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  1. Have you ever seen a world showcased or explained in an OOC, and (with permission of course!) asked to use it in your own story or roleplay? With the creator, or without? Would you? Do you think it's okay to tweak/change/add to a world that you've adopted in this way?
  2. Hence permission! Creative property is a natural thing, too, not just a legal one. Just use common sense whenever working with a concept that is not originally your own. What are the author's wishes? Under what pretenses were you given the privilege to use it?

    How might you feel if...

    If you respect the author's wishes, I don't think you'll ever encounter any problems. Unless, I guess, the author is a big meanie, in which case I'd recommend not putting yourself in their debt by using their ideas.

    I know it's sort of blunt of me to be so short, here, but I think it's a fairly simple way of dealing with just about anything.

    Do unto others...
  3. I, uh, those are all good points but I wasn't really asking how people feel about the ethics of using (with permission) a world someone else came up with, just if anyone has ever done it and how that went O.O
  4. Oh. Well, there's showing my obliviousness. ^.^;
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  5. There is one world I've been working on based off of another guy's idea, but I was unable to get permission from him. Unfortunately, he disappeared without a trace.

    Precisely because I couldn't acquire his permission, I struggle with the balance between the world I want and what would be too close to copying him. For the most part, I try to focus on the things he didn't focus on and neglect the things he did. In that way, the core of the world may be the same, but the feel will be mine.
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  6. Does this member have a facebook, skype, or other contact means on their profile? You might be able to ask permission that way :P You should credit their username, in any case. It's less of a moral gray area if you give credit for the inspiration
  7. Unfortunately, no.

    From what I remember, his profile was completely blank. There was a photo album on something like flickr her used for one of his roleplays that I might've been able to track him with, but this was five or six years ago. Since then, the site we were using crashed, and none of the data remains.

    As for crediting him, I could, but it would just feel weird. For now, I've only used the setting for personal works, and I'm trying to get to the point where crediting wouldn't be necessary even if I did use it.
  8. Oh, you didn't mention it was that long ago lol
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