Adventures into Staci's Brian

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The easy way to take care of this issue. Also for some reason Raui keeps stealing Fel's panties.
Go then to peace my child. Blissful and finally at rest, the creatures in your skull vanquished with you last breath.

This is how she removes demons!

Her brain is like one massive crossover.
I need to change the lock that allows people into my brain..

Same shit as leaving the Chamber of Secrets open.

I figure your mind is more like a rite of passage for young mind travellers.
*touches Darkness' mind all over in an extremely inappropriate way.*
*Patpat's staci*

don't mind the darkness, he wants to fuck everything with a vagina.
That's okay. He's mostly harmless.
Basically anything that moves. And if it doesn't move he kicks it until it does.
I thought it was I'd fuck it in the ass until it moved.

If it doesn't have an ass and it's not enough with me being an ass, I'll give it an ass.