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The colors of dawn spread out across the evergreen land as the sun mslowly climbed the sky. The river that pressed through the forest bubbled and gurgled with life, as it poured over rocks and pebbles. Water lilies floated along their course, their sweet aroma filling the air. Aerismera seemed peaceful, though there was a slight feelign of panic. A slim, yet tall, figure crouched upon the branch of a tree that stood beside the river. The tree was an oddity of sorts, one particularly favored by the elves of Aerismera. At the center, three branches protruded in different directions, while, farther towards the top, branches fell in a willow tree form. It kept her slightly concealed, though, one with a good eye would be able to tell her presence, if they couldn't through her energy.

She looked young, not much older than 24, if one was to go by human aging. However, elves were immortal, and looks were decieving. Though she was young by elven standards as well. At 200 years of age, she was in her prime. She had ruled Aerismera for 100 years of peace. Though, that peace was being threatened now. her green eyes darkened at the thought of the vile creature who dared threaten the lives of her people.

A strand of wavey brown hair fell from it's tied back position, helping to frame her already defined and elongated face. Her pale skin and rose flushed cheeks were common in her family line, as well as with the people. Delicate fingers grasped the branch supporting her tightly. Gracefully, she swumg herself down from the branch to now stand by the base. Walking forward now towards the river, she brushed the willow branches out of her way.

In better sight now, one could she she was dressed in trainign attire. Her long legs covered by a long skirt, though her torso was covered in battle armor. A small dagger was held in her belt. Amaranth disliked having to carry a weapon with her where she walked, though it was for her's and the people's saftey that she did so. So, in order to not frighten the creatures the elves dwelled with, and also loved, she chose to carry a small dagger, that was concealable. Her true weapon was a carefully crafted sword that was made by the finest craftsmen to walk the planet. That sword lay within her dwelling, carefully protected.

Standing by the water, her fingers brushed through it. She, like most elves, loved nature, and strove to be outside and with it as much as possible. Amaranth knew the pain that the forest suffered when one of their own was cut down or slain. That is why most elves onyl take the minimal of what they need, not the maximum. The queen closed her fist on the water and then liftted her hand once again. Turning her head slightly, she pointed her fingers lightly at a small flower, through unspoken words the flower began to grow and bloom, revealing a beautiful combination of white petals tipped with pink spalshes of color.


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The borders of Aerismera were no less serene and alive than the heart of it. The echoes of a river could be heard if the wind had not been making so much noise. It rushed here, blew there, rustling leaves so that silence was impossible. It was a lovely day still, with the sun crawling through the branches and filtering through the green leaves, casting a gold and green glow on the forest floor.

And she hated it. With every chirp of a bird and swish of a falling leaf, she hated it more and more.

It was all fake. Beautiful and peaceful, deceitful and cruel. She wondered if anyone could see Aerismera the way Fivraen saw it through her own eyes. Impossible. It was like they were all entranced and didn't seem to care that they were actually being trapped in this place made to seem like paradise. Anywhere could look like paradise with the power the elves controlled.

Self-pity was palpable within a mile radius of the figure huddled against the trunk of tree, dozens of feet above the ground. Occasionally a pinkish drop of goo would trail down her hunched back onto the branch beneath her and then fall and splatter against the dirt. Fivraen sniffed loudly and wiped her drippy nose and eyes on her arm. She was only fifty, barely more than a child even though she appeared as a young woman. It was hardly her fault that her attention was easily lost, but the authorities of Aerismera were irrational and sadistic. One man got lost in the section of Aerismera's borderlands that she patrolled, and he had yet to return. So they cut off her "frivolously long, distracting, and inconvenient" hair and then whipped her, an unfair punishment for one silly man who probably couldn't remember directions.

Fiv peered over her knees into the treetops, briefly quieting her mind to listen to the wind's visions. Several moments passed; nothing was amiss. She returned to moping.

Aerismera deserved whatever war came upon them. Their arrogance would be the death of the highest of Aerismera, and then Fiv wouldn't shed a tear for the heartless toads that pushed people around and believed that fear was the best way to gain cooperation in times of danger.

Perhaps... perhaps she was being a little overdramatic.

A pensive look captivated her face.

No, she was not being dramatic. It was all true! Everything she said was true! With her family part of Aerismera though, she could not simply abandon the place. If she were to inform her family of her desire to flee however, maybe they could all be freed together.

That would never happen. Her family was loyal only to Aerismera.

"Hmph." A stiff frown formed on her mouth and reflected in her eyes.

It would just be herself, then, to break free from Aerismera. So be it.