Advice for a newbie?

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Hey everyone. Bow down to the newbie.

Bowing asides, I'm actually unsure where to start. I've posted at the Roleplayer's Resume and I'd like some advice where to go now. I was thinking about making my own RP but I'm not exactly sure.
Any advice from the more experienced? I don't want to do anything stupid on my first days here.

Thanks everyone, and you may rise from bowing.
I don't want to discourage starting an RP since that's literally what I'm trying to do right now for the first time. But try joining an RP that's starting up or in progress. That way you can get a better feel of how stuff kind of seems to run around here. Not that it's fixed in stone but it always helps to get more familiar.

Especially if it's your first few days.
Okay, I see what you're saying. Thank you very much for the advice!
Go ahead and start an RP! The worst thing that can happen is it dies, and that happens to all of us! It doesn't hurt to also check out a few roleplays that interest you and fill out a character sheet! It's all about trial and error, so don't be afraid to get messy and dive in head first! Don't worry, we'll treat you nice!
Alright, that gives me a little encouragement. Thank you, Zypher!
Don't be afraid, the other members can smell fear!
But...I take showers to wash off the scent!

haha, but thanks for your encouragement. :)
Alternatively you can post a thread where you posted this as an interest check.
Interest check? Like to see who wants to RP?

(Newb question ahoy!)
You should start a Jump In roleplay. It's a great way to get started and warm up to how things work. :) It's also the simplest form of roleplaying; for groups, anyway. There's also the option of doing a private game with just one other person.
Don't be afraid of injecting some of your personality into characters. It makes it easier for you to write. Be wary of over doing it; I once went through a brief mary sue-ish period and it sucked.
I was trying to join an RP but a lot of them look like they're already filled...

I actually might make a Jump In RP.
As Fluffy said, Jump In RPs are the best way to go for starters!

There are no right or wrong ways to start a RP on this site. Our goal is to break the normal elitist attitudes and try to make the RPs work for you, instead of you working for them.

Be sure to browse around in the Sign Up section, or if you are feeling real bold check out the Role Play Vault to check out some other styles that were tried out in the past. Also be sure to check out the Role Play Resume and see if there are any people that have similar interests as you do.
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I've just joined an RP :) I can't wait.

Again, thanks everyone. All of your advice was very helpful and I'm grateful you were to help a little ol' newbie like me. Makes me feel special.