Advertising RPs in the Cbox!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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Just a friendly neighborhood Public Service Announcement from your local Iwaku Staff! :D

We LOVE that people are using the Cbox to get new players for their roleplays, to chat about roleplays, or ask questions, etc. We want everyone to keep talking about roleplays, cause that's awesome!

BUT... Please make sure to use your In Public manners when recruiting:

- Don't keep spamming your roleplays to the same people in the cbox. Once they've seen the RP, posting it more is not going to help. D: It just starts to get annoying to all the regular chatters.

- If you see everyone in the cbox having an indepth conversation, don't butt in just to advertise your rp. Wait for a good moment to bring it up!

- Try not to stalk or bully people in to joining your RP or put them on the spot. That's not cool, dudes.

If you need HELP in advertising your RP, you can post an ad in Roleplay Talk! OR browse the Roleplay Resumes to find players. OOOORRR send any of your staff members a PM to ask if they can help you find players for your RP. :D
And to think last time I actually followed this ruling XD.

Quick question too...When people start having questions about the RP would you have us drag the interested group into a different cbox tab or should we just answer a quick batch of questions on the main?
Nothing wrong with answering questions in the main cbox! <3 Whether or not you think you need to go to one of the other tabs is up to you. I guess it would depend how nitty-gritty the question was... XD
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