th.
    gender ; Male.
    species ; Vampire.
    sexual orientation ; Bisexual.
    powers-abilities ; Intangibility - "Mold-able" force fields - Enhanced pain tolerance
    dorm ; Yuuuup.
    picture/physical description ;
    personality ; Not sure how to describe him right. Calm. Very calm. Very emotionally and intellectual... Grateful. Okay. Just Dexter.
    brief history ; Mother was a country bumpkin, Father some awkward space lover. Mother had a immense love for photography which she passed onto Dexter. Father had immense love for math, passed it onto Dexter. Dexter was pretty much a perfect student, but a dead social life. The only time made him shaped himself and the occasional social interaction matured him. He kind of just came to be by himself. Nothing special.

    [Short post cuz it's later yahooo]

    Dexter was dressed up more like a teacher than anything else. A late teacher. He walked up the stairs, checking his phone and going through the doors. He could just morph through the stair well and just plop himself on the roofs, but he enjoyed the roof stairs. He looked at the two familiars figures sitting on the roof, ready for the louder of the two's scolding. He made sure to give the natural Dexter greeting, the one he gave always to his friends, a light peck on the check for both before sitting down to the greenie. "Sorry for being late. Had to go meet up with my teachers." He enjoyed talking to his teachers. And it was his last year, the 'i just remember when he was a little grunt freshman' had popped up in their conversations quite a lot now. Dexter would be lying if he said he was torn up a bit inside from it.
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  7. Terra felt a grin cover her face when she heard Dante explain all the reasons why a murder on the roof would be a bad idea. He was so intelligent, she knew it was a good choice being a friend with him. Though others didn't see how dangerous he would one day grow to be, Terra was quite aware of it. She had planned on being his enemy instead of friends, but he had been so kind and exciting to be around, that she wasn't able to just throw away his friendship. As she was about to reply to his comment about waiting for the others, Dexter popped up, greeting Dante in his usual way. She raised her arm, giving him a short wave. "Hey, Dexter. Meeting up with the teachers, huh? Teachers pet." She teased, giving him a friendly shove. "I believe we're supposed to beat up kids like you." She let out a soft laugh. "Apparently, Dante has some sort of plot. Most likely to kill us both." She let out a small, forlorn sigh. "I wish I had thought of it first." She leaned back, feeling the cold roof tiles press against her back.

    (Sorry mine is short as well, my husband is only letting me on for a short time)
  8. Dante rolled his eyes when Terra told Dexter that he had plot some sorta of death. "Why, yes, I'm going to murder you guys where I'll most likely get caught because it's such a brilliant idea!" he said so sarcastically but kept a grinned on his face. Dante then looked over at the Senior among the three and simply stared at him for quite some time, debating if he should chew his head off for not being here on time or not.

    "Hmm... I'll let it slide this once, alright? Next time you're late, I'm turning you into... into a gecko! Same to you, Terra!" he said with a pout, glaring them both down to show some seriousness, despite he's more than likely joking.

    (( Mine is going to be short as well, especially since I just woke up to reply and will be going back to sleep soon. ))
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  9. Show Spoiler
    Name: Daiki Saxon
    Age: 18
    Grade: Junior
    Gender: Male
    Species: Water Demon
    Sexually Orientation: Bisexual
    Powers/Abilities: Water manipulation, Unbreakable Will
    Dorm: Yes
    Picture/Physical Description:Daiki is a bit muscular with a pretty boy face, 6'2" Blue eyes with a few specks of green and white hair. [​IMG]
    Personality: Daiki is a charming flirt with a happy-go-lucky personality, even though he doesn't like to be told what to do. He is said to be warm, gentle soul and very naive and direct.
    Brief History: Daiki was born in a small town with beautiful waterfalls and rivers. His mother fell in love with a demon she met when exploring an underwater cave. Daiki went to a human school until a little incident. He froze up one of the students that was picking on a young girl revealing his powers. His parents decided to send him to the academy to help him control his powers. He has been in the school for a couple years now and his currently the secretary for student council.

    ((just in case this thing is still alive x3))

    Daiki just got finished practicing his water based talents in one of the training areas nearby the gym. He stretched a little then looked at his watch seeing it was time for him to start patrolling the school grounds making sure the school stay in tip top shape. He pulls out his little notebook out his pocket walking down the hallways taking notes of everything out of the ordinary. A few of the students came up to him asking him to help with few of the banners for the upcoming cultural festival coming up soon after afterwards he waved to him smiling softly walking out to doors looking up a little seeing three students in a restricted area. He sighed softly combing his hand through his white hair realizing who they were.

    Daiki didn't feel like taking the stairs to the roof so he jumps from tree to tree then climbed up the wall finally making it up to the roof. He walks over to the trio slowly resting the side of his face on the palm of his hand looking at them since they were repeated offenders of hanging out on the roof. "Hanging out on the roof again I see. Why do you always do it on my shift" he whined a bit closing his eyes.
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  10. ((Hope this thread is still live ;) ))

    Name: Zankokuna Arashi

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12th

    Gender: male

    Species: Phantom

    Sexually Orientation: Bi

    Powers/Abilities: shape shifting, illusions expert, pyrotechnics, flight, intangibility, increased speed, strength and endurance

    Dorm: no

    Picture/Physical Description:[​IMG]

    Personality: Arashi is a manipulative, deceitful prince of chaos. he enjoys nothing more than causing anarchy and mayhem everywhere he goes. he's incredibly intelligent and an expert tactician. he doesn't want to rule or control anything he simply goes where ever there's bloodshed and makes more. his behavior however is that of a overly flirtatious flamboyant sometimes childish persona that has no respect for anyone's personal space.

    Brief History: not much is known about arashi before he came to the school in his senior year, however upon his arrival there were 3 deaths, 6 suicides, and the school erupted into a riot that last 2 weeks. no one can prove that he had anything to do with it but he doesn't hesitate to threaten people by warning them that accidents and tragedies happen all the time.


    Arashi hovered there above the school roof giving the appearance that he was laying on his back, his legs crossed and hands laced behind his head. watching his friends terra, dante and dexter interact with Daiki. he wet his lips as he slid his tongue across them. he did love to cause so much trouble for Daiki, in fact he was thinking of framing him for murder, a thought that filled his stomach full of butterflies until he remembered the promise he had made to Dexter about not purposely killing his friends, a compromise of the original promise which was to not kill his friends at all. he let out a gentle depressing sigh and slowly began to sink toward the ground landing on Dante's head appearing virtually weightless. "ohhh Daiki...always so official, haven't you ever been young and rebellious? let me and my friends have our fun.." Arashi gave Daiki a sly grin as he rolled onto his stomach off of dante's head into his lap "or you could join us hehe" he said with a flirtatious charm.
  11. "I'll show you young and rebellious in the room Daiki sighed softly mumbling a little then sits down on the roof with them looking over at him. "Yes I have been young and rebellious Arashi but that was only during freshman and sophomore year since you're a senior you should have more discipline" he unbuttoned a few notches on his shirt laying back on the roof. "I'll just stay up here until you guys leave then. It's going to be my head if one of you guys jump to one of your deaths."
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  12. Name: Hinata Kuro
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10th
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Vampire
    Sexually Orientation: Bisexual
    Powers/Abilities: Mind Control, Reads minds (is still learning), Controls Shadows.
    Dorm: Yes
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Grey/Blue
    Height: 5'3
    Picture/Physical Description:
    ___ long hair rough shirt simple background smile solo thighhighs.jpg

    Personality: Clumsy, Sweet, Shy to no one she knows, has a thing for sweets and spicy things, She is a book worm, spends her time in a library or getting caught in some mischief with her friends.

    Brief History:
    Hinata lived with her mother til she was 14, around that time she was having weird changes to her body. Her mother finally told her the truth about her father who left. Her mother sent her to that school, thinking I might help her, she has a hard time controlling her blood lust, her fangs aren't big and scary like others. They are small and cute but strong. She agreed to come to this school to hopefully find out about more of her past.


    Hinata huffed and puffed. Her pale cheeks had a tint of red on them. She was always the slowest behind them, she wasn't really athletic. She wore her long curly hair In a side pony tail as usual. She wore a white long sleeve sweater that moved off her shoulders. A high waist black skater skirt. A pair of black thigh highs and black combat boots. She had a side strapped bag. It was little and hanged on her side and was shaped like a panda. She had a thing to cute stuff. As she got to the roof. She leaned over slightly and peeked over. She smiled slightly and waved to everyone. "hey!" She said and walked over, forgetting to put her glasses on today.
  13. "Geez not you too.." Daiki sits up slowly looking over at Hinata as she walks over. He blinked a little examining her realizing that she had forgotten something "Where are your glasses? Did you forget them again?"
  14. Name:Ruki
    Age: 18
    Species: human with powers
    Sexually Orientation: straight
    Powers/Abilities: can turn herself into air, create weapons out of thin air, and regeneration
    Dorm: Yes
    Picture/physical description:
    Short hair: download.jpg
    long hair:
    [​IMG] (add the scars)
    Personality:antisocial crazy smart evil genius mysterious mischievious
    Brief History:She was born and raised in a lab in there she went crazy due to captivity in cages. Whenever she feels nervous or afraid she will turn into air and fly at 100 miles per hour.She will most likely be behind you at random times and start giggling like a maniac. Due to her hiding she dresses as a man to make sure she isn't found. When she uses her powers profusely her hair grows as does her *cough* chest size. On the contrary when she cuts her hair *ahem* shes just about flat as a board.

    She walks through the hall giggling to herself her bangs hiding her glowing yellow green eyes as her sharpened teeth create a wide grin. She holds a torn and battered suitcase on her back as her stitches and countless scars sully her tanish white skin. She falls and trips face planting onto the cold hard floor. She then screams "DAMN INVISIBLE GNOMES ILL KILL YOU WITH A BANNANA!" She then gets up dusts herself off as she gets wierd stares from everyone around her. She mumbles " cant they tell these invisible gnomes are trying to slaughter me."

    Ruki looks around staring at the walls looking for a dorm knowing she'd be paired with a guy.
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  15. (is this Thread still going on anyways? Just curious cause the first couple people haven't replied for a bit)

    Hinata looked at Daiki curiously. Tilting her head to the side and pouting with her hands on her hips as he spoke about her coming. "oh!" She suddenly said really loud and moved both of her hands where her glasses would be. "n-no wonder I fell down the stairs..." She said awkwardly. "um.." She looked a bit teary eyed but quickly wiped them. She sat on the floor on her knees. Everyone having a slightly blurry face. She squinted. "so why are we up here again?" She asked clueless.
  16. Noticing she had been ignored she let out another long hellu trying to catch one of the peoples attentions. She looked around tightning her stitches and scratching at her scars.
  17. (I don't think so lol its been dead xD for a while) "They're being delinquents and making my job a pain since they like to relax in a restricted area" Daiki pouted a little looking at everyone then back at Hinata. This crew loved to make the roof their hangout spot especially on his shift around the building.
  18. Name: Gerard Umeiclya Rhein, colloquially referred to as "Ashen"

    Age: Seventeen

    Grade: Junior

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vampire

    Sexual Orientation: Lies with whomsoever manages to pique his curiosity


    Supreme Command - Gerard gains passively increasing influence over the actions, motives and thoughts of others who find themselves around him for unusually prolonged periods of time. This effect diminishes at the same rate it accrues when he is separated from someone.

    Scrutinization - Gerard has an inexplicable sense of perceptiveness, and can discern the emotions of those whose face he can see.

    Mental Fortitude - Gerard is largely resistant to the mental magicks of others, due to his existing knowledge of the subject.

    Gerard is a deft hand-to-hand combatant and is highly proficient in single-handed swordplay. Dueling him is ill-advised.

    Dorm: No

    Picture & Physical Description:

    Gerard is a man of tall though slender build, standing at a solid 6'1''. Not one to perform feats of brute strength, he prefers instead the benefits of a lithe and agile frame. While no hulk, he is without a doubt masculine; possessing a sharp jaw line and the typical "upside down pyramid" body shape. He is home to a pair of light brown eyes and a lush forest of snow white hair.

    Personality: Gerard is a quiet intellectual for all intents and purposes, seldom breaking this norm only to approach those that captivate his interests, or if he finds himself in need of other's company. He is polite, eloquent and comes equipped with a silver tongue.

    Brief History: N/A

    Classes had long since ended for Gerard, the pale, reclusive individual having since taken reprieve up upon the rooftop of Aeternis. Such an old, dusty school; the janitors obviously weren't paid enough to do their jobs very well. Two amber-colored irises idly stared forward, into the expansive horizon of trees beyond. Oh, how he loved the Winter months. The brisk air that nipped at his exposed flesh found itself accompanied by a gentle breeze blowing overhead, carrying with it some of Autumn's last cricket chirps. Gerard was so at peace that he just might fall asleep.

    His lips couldn't help but curve into a subtle grin at the thought of a nap. If only. The man's hands clasped together, fingers interlocking subsequently thereafter. His eyes fell shut, and the vampire silently contemplated to himself. What was there to do? It was true many other students preferred living a vibrant social life on school grounds rather than going to their dorms to study. Perhaps it would do him well to find someone of interest.

    The school's roof was expansive and flat, save for the protruding mass of concrete and wood that served as the exit down into the lower levels of the school. Now that the thought struck Gerard, he could hear others on the opposite side of the roof. Perhaps that was his opportunity to meet others, Then again, it did sound like there were a lot of them. For a few moments longer, he remained silent. Contemplating.

    Hum, why not? Without hesitation, Gerard stood up and shortly thereafter made himself visible to the others congregating on the roof. He had little idea as to what he ought to expect, and rightly prepared for the worst. "Goodness, a lot of people were quick to turn up here. Did I miss a memo?"
  19. She tilted her head to the side. "I bet we are gonna get caught one day..." She suddenly tensed up and eepped as someone spoke loudly. She slowly looked back seeing a guy? With scars and then heard another voice and slowly looked up her eyes squinted slightly as she saw the full breed vampire. She lifted her hoody up and looked at her knees. Strangers weren't her best to deal with she was always so quiet. "d-daiki you talk to them" she whispered shyly with a light blush and shifting her grey/blue eyes to the floor.
  20. "Nah you won't get caught. I'm trying to get it unrestricted for us. Plus some of the teachers come and smoke up here." Daiki got up stretching a little as the new person made an entrance. He patted Hinata's head gently before walking over to the male holding out his hand. "Yeah welcome to the cool kids club. I'm Daiki nice to meet you."