Adventure, magic, guns, and swords, One on One with me as the NPC?

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  1. This is the second time I posted a thread, searching for someone to play with me. The first thread maybe lack story in it. And so, I shall supply just a pinch of story to make it more interesting.

    To start, I should mention that I am searching for a One on One roleplay where I am going to be the NPCs. I don't find it tedious as I find it entertaining to try different personality each time. Is it difficult? Perhaps.


    Once upon a time, a deity fell in love with an mid aged alchemist for the man's persistence in work. She then made a decision. She hid her true nature from him, disguised as desperate young woman, seeking a job. The man hired her as his assistant. days turned into months, the man fell in love with her kindness.

    Years later, with hard work and secret help from the deity, the man was able to create a generator which could collect massive energy from the air in seconds and disperse them in the same time. Unlimited energy. But an accident happen. The generator latched onto the alchemist. He couldn't control the power and the generator kept on collecting energy up to the point where if the energy was dispersed all at once, the whole city would be destroyed, along with the people residing in it. The deity had no choice. To protect the city and the people, she had to end the life of the alchemist. She cradled the man's body in her arms. Tears of sorrow fell from her eyes. One drop froze as a gem, filled with her deity powers. Today, the tear and the generator is somewhere, hidden.



    In Terra, similar to other planets or multiverses or galaxies, many deities are worshiped. Some people believed in the lore of the Deity's Tear while some didn't. Which deity it was in the story is a mystery. Secretly hidden from the eyes of the world, the Deity's tear is real and not actually lost, but kept secret and guise as a holy jewel, a symbol of their faith and religion, passed down from priestess to priestess of a certain temple.

    The Deity's tear was stolen by a thief and is on his way to the underworld, the kingdom of dark creatures. What is to happen to the tear is uncertain.

    The roleplay will take place a day after the Deity's tear is stolen. The location of the thief is unknown. All sort of transportation was halted immediately after the lost of the Deity's Tear. The only way the thief could have traveled was by his two legs, or four, or six, or however many if he was an anthro.

    You choose who you want to be. You can be the thief. You can be a knight trying to reclaim the tear. You can be a priestess. You can be another thief trying to steal the tear from the original thief. You can be the thief's friend, trying to persuade him to surrender. Whatever it may be, it is up to your creativity and imagination.

    Meanwhile, I will be the NPC, responding to your character's questions and needs.

    I want to immerse myself in a responsive literate fantasy world. The purpose of one character's life is a magnificent as your creativity could be. How it ends is not entirely up to you. The NPC is played by another thus the response you get is a wonder. Barter with the shopkeepers, bribe the guards, charm a princess or prince or even the ancient dragon into submission. Or if you are into being a villain, attempt in murdering them all. The success rate is up to your writing skills as I will be your NPC and you shall be mine.
    It been maybe some time since I roleplayed. My last roleplay didn't go so well. The only one I had in Iwaku was a bit boring as there was not a good communication between me and the world and the players. Simply, I felt like I was playing alone, being creative alone, responding to myself alone. and so I quit. But now I am back, posting a thread in hopes of finding someone who is interested in the same thing as I am.​

    The kind of world I am into is a world filled with magic but not limitless. To create something one would require something equal. Swinging a sword would require muscles and to cast a fireball will require inner mana.

    The world I am to imagine is a world filled with not only the human race, but also the elves, dwarves, orcs, and anthros such as centaurs and Minotaur. The elves may advance in magic, but the dwarves are advance in technology. The orcs may be barbaric and beastly, but not all are alike. Just as the current humans are. This is not medieval times but the science fiction world of the fantasy world filled with skyscrapers and airships. This is Terra, a world filled with amazing colors.


    [​IMG] this would be how the outskirts would looks like.
    above is a dwarven engineer.

    A town located on a mountain.

    I guess that would be enough images to kick start your imagination.

    Anything, just ask.
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  2. Alright i'm game tell me more.
  3. Sending PM.
  4. I'd like to be a part of this, though I understand if you want to keep it 1x1.
  5. Ok lets do this I'd love to play C:
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