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I've wanted to try running a roleplay for a while now after the first one I tried Oh... 2 years ago. I'll be honest it flopped, and if I wasn't the GM I'd of probably wanted it to flop. That all being said I don't want that to be the case for this roleplay. I intend for this to be a smaller scale roleplay dealing with a group of adventurers who are recruited to solve a problem for a city. I'd think 5 players or so would do well. It fits into a standard fantasy setting and I'm pretty open to anything. I threw in some race explanations and a little how-to for the magic, but seeing as this is an interest check if you have an idea you think would work better, by all means go ahead. Also I'm thinking of putting in a trait type system, but I'm not entirely sure of it yet. No hard stats or math will make its way into this roleplay though, I assure you.

Ambushes in Sarenwood Forest!​

Within the past two months five trading caravans have been ambushed along the road through the Sarenwood Forest. These carts were carrying weapons and lumber meant for the Avali Orcs to the north, and Alta, the local trading hub, needs these caravans to come through. An open invitation is extended to any Adventurers. Speak to Sir Eildan with the City Guard for more information. This threat needs to be culled at once.​

Humans are the quickest to adapt to change and are widespread because of this. Accomplished at warfare and magic they are considered to be one of the greater races in the world. Humans live in large groups and rely on one another, yet are at risk more from infighting than foreign invasion. Though humans appear diverse across the spectrum they all share very similar abilities and values.

Elves are elusive and little is known of them by the other races. They are short and quick moving, living mostly in forests. They are known as adept hunters and to be very skilled at herbalism and alchemy. Rumours make them out to be the greatest magicians, though they are on average equal to humans. Humans have taken to naming sub species of elves, though they are the only ones to follow this.

Dwarves are even rarer than elves, but do not avoid the other races. They're homes are typically in or amid the peaks of great mountains and rarely interact with the other races. Even shorter than the elves the dwarves are excellent craftsmen and some of the sturdiest warriors in the land. Great dwarven warriors are known for elaborate beards and fantastic weapons far above the skill of any other master smith. No dwarf has ever wielded magic.

Orcs are taller than humans and constantly embroiled in some form of conflict. They are strong warriors renowned for their strength and ferocity. They use some of the oldest magic in the world, relying on rituals and curses handed down by generations. Most are organized into tribes and each with its own form of governments. Most orc tribes inhabit thick forest and swamps, with a few notable tribes bordering deserts.

Beastkin are a wide and diverse species, and could be broken down into hundreds of sub species. Rather than this arduous task most refer to them simply as Beastkin and leave it at that. They are typically humanoid in appearance, but with strong characteristics of animals species, such as dogs or birds. Most beastkin follow closer to their animal instincts than those similar to humans or other races.

Halfbreeds are seen as unwanted in most cases. Not only is it common for them to have birth defects, but many races view interbreeding between the races as a taboo as old as time. When a halfbreed is born it is typical that one parent’s traits are stronger than the others, most often the fathers. Despite the dislike of halfbreeds they have the same rights as their parents and live in relative peace.
Humans have the most extensive knowledge of magic among the races. They have two schools, the Royal Elorian Mages Guild, and the lesser Order of the Magi. Magic is very complex, but the schools have come up with some solid rules.

Sources of Magic are required for casting all spells and once this source is depleted the magician can no longer use magic. There are two understood types of sources: Intra and Extra.

  • Intra magic sources are those that draw power from inside the magician. Though this power is easy to tap into and provides amazing power it is dangerous to use. If a magician empties themselves of all of their magic they'll become fatigued and risk draining their life-force to cast a spell. There are rare cases when magicians have even died after casting a spell, though the limits are easily felt. Over time the use of magic increases an individual’s magic pools allowing them to cast greater spells. These pools are usually replenished overtime by resting.
  • Extra magic sources exist all around the world. Places of power, such as temples to the gods and places where magic has existed for centuries have strong concentrations of this source. Harder to tap into and requiring more time to cast a spell Extra magic sources have the advantages of rarely running out and never causing harm to the caster when it runs low. Overtime an area depleted of these sources will return to normal and places of power will maintain their high concentration. Extra casters also have the benefit of concentrating magic into a container and drawing power from it to prevent being without magic no matter where they go.

Catalysts and Channeling are required to cast an actual spell. Though both schools are working on documenting these, because of the sheer amount of differing methods they've both met difficulty in discerning what, or if both are really required for casting magic. Commonplace is the use of wands, staves and tomes coupled with incantation or a specific set of movements to cast a spell. Though most mages strive to follow these standards notable mages have diverted from them as well, including two of the High Mages of the Order of the Magi.

Magic Types are set into a few categories.

  • Elemental magic is that which draws on the power of the four elements; earth, water, air and fire. How these elements are used is up to the individual, though with most fire is the primary element to attack with, and the others are used as defensive or utilitarian tools.
  • Arcane magic is the application of pure magical energy and deals with enchanting items, constructing barriers, even summoning across the planes of existence. Arcane magicians are also capable of using lightning to strike their enemies, as it is a culmination of the purest form of magical energy.
  • Healing magic is self-explanatory. Though some people prefer to refer to it as holy the schools believe there is a distinct difference between the two. Healing magic does exactly as it says by healing wounds and curing poisons or diseases.
  • Holy magic is that which focuses in the destruction of the undead and demons. This magic has no telltale elements and typically focuses on the destruction of otherworldly souls through magical might. Because otherworldly creatures so often have strong magical connections Holy magic also contains the ability to dispel and nullify certain other magic.
  • Ancient magic is one practiced near exclusively by the Orcs and is one the schools have little opportunity to study. It revolves around using rituals and blood magic to curse and cause harm to others. It is believed that this magic is responsible for the summoning of the undead and demons, though the orcs disagree.
  • Utility magic is a broad term used to describe any magic which doesn't have a definite school. Things such as levitation, divination and scrying fit into this category. Most mages find this magic simple to use regardless of their chosen school or skillset.


FINALLY A ADVENTURE RP! You have no idea how much I've been waiting for one! I'm in!


Beastkin; Utility; Definitely interested.

this is a short RP right? I am very interested in solving this Conflict with you.
I require a 5 man party to maintain interest in this specific roleplay.

PM if u'll reserve me spot #5.


Posting to show interest.

Big fan of beast-races and dwarves. Hoping that this might open up into a grander adventure if interest and GM allows it.

I'm a sucker for fantasy.

Edit: Unless it's going nowhere considering the GM hasn't been around since the 15th as of posting this..


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Yeah no I'm around, I had to work the weekend and this is the only topic I've got up and going here cause there are no roleplays I'm in here at the moment.

So... Yeah, I'm alive!

I'd like to wait on a few more people to post some interest in this, that way we have a decent enough character pool that when someone drops, because things happen and that's life, it won't cripple the story(hopefully) unlike if it's 3 or 4 characters.
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