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Ezra Brooks

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Life is crazy, unpredictable. We control so little of what happens around us, to us, and yet we still fight head long for what we want, what we believe in. We need our dreams, or goals, our destines. We fight tooth and nail against the unseen forces that would rob us of happiness and prosperity, always trying to stay one step ahead of that nameless force that would keep us from accomplishment and progression. And that’s even if we know what it is we want.
The setting is a modern world, a city named Chicago, and the minds of our characters. The world is as we know it today, with a few adaptations and liberties added in order to make scenes and plot devices come into place. But mostly the familiar.
This exercise is to take several characters through several layers of plot and action. To spin them around in such drama and realism that they seem all together real, believable additions to what is. The commitment will be several , well developed, serious characters. Some characters will know one another to start, while others may meet throughout the play. This we can decide as we create our characters. A character sheet will be developed and will be a part of the plays documentation. Replies will be of an advanced level or better.
What I’m proposing is a play centered not so much around a single story thread, but a telling of lives through interactions and glimpses. There will be several plots, several mains and sub characters, across a wide range of themes and pairings that I cannot even begin to fathom. Our own world.
A Separate Society.
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