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Hi there. As life has cleared up some over the last day or so, I find myself with space for one to two more 1x1s (which I generally find allow me more posting flexibility than group roleplays).

I'm a female roleplayer in my twenties with about a decade or so of writing experience under my belt. I almost always write in third person, past tense, and I play characters of both genders. I prefer having one main character with several minor characters/NPCs introduced when relevant to the plot. I also suffer from recurring, severe episodes of depression/anxiety (among other things) which may affect the consistency and quality of my posts.


[BCOLOR=#000000]IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:[/BCOLOR] I will thoroughly ignore anyone who doesn't go through the rules. This is not me being mean, but I've written everything here so that I don't waste my or anyone else's time. Please be respectful and take a minute or so to carefully read everything below. I appreciate it.


- I'm looking for a writer of adept/advanced standard, capable of writing fluidly and descriptively. I don't need a novel; in fact, my own posts average between two to five solid paragraphs. Quality over quantity, always.

- In accordance with the above, I'm requesting a writing sample from any interested parties. This can be anything from an old RP post, a link to a sample on your resume, a personal work, etc. You may find samples of mine on my resume and also through searching my posts. I am also happy to offer more samples should you require it.

- Roleplays will be conducted through PMs.

- If you have any limits with regard to violence, profanity, or sexual situations, please let me know before we begin the roleplay. I don't want to step on any toes. If you say nothing, I'll assume you have few to no limits.

- Because of my condition, I cannot promise frequent posting. Posts can range from once every two days to once a week or longer. Do not harass me for posts; I will not take kindly to that. I ask only for your kind patience and understanding.

- I favor plot over smut. While I enjoy romance and almost always include it in my roleplays, it will always take a backseat to the main story. Also, unless our characters have a pre-established relationship of some sort, there will be no "instamance" of any kind.

- Good communication is key. Even when I can't post, I will endeavor to keep you informed. Please show me the same courtesy. If you ever get busy or bored, I'd appreciate a heads-up. I won't be mad, I promise.

- I want someone who will plot with me. I cannot be dragging the entire story along by myself.

- PM me if you're interested; don't post here.

- I prefer that we use textual descriptions of our characters. However, if you must have an image, I insist that it either be a photograph or a realistic illustration. No anime.


- Romantic subplot
- Gritty realism
- War/conflict
- Angst/hurt/comfort
- Heartbreak/grief
- Characters against overwhelming odds
- Epic action/adventure
- Conspiracy/twists
- Strong characters
- Tests of will/questioning morals
- Occasional witty banter/humor


- Medieval Fantasy
- Science Fiction/Futuristic/Sci-Fi Fantasy
- Military
- Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
- Dystopian
- Cyberpunk
- Steampunk
- Urban Fantasy
- Paranormal/Supernatural
- Horror
- Historical Fantasy
- Crime
- Mystery/Thriller
- Slice-of-Life
- Combination of any of the above


Please refer to this old thread for the full list of pairings and older plots. Newer plots will (eventually) be added here. Feel free to make any suggestions of your own/put forward ideas of your own.

Please keep in mind that I am not looking for fandoms at the moment.


And that's it! If you're interested, we can plot something up together based off a pairing or even a rough idea. If there's nothing you see that strikes your fancy, and yet you feel like I might make a good partner anyway, feel free to shoot me a message as well. And with that, I bid you all adieu.

[BCOLOR=#000000]Again, please PM me if you're interested. Posts here will be disregarded.[/BCOLOR]

This will not be a first come, first served thing. Please be patient, and please don't be offended if I turn you down as I have limited time to commit.

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