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  1. Hello, and welcome to Adopt An Idea! This thread is meant for people who have ideas for worlds, plots, or even entire RP concepts, but for whatever reason can't or don't want to GM them. People will submit their ideas using the following simple form which you are free to modify however you wish:
    [b]What are you submitting?[/b]
    [b]Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?[/b]
    Yes, as a player.
    Yes, as a Co-GM.
    [b]Why are you submitting this?[/b]
    Lack of Time.
    Not Interested enough in the idea.
    Also feel free to style whatever information you submit however you like!

    For those of you wanting to adopt something here, feel free to use this form:
    [b]What idea are you adopting?[/b]
    link to original
    [b]Are you willing to work with the original creator if that is what they want?[/b]
    [b]Have you used the idea, yet?[/b]
    Not yet.
    Yes! [link]
    Yet To Be Adopted Ideas
    Adopted Ideas
    [link to original submission] - @adopter - [link to project in use]
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  2. What are you submitting?

    Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?

    Why are you submitting this?
    I made it for the purpose of adoption.



    Real world, modern.

    Two or more.

    Possible Characters: (Use these or make your own!)
    A smart prophet.
    An unhealthy dungeon delver who could be the ex-spouse of the prophet.

    Our world is entering an age of magic, and although it appears peaceful and fun on the surface, a few people have begun noticing strange signs that indicate something more unusual than magic is happening, and perhaps the presence of magic should be investigated more thoroughly.

    At the start of the story a mysterious briefcase is introduced—and of course, it is used by the story's end. Shockingly, it's use is more romantic than anyone would expect.
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  3. What are you submitting?

    Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?

    Why are you submitting this?
    Not interested enough in the idea.

    Muse A's sister is getting married soon and is expected to be chosen as her Maid of Honor, but she suddenly finds competing with her sister's best friend, Muse B. Before long, the two women are competing for Maid of Honor and find that while they cannot stand each other, they are secretly attracted to one another. Will their story end in happiness and romance or a bitter rivalry?
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  4. What are you submitting?
    Plot & Setting

    Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?
    Yes, as a player.

    Why are you submitting this?

    The world of Pokemon is a beautiful place, full of magic and mystery. Lead by the three adventure guilds, the lands have been at peace for the past one hundred years. Long ago, there were four adventure guilds that lead the pokemon together. However, a terrible plague swept over the greenery of the fourth guild's territory, causing them to need to leave their home. The pokemon of the fourth guild pleaded for help from the other three. Yet, the others would not give up any of their territory for the fourth guild. The fourth guild's leader was outraged by their selfishness. But there was nothing she could do to change their minds. The fourth guild left the lands, traveling far, far away. They were never seen again.

    One hundred years later, a new threat has emerged on the horizon. Many pokemon living in the wilds have become hostile, attacking civilians who wander into dungeons. They've become mindless attackers, and many have been injured. These hostile pokemon are already becoming a problem. But if they try and get into the more civil areas of the lands, the situation will become even deadlier. Even in these dark times, there is still hope. A new wave of young, bright adventurers has started to come to join the guilds.

    And the key to stopping these mindless, hostile pokemon might just be in the territory of the fourth guild, which has mysteriously been healed of its plague. However, no one has ventured there for decades. Even so, it might be everyone's only hope.
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  5. Added your idea to the OP, @Panne !
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  6. What are you submitting?

    Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?
    yes, as a player and/or a co-GM

    Why are you submitting this?
    not interested enough in the idea. well... no actual idea on how to take this plot to the next level lmao.

    Idea: ᴀ-ʜᴜɴᴛɪɴɢ ᴡᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ ɢᴏ.

    {Historical Fantasy || Horror/Macabre || Group/MxM }

    A day spent fox hunting is more exciting than initially thought.

    baaaasically the entire plot revolved around a group of 3+ people going to hunt a fox, but the fox is some sort of trickster/demon/monster that captures the human's hounds and slowly the humans... or something.

    if anyone is interested, i have some codes i was testing out for this!
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  7. Can I submit old roleplays that have been developed but never really make it to fruition, or roleplays that were used for a short time but failed? I often have maps, plots, etc all developed but then a roleplay will die and I'm left with all this stuff! Roleplay recycling, could it be a thing?
  8. *Rubs hands together*
    This MIGHT take a while XD I\m planning on submitting a generic plot and a map to go with it. I'll work on this over the next week or two to try and get 2-3 submissions up :)
  9. Awesome, I'll be on the look out for 'em!
  10. What are you submitting?
    Setting & Plot

    Do you want to be involved in the RP at all?
    Depends on my schedule, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Why are you submitting this?
    I have no time.

    A Roleplay with a supernatural or fantasy focus, but it takes place in modern times. This means that there would be Elves driving cars, dragons flying next to airplanes, Dwarves playing on their iPhones, etc. The exact specifics of this Roleplay can be decided by whoever adopts it.
  11. What are you submitting?


    Do you want to be involved?

    Depends :3

    Why are you submitting this?

    I think someone else could put this idea to better use than me ^^

    The thingy:

    An ancient legend had spread about a mystical power found in the 'Medas de Vieniss' or 'Medals of Vieniss'. There were no recordings in history about these medals, but it was accepted by the people. Some had sought for this power their entire lives but couldn't even discover so much as a trace of it. Others were beginning to think that this legend was just a myth. What they didn't know was that the Medals of Vieniss were marks only on humans that were born with an unnatural talent in the spiritual arts.

    In fact, the Medals of Vieniss had been destroyed a long long time ago, but their power lingered until they found a host capable of withholding and keeping its unstable abilities in control. These abilities included channeling spirits from Purgatory, from the Underworld, or from the Heavens. Those that were lucky were only able to speak to these spirits by being near their body. The less fortunate were considered more gifted.

    There were many people marked with these medals that didn't even know those marks were what they were, but the gifted were capable of much more. They would be able to see a type of nightmare a child was having, or literally see the mental illness that was haunting their friends, loved ones, or even strangers. They could not stop the creature itself, but they could help the person fight it themselves with their words.

    They were also able to summon spirits, usually from Purgatory, but Underworld or Heavenly spirits were not rare, just uncommon. However, summoning these spirits was incredibly risky. If something went wrong during the summoning, the summoner could be stripped of all of their senses or, worst case scenario, they explode from the inability to adapt to the raw energy coursing through their bodies.

    Another problem is that these spirits had grown up in an entirely different era than the summoners. It will be up to the summoners and the spirits to try and get along despite their cultural, linguistical, and behavioral differences. Maybe even religious depending on where the spirit came from. The downside of a summon? The spirit can not leave their summoner until said summoner breaks the link between them. The problem with that? The summoners won't know how to, and locating that information is nearly impossible.

    The Plot:

    The 3 major regions are suffering greatly from anything and everything it could go through. The territories just seemed to be falling apart while an unusual increase in mental illnesses had begun to flourish and with it, the suicide rates. The spiritual people take notice in this, and so do the normal ones. The normal people, desperate and afraid, begin to blame the spiritual beings for their psychological problems. The blaming began in Bristovinna, quickly followed by Abresa Vale and Winterval slowly but surely following suit. Thus begins the shunning, murders, and them being sent to camps to be executed.

    The summoner characters, during their time in one of the labor camps they were sent to, discover a way on how to summon spirits. The way they do is up to you. Deciding they have nothing left to lose, they summon one of the spirits assigned to them at random to see if it works. It does, and they discover that both need each others' help.

    I have the timelines should anyone want them ^^