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  1. Some one help me! My fire fox and chrome have been infected by some piece of **** Adware. It pops up out of no where trying to get me to download things and other annoying things. It even puts tabs on the corner of the page like its a folded paper tab. It is such a piss off, I might go mad! Some one give me a hand, How do remove this crap.
  2. A few suggestions: - Ad-Aware - Spybot: Search and Destroy - Malwarebytes

    If you're using Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Vista, or 7:

    The first three are extremely effective against ad- and spyware. Use two together for the best coverage. Microsoft Security Essentials is basically the best you can have though, to cover everything from viruses and trojans to adware. Norton, McAfee, and even the free virus scanners don't really stack up, from what I've found.
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  3. thanks
  4. I use all of the things Scrap Iron linked, they are very very good. O_O

    OH! And I would recommend getting "Ad Block" plugin for your browser! That can help block a lot of stuff too. (Just whitelist Iwaku! 8D)
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  5. Seconding the endorsement for AdBlock. It's wonderful. And do remember to whitelist sites you want to support.
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