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Aerismera Von Freisa
The Elven Kingdom
For centuries, Aerismera Von Freisa has remained in complete mystery to those who are not of Elven heritage. Few humans have dared to wander within the tantalizing lands, fear of the unknown steering them away. Which, is for the better of them. Elves of Aerismera are fierce warriors, women and men alike, who fight to the death to protect those they hold precious. Immortal, and beyond human strength and speed, the elves have lived in harmony with the land. They are skilled hunters, though they never take to boast, only for their own needs. They are bonded to nature through a sacred truce, feeling the pain of every living creature that dwells within their borders.
Led by Queen Amarantha for nearly a century, the elves have prospered. However, now, an era of darkness overwhelms them. An enemy kingdom approaches, with numbers far exceeding that of the elves. They are led by a mysterious figure, whom will stop at nothing to obtain his revenge. Forced into action, the Queen orders for training of all elves in the art of war and knowledge of magic. The time of star gazing and relaxation has come to a close, and the time for war has begun. Will the elves succeed in protecting their lan and drving out the evil forces? Or will they be enslaved for eternity...

This is an intermediate+ role play. There is a minimum of 5-6 well-constructed, descriptive, sentences per post.
Short History:
Trade:(Warrior,Archer, Citizen, Priest/Priestess, Healer, Elder)
Specialty:(Found Below)
Bonded With:(Mate, Husband, Wife, ect...)

Water - The ability to summon, and use water to your will
Fire - The ability to summon, and use fire to your will
Earth - The ability to summon, and use the land to your will
Wind - The ablity to summon, and use wind to your will
Spirit - The ability to speak with the Gods - Ability must be approved, only Priests and Priestesses may use.
Heal - The ability to cure injuries and most illnessess - Ability must be approved, only healers may use.
Gem - The ability to make armor and weapons for warrior that is infallible
Wisdom - The infinite ability of knowledge - ability must be approved, only for Elders

1. Refrain from powerplaying/godmodding. Since we are allowed powers, do not use them against another person's character without consent. Also, do not make your characters completely invincible. A good rule of thumb is, for every two-three attacks you avoid, you sustain one injury.
2. No killing another person's character without ther consent.
3. Please attempt to be literate and sophisticated when in role play. It makes it more enjoyable for others when they can understand what your typing.
4. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to send me a message and I will answer as quickly as possible.
5. IF you have a problem with another member, please contact me, and we shall deal with it in a decent manner. If it is an extreme problem, a staff member/moderator will be contacted.

Role Play Thread


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Questions and shiz.

1.) If it is mainly elves, shouldn't there be an Archery class in the TRADE section? Ili likes teh bows.

2.) Water is a natural healer, some say. If one TRADE is a Healer, can you be a Healer and use another element such as Water, Wind, ect as Specialty?

3.) Is there no SHORT HISTORY section in the Application? That can help a lot in the rp sign up. Just suggesting! :D

4.) Does the story start off with us actually "training in the arts" as you say, or do we already know them?


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Sorry! I should've clarified more, so I'm glad you asked the questions! THe trade section were mainly just suggestions of trades one can have, archery is included, and I will add it straight away!

Yes, if you are a healer, you may have two specialties, healing and one other. However, your main specialty would be healing and the other trade would mainly be for assistance. Like water, for example, would be used to clean wounds, hydrate the sick, and soothe pain.

I agree, adding a short history would be important, and I will make the change.

Yes, the story would mainly start off with the elves in training. I may allow some people to start off fully trained so they may act as mentors in the story. Also, if you assume the position of Elder, there would be no need for training, they would simply give advise to those in training.

Thank-you for your inpuit, it is greatly appreciated!


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Name: Karisma Saropen


Personality: Karisma (Pronounced just like "charisma") is wise and but silent at most times. Not because she does not like speaking, but because she listens well to her surroundings. Being mostly of water nature, Karisma can feel the flow of water in the trees, animals, and people. If something is a miss, she will quiet down and only speak out if needed. In battle, she is precises and quiet as well.


Short History: Karisma did not have much of an elaborate life. She was born and raised in Aerismera and wished to weave clothing just as her mother before her. Her father was a hunter and she and her older sister Navil (Nuh-Vill) spend the time tending to the house. Karisma always took the outside jobs, for then, she could be with water. The sounds of the lake, river beds, and even the pitter-patter of rain was all she needed for her day to be enjoyable.

Before the Queen's calling, her father went missing. One day, he went out to gather a berry for the pastry her mother was going to cook, but he never returned. Karisma and her mom and sister did not mourn, however, for they knew him to be strong. Weeks passed and still no word. Now that she has heard the Queen's news and message about a proceeding enemy, Karisma wishes to link that to the disappearance of her father.


Specialty: Water

Bonded With:No one as of now.

Kin: Navil Saropen ( older sister), Dalette Saropen (mother), Wixin Saropen (father)​


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Name: Fivraen Yr (feev-ree-ehn hee-er)

Gender: Female

Personality: Her duty requires a quiet personality. However, Fiv is energetic and merry, so her job is taxing and difficult. She must be very quiet, serene, serious, and intuned to her element to sufficiently keep Aerismera and its people safe. Oftentimes she grows weary of being stone-like and lets her free will take over. This childish and errant behavior led to the disappearance of an elvish man. Not only did Fiv pay for this emotionally, but the seriousness of Aerismera's current situation called for a severe punishment to make sure she never let such carelessness take over her again. They could not afford to take her off border patrol, so they punished her physically. The wounds across her back are still tender and will likely scar.


Short History: The Yr family is the only family unit that works on the same job to secure borders, listen to any possible danger, and generally keep Aerismera safe. There are many others that also have the same job, but Fiv's is the only family that has worked together on it for several generations. The Yr all start rather early with their training, because it is the most important thing to them all.

Trade: Archer and Guardian

Specialty: Wind

Bonded With: No One

Kin: Father, Mother, Older Brother, Younger Sister.

(( Iliana, the elvish man that vanished because of Fiiv's carelessness was meant to be your character's father. Is that alright?))


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Good Arashi, feel free to start role playing when you want, and remember to just put a descript or picture of her appearance up as soon as possible!


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Got it, boss. Finished her profile; off to post now. Thanks!


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Name: Axel Crowe (I'm really over-using this guy but he's so freakin VERSATILE~!)
Gender: Male (24)
Personality: He loves a good time and finds a joke in just about anything. He is particular about his appearance, and has the sweet-tooth of a five year old child.

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes. He also has a long braid that, when left to hang, two feet of it would coil on the ground alone. At the end of his braid, tied to various clumps of ends, are blades shaped like spades with tiny sockets at the hilts. In order to not have his hair dragging behind him, he hides it under a hat. Axel wears a white, high-collared trench coat which makes him look something like a priest, with matching slacks and black shoes.

Short History: Axel is one of the better students training to be in the Imperial Defense Unit of the castle. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as a warrior, against his mother's behest that he become a hunter. It was less dangerous in case a war decided to break out. After his little sister was born, their mother had passed away. Afterward, his father left the Imperial Defense and came home to take care of a newborn child and ten year old son. At his coming of age, Axel joined up and began his training. His father had supported him all the way and even trained him a bit before sending him off.

One day, at the tender age of seventeen, what was left of his family was taken away by the enemy. They slew his little sister of only six years, most likely after a long and tedious battle with his father. Both were in the forests, having fun, when they were attacked. After they were buried and their souls returned to nature, Axel vowed to avenge his family's deaths.

Extra info: Axel can manipulate his hair because of the heat that he can channel into each individual strand. His affinity with fire allows him to channel the element through his hairs into the blades he had tied onto the ends, via the gyro stones which manifest the magic. He was originally trained to use the sword, lance, and ax to become a Great Knight like his father, but with the unusual abundance of hair he had, he decided to put it to good use. He incorporated his trained ability to use his hair as extra appendages with his learnt use of bladed weapons and fire control, to create the ultimate ace should he need one. However, his hair is not used until push comes to shove.

Trade: Warrior
Specialty: Fire
Bonded With: None
Kin: Little sister, Amily. [deceased]