Adrift Upon the Stellar Winds

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  1. It has been 127 years since the Basta War, in which the Sol system was caught in the middle. The conflict was not of humanities making, but they were not completely blameless in the war that perpetuated for nearly a generation. There were many losses on all sides, but the worst might have been the systematic destruction of the once habitual planet, Earth. The ecosystem a wreck, and with an assortment of mine like weapons littering much of the inner Sol system, Earth was abandoned by those that could get out in time.

    Paradise destroyed, the cradle of humanity now a grave, home lost forever.

    Always adaptable, though many people perished, the human spirit did not die. Today, humanity sits in two dozen systems, controlled by five different governments. Some view themselves as part of their new homes, others have no alliance but to themselves.

    Two of the great powers are the Merrix and the Shadow aliens. Despite the nickname, needed for there is no way for humans to mimic their language let alone their name, the Shadows are not necessarily a hostile group. The name in fact came from how their ships would follow human ships when they first entered the aliens' territory and continued to do so until mutual understanding was reached, well over a year later. Most of it was the ambition of humanities to know its neighbors.

    As for the Merrix, despite long standing trade, it is still unclear if it is one race or two, for it seems as those there is a subservient race whose features greatly differ from the more affluent race, but it is claimed they are all Merrix.

    Philosophical differences in the viewing of territory, along with a lack of communication has led to a tense political dance by the two. The other major powers in this arm of the galaxy want little to do with the power struggle, but over the last eighteen years both have made more adamant claims to their territories, and in some cases have even succeeded in mutual benefiting trades of real estate, as long as you ignored any protests from minor races here and there.

    There is one system that has not only both the Merrix & the Shadow's interest, but the interest of every trading race as well. Kaliguar System is nearly devoid of life, but it's planets and other satellites are rich in mineral ore and rare elements. If there was a hot spot in the Merrix-Shadow cold war, this would be it, but these two races have been fighting with words and tariffs and an assortment of other ploys, not weapons of destruction.

    That is until now.

    The political affairs of the Merrix, always a bit murky, have changed tides and it's leadership is taking a stronger stance on the "stability of the common wealth". Most observers have been lead to believe that it would be more internally focused.

    Most would be wrong. The Merrix want what they believe is theirs.

    Anyways, the basics. We are the crew of the human ship, The Nautica's Phantom (you're welcome October), who are basically glorified border patrol officers, aligned with the aliens we refer to as Shadows. The game will start as we enter the disputed Kaliguar System. Let's all get up bios, I don't care which format you use as long as it's got the basics so we know who is who. Once all bios are up I suppose we can start the game.

    The Characters

    October's Commander Character
    Layne's Crazed Mechanic Character
    Ocha's Ace Pilot Character


    Named NPCs


  2. Name: Castor Ryan

    Job: Commander

    Age: 41

    Future Spock.jpg

    Assertive, blunt, sarcastic, dominant, unyielding, persuasive. Respected as a commander and tactical coordinator. Besides being a natural leader he specializes in driving his crew crazy with unrelenting orders and little praise. On the same token, It is well known by those serving with him that he would die in a scorching coffin of twisted metal bound for hell before turning his back on anyone under his command, earning him the trust and camaraderie of those that might otherwise hate and fear him.

    Bio: Military brat, born and raised in space, on a station known as Centiillain 5. His earliest memories are of his father, decked out in soldiers garb, telling his mother that he had to leave. She would cry as Castor watched his him, pledging at the age of three to one day be a solider. Ten years later, during the last conflict where Humans warred with other humans, known as The red war, a vicious battle for resources on not yet civilized planets, Castor's father did not come home. He was killed somewhere light years away, and again his mother cried. At the time Castor thought he was strange for not feeling sadness about his fathers death, In fact, the only emotion he felt was relief. No more watching his mother cry, now Castor was man of the house. Five years later, at 18, he joined up and started what would be a life long career, serving humanity and furthering it's agenda in space.

    At present date, after a fruitful career serving one of humanities five governments, Castor has become a well respected, if not feared, commander of a small scouting ship.
  3. Name: Ayah Tellion

    Job: Mechanic

    Age: 21

    Personality: Ayah is a very absent-minded individual who tends to live in her own little world instead of reality. This sometimes gives her the appearance of being snobbish or cold, but in reality she is a warm and loving person. She adores the little robots that she creates in her spare time, giving them names and ensuring each has a specific personality. When she is focused on another breathing person, she loves to meet new people and a good joke is always welcome. The only thing that she loves more than laughing is robotics, and it's a close race.

    Bio: Ayah was raised in a military household by her single father. She has no siblings and knew nothing for her entire childhood except tactics and how to keep a house running. Her father was quickly escalating the ranks and taught her many things about their ideals and what it would take for her to be a soldier someday. What he didn't expect was that she would crack under the pressure and run away.

    She joined a small rebel group of teenagers, creating explosives and communication devices for them while they spied on the army. Nobody knew who her father was, and she didn't mention it. It just felt good to do something. So when she came back from a grocery run and found the entire headquarters in crumbles, she was lost. She ran to the place that they had only a tentative alliance with and buried herself in an old shop where she learned more about mechanics than before. Soon she was recruited by the military, agreeing only on the condition that she could work alone and would never have to go on a mission except in an emergency.

    Ayah (open)
    Ayah (open)

  4. Character Name: Kassandra "Sandie" Armstrong
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Pilot aboard the Nautica's Phantom
    Appearance: Spikey white-blonde hair that she insist isn't bleached, pale complexion, icy blue eyes, and a lithe body. In the right clothing she can be mistaken for a young man. It takes a very very good reason for her to wear a dress, and even then she'd rather be in slacks.

    Personality: A bit rough around the edges, Sandie is a straightforward and honest person, not one to pussy foot around a subject. While she does have a tender side, she's not about to show it to anyone around her. When push comes to shove she will be there for her friends, but she much rather do something for them then just sit there and comfort someone.

    General History: Born to a middle manager of a boring technology company, Sandie grew up in a life of little want. Through out school she passed her courses with mostly ease, though never challenged herself to take harder classes she was considered bright. Her only dream was to go out amongst the stars and as soon as she finished high school she signed up with the military. Her parents were upset, they wanted her to have a nice safe career, but the life of a commercial pilot never appealed to her.

    Military training was tough, but Sandie fell in easily with how the chain of command worked, and because of her quick reflexes was soon at the top of her class in flight school.

    Present Life: Sandie would like to say she worked hard to get the position she has today, and while not lazy, she has not had to make struggles or sacrifices to become a highly respected pilot, her natural talent has gotten her very far. Sandie has no intention of ever going in to command, it looks far too stressful. She is happy enough being a pilot.
  5. Character Name: Petraeus "Pete" Akadia

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31

    Occupation: Science Officer

    Appearance: Pete has a tall and willowy frame immediately revealing that he'd been born and raised in the void, he has charcoal black hair and eyes like the starry void.

    Personality: A bit of a mad scientist, Pete has a tendency to hyper-focus and exclude everything, even his own body at times, when he gets going a really interesting project. Fortunately for his social life, his stomach doesn't permit him to break contact with the rest of the world for too long.

    General History: Pete's life growing up was somewhat mediocre, and aside from a few science awards he's life before high school was almost bland. Joined the Academy of Applied Sciences and took to it with a quickness and graduated the academy in near record time

    Military Training: no actual Military Training Per Se, He has worked government research and development for years before getting assigned to
    The Nautica's Phantom

    Present Life: now Pete's life is summed up by his duties, though he still does a few weapons tech experiments in his own quarters
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