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  1. Here are some basic Do's and Don'ts to accomplish the following

    - Get more players to join your Roleplay

    - Help players better understand your Roleplay

    - Create a well-rounded Roleplay


    - Use bullet points or another list format
    - Keep each point short

    - Write a big wall of text
    - Be vague or leave all the decisions to the other person/people.

    When someone looks at an ad or interest check, they want to know quickly if this Roleplay matches what they're looking for. They are at this point totally uninvested in the characters, world, and plot. Hook them with a basic description that's easy to read quickly, then give more details below that.
    If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, you just have roleplay shakes, try listing some of your favourite genres, or some TV shows or books you like to give other players an idea of what you would enjoy.


    - Give the genre and time period
    - Give a SHORT AND GENERALISED synopsis of the plot
    - Give the STRICTLY NECESSARY info on the setting
    - Think about what points would be necessary to create a character
    - Leave room for creativity and expansion.

    - Introduce your character
    - set up a restricting amount of rules
    - Limit your Roleplay to only one or two races, places, job choices, sides to be on, etcetera

    The point is to make everything simple and easy to read; you can give visual descriptions of places as you enter them, and your plot synopsis should shoot for one or two sentences (a group of adventurers take on a dragon; fight zombies in a post-nuclear apocalypse; our characters have superpowers and the government hunts them). Don't introduce your character; they can meet him/her in the Roleplay, and no story should revolve entirely around one person; no one wants to play an accessory. You don't need to provide pages of backstory, either; players need to know as much as their characters would realistically know. If they understand the theme of the world, and what's going on in the area of the Roleplay at the time, you're good!

    Always remember that you can provide more details as they come up. It can also make for a longer-lasting, more interesting Roleplay to hold out on some info for plot twists later!


    Genre: Futuristic Mecha
    Setting: on the planet Zyra, which is being invaded
    Story: we play members of a squadron of mech pilots on a secret mission to plant a bomb that could end the war; other stuff happens, too!

    Zyra, once full of life and an interplanetary hub of trade, is now a barren wasteland piled high with broken tanks and armoured vehicles. Thousands of stranded travellers fill refugee camps across all regions. No one remembers when the war started or how, but the invading Triyab forces have decided it's ending, now. On Zyra's side, a squadron of special, giant mechanical fighter drones have been constructed, each with a specially-trained pilot. The mechs can fly, roll, stomp, and are equipped with long range weapons and stealth cloaking technology. Their pilots are part of an sleet force tasked with taking out the Triyab base by any means necessary.
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  2. Can you do a guide on how to advertise a fandom RP?
    I mean I think I have fairly good ideas on how to and can use parts of this as help, but this was clearly done for original RPs and doesn't mention anything to help a advertise a fandom RP...and apparently my ideas don't work out so well in reality.

    (If I wasn't supposed to post here, sorry, and just delete my comment.)
  3. @JacobiSparks Use the same Do's and Dont's listed above,but maybe add a few extra descriptors as well as links to some quick info for new fans and interested bystanders. Look for resources to link to that summarize and simplify the info, if you can't find any, maybe make a spoiler message giving the necessities (basic world type, races, iconic items/places, etc. remember; need-to-know stuff only!)

    Don't get too specific with fandom explanations or rules; you can explain things as they come up

    Remember also that the fandom is not the genre: these are separate elements. If you say the genre is Supernatural, people still need to know if the story is a drama, a comedy, a horror story, or something else!

    The example would be

    Famdom: Legend of Zelda (wiki link)
    A medieval fantasy world called Hyrule with six sentient races and several monsters, watched over by a trinity of goddesses whose powers are contained in a golden relic called the Triforce.
    specifics (open)
    game: Ocarina of time
    world states/provinces: Kokiri Forest, Zora's Domain, Gerudo Valley, Death Mountain, Hyrule Field, Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, Lake Hylia
    Races: Kokiri (children of the Kokiri forest who can never grow up or leave the forest)
    Gorons (large rock-eating beings from Death Mountain, which is a volcano. They shield Hyrule from the monsters of the mountain)
    Zora (Bipedal half-fish people from Zora's Domain. Entrusted with the kingdom's water)
    Gerudo (desert thieves, all women. The villain of the games is traditionally from here.)
    Sheikah (lost(?) race of shadow ninjas loyal to the royal family), Hylians/Hyrulians (like humans but with long ears. Majority race, live in Castle Town and Kokiri Village as well as Lake Hylia. The Royal Family is Hylian)
    See wiki for monsters and map as well as more cultural stuff.

    Genre: adventure/Epic Quest
    Setting: Hyrule
    Plot: Link has been killed and it's up to our ragtag gang of misfits to save the world from the Evil Ganondorf!

    Link failed to destroy Ganondorf, and Ganondorf killed him and Zelda, claiming the whole triforce and plunging the world into darkness: it's up to us to rescue it!

    Fandom rules:
    The triforce is not available for Character play, Ganondorf has obtained it
    Spell casting is not canon within the Zelda Universe, although items can be enchanted by a Sage.
    Any monster can appear anywhere, any time
    Go ahead and create new weapons for your character, but try to keep clothing similar to Zelda canon
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