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Adventures in Fiore(A Fairy Tail Themed Rp)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lea, Nov 28, 2015.

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  1. Ray Penthragon, Nosy

    - Rosalia, Train Station -
    "That train was such a bummer!! Why can't I grow wings so I can just fly everywhere!?" A red haired boy complained while making his way out of Rosalia's train station. The boy had a nauseous look on his face due to being on the train for a long period time. This unfortunate individual was known as Ray, Starlight's Dragon Slayer. Following right behind the red haired male was what appeared to be a furry white cat with a black tipped tail. However, the cat was standing on two feet rather than being on all fours. "Yup yup!! You know, the only reason I take the train is because you can't fly Ray." The white feline noted nonchalantly. Like the red hair boy, the cat is apart of Starlight as well under the name of Nosy.

    Ivar Fenreel

    - Rosalia, ???? -
    Ivar leaned his back on a tree while staring off into the distance. As time passed, various thoughts rushed in and out of his head along with feelings of regret and grief. Friends and family being devoured in flames, father brutally mutilated before his eyes and witnessing his mother making the ultimate sacrifice for him was only a taste of what he had endured. Unlike with most people, the worst part for Ivar wasn't what happened but the fact that he couldn't do anything to alter the end result. That day taught him something that he won't ever forget. "Only people who can yield great power are capable of forging the paths of themselves and of everyone around them. If only I realized that fact much sooner." Ivar said softly before making his way back to the guild.
  2. Jenny exits the train as she looks at the huge city of Rosalia. she was out on her own to become a great mage just like her father! she looks around before running but when she did she bumps someones shoulder hard "oh sorry about that!!" she yell out with a smile on her face as she continue to run off. she gets into the city with a grin on her face it was no magnolia but it was still so pretty, Oh how she dreams to one day be in a great Guild like Fairy tail.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.