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  1. What I'm looking for is a partner who is interested in writing a detailed story. I am looking for a partner who isn't afraid of using multiple characters for a plot, who understands just how rich and rewarding a storyline can be the more threads we can weave into it.

    I'm looking for a partner who is interested in creating our own world. I don't have much love for canon pieces. I don't mind taking inspiration from canon sources, but I don't like the limitation they impose on the creative process of roleplaying.

    I'm looking for a partner who will establish and can maintain an advanced posting standard. I don't want to have to define what it is to be advanced. The odds are if you have to ask if you're advanced or not, you probably aren't. I guess a kinder way of saying it is you'll know if you meet that standard without me having to add an arbitrary measurements.

    I'm obviously looking for a 1x1 setting.

    I'm only looking for 1 partner at this time, but pay no attention to posting counts. I will close this thread when I've found someone, so if it's still open, I haven't found anyone, regardless of the responses below.

    I can't post daily. I have other restrictions on my time. I'm looking for a partner who can understand this. I will be understanding of my partner's time requirements as well.

    I'm looking for an adult roleplayer. (Age 18 does not necessarily an adult make.. Sorry) Like the advanced topic, same self test applies.

    I will attempt to talk to you. I do hope to find someone this will not be a bother to.

    Now, I know I haven't said a word about topic or genre. Honestly, the partner is more important to me than the topics. I have nearly 20 years experience ( I started in 97 on old WBS). I can play many different genre, and many different topics. I'll discuss interests and topics on an individual basis.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello,

    I am Dark Disney I would be interested in role-playing with you I have been RPing for 14 years.

    Let me know I would love to create a world with you and get lost in it.
    Dark Disney
  3. I'd be interested in doing a roleplay with you! I enjoy world-building, playing multiple characters, and dishing out details in my stories! If you need a writing sample, you can check out my roleplay resume or this recent post! I hope to talk to you soon!
  4. --still looking--
  5. Hello there...super new to this forum but made an account just to send you a message. Sending one now.
  6. Damn, nearly twenty years. I'm impressed.
    Of course, we writers tend to put our lives into it, haha.
  7. @ChocoShop - I'm sorry to say that I'm already at my limit. I cannot take anything else with my schedule, or I risk letting plays I've already given myself to suffer. I'm sorry!

    @castigat: Ain't that the truth!
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