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  1. *updated 27 December 2014* I decided to reopen this since I have a touch more time than I thought, and see if there might be other folks interested in writing a story or two.

    My writing style is closest to Advanced and normally approaches Prestige or thereabouts, and that is what I would expect from partner(s). Of course we're only human and misspellings, grammatical errors and syntax problems are going to happen - I make them all the time, especially at the end of a long day. Even so, I'd like to believe that what I'm reading from a partner is a piece where some time and thought - and at least a modicum of blessed editing - is put into the writing. As for post length, I'm not a stickler - dialogue will of course be shorter than exposition on a scene (unless of course it's soliloquy time or some such! haha) I definitely prefer quality over quantity, within reason, and will always strive to give as good as I get.

    I'm female, and I usually write (and prefer) female roles though I can - and have - written male main characters. I'm also well over 18-years old, and prefer my partners to be over 18 as well. I go to school now, and will be working soon too, so I should be able to write about every 1 - 3 days - and if for whatever reason I cannot? I'll always extend the same courtesy I hope my partners would pay me, and communicate, communicate, communicate. (Besides, I love to chat and get to know people - OOC talk is always welcome). I write for fun, because it's a great hobby that keeps me thinking - it's not a job, and I certainly don't expect anyone else to make it one either!

    As for the writing I enjoy? The genres that never fail to grab me are fantasy (high, low and modern); sci fi (space opera, dystopian, [fill-in-the-blank] apocalypse, etc.), anything at all supernatural (I have such a ridiculous "thing" for werewolves!); historic and alternate history (Regency era, Renaissance, Medieval, WW II, Victorian, American Wild West and Gold Rush, Elizabethan, and so on); horror (Lovecraftian, Poe or other); steampunk and cyberpunk; and any combination of the aforementioned as well!

    I certainly do enjoy romance in an RP (though it's not always a requirement), and occasionally the more mature stuff with a trustworthy partner, but I never write pure romance stories, much less pure smut. I also have no problem writing gore, violence or combat scenes (I love writing fight scenes!).

    But to be fair and all kinds of up front, potential partners looking for anime-based, fandom-based, pre-made characters, furry, anthro, LGBT, teenage/high school and/or slice of life RPs will be terribly disappointed in me, because those are pretty much what I won't write.

    I don't have any plots in mind at the moment because that's something I like to work out with a partner, particularly if my partner has an idea they've been dying to write/try out - I can get with other people's enthusiasm easily. Please don't take that for passivity though - I can certainly write NPCs and advance a plot, and I expect my partner to as well. So no, I won't be rolling on my back, feet in the air and expecting to be carried through a story by a partner; and in the same vein, I also won't be following anyone's script for my character(s), nor carry anyone through a plot either.

    I prefer to RP in the 1x1 forums though I could be convinced to write in PMs. And if you've made it this far, and think we might write a lovely story or two? Feel free to drop me a PM.
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  2. Your friend, Adelaide, saw my post and thought we might have something in common. Said post can be found here. I think we might hit it off quite well. It's like being set up on a blind date. LOL. Looking forward to a possible reply!
  3. I've never been on a blind date before, but it's always sounded like so much fun! A PM has been sent off - dinner and a movie sound good? *grins*
  4. I would love to plot a Werewolf/Human roleplay with you. Victorian or Elizabethan would be a good setting. I'd love to hear from you via PM if you're interested, and if not, good luck in your search!
  5. Hello there Sansa, and thank you for stopping by the thread here. Oh yes, I absolutely do love a good werewolf story, but for the moment at least my dance card is completely full, with just enough time for me to actually accomplish school work and go to my new job as well. If it's all right with you though, I'll be sure to be back with you when there's a touch more breathing room and perhaps we can see about some werewolves!
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  6. No problem! Take your time, I'll look forward to a message when the time comes.
  7. While my track record is not something I would suggest examining here on Iwaku, as I've but one roleplay in 1x1 currently, I'd just like to toss my net out as well. ^^" If you're ever looking for another partner, I have been dying to find somebody who can stick with a good Dystopian or apocalyptic setting. A good one, meaning that I don't want to see Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner or anything else popping up inside of the thread (my god, I used to love that genre... I'm glad I still have a love for original Dystopia <3). I do have fandoms that I play, but I don't like anime physics and I'm extremely flexible. Heck, I love Fantasy as much as the next guy - and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Crossovers, when done right, are absolutely delectable. Anyway, I'm really open and I see you've already made yourself a queue, I would just like to say I'd be honoured to be on the list of potential future partners and shoot me a PM if you're ever looking for another!

    Also note, this was a terrible cover letter... I'm really bad at these kinds of things, I'm much better in character or after getting down to business. ^^" Introductions on 1x1s like this are typically difficult for me simply because I rarely leave my circle of RPers and when I do, it's because I've spotted something truly special...

    That sounds like I'm kissing ass... Sorry >_>
  8. I've found myself with a touch more time than I anticipated, and so thought I'd reopen this and see if there might be anyone else whose interests just might mesh with my own. The only extra I'll be asking beyond the initial first post ^^^ way up there, is for a writing sample. Nothing huge, certainly nothing written all special for this request (referring me to an Iwaku profile sample is just fine) - simply something I can look over to see if our writing styles would really work well together.
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