Adventures Beneath the Waves

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  1. There have been RPs about Wolves, Cats, Horses, and Dragons. What about the Marine animals? This rp delves into the water and explors the life of marine animals. Orcas, dolphins, whales, sharks, squid, fish, and more. Personally, I'd like to follow the lives of a pod of Orcas. There are two types to choose from. Transient and Residencial.

    Transient Orcas eat other marine mammals whereas Residencial Orcas eat fish.

    Reference site: Transient Orcas : OrcaLab
  2. So do you mean we'd be Orca characters? If so I'd be up for it, it sounds cool. :D Do you have any more details about the rp?
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  3. Yes, we would be playing as Orcas. I planned on having it as a slice of life type rp, but as Orcas. Free Willy was my favorite movie as a kid (watching it now actually. Posting this Interest Check made me want to watch it again.)
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  4. This may end up as a 1×1
  5. Err, I don't really do 1x1s sorry.
  6. Then hope for more interest. Do you know anyone else who may be interested?
  7. You might want to check with the users from this rp
    Before the Lion King

    Since its an animal rp. Skip Princess oft the teacup though, cause thats me. XD
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