Adjective Apocalypse

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    Okay so I apologize that this isn't going to be all fancy, but I am a horrible coder, even with all the buttons above the posting template. Regardless, hopefully you'll enjoy my idea!

    The year is 2166, as many humans predicted the end has come and gone, in it's wrath much of humanity has been left to waste... Along with something very important that humanity had slowly been losing its grasp on, the years before the apocalypse struck: the English language.

    In this plagued warzone of a world, there are two groups of survivors. The "Illiterates"* and the "Scholars". The Scholars have been pleading with the Illiterates begging for them to see sense that they are losing their language, but the Illiterates refuse to see it that way. The reason why the English language is slowly vanishing is because with the nuclear waste emitted into the air of WWIII slowly destroys the lobe of your mind associated with literacy. Nouns, adjectives, even the memory of "The Alphabet Song" are being lost.

    Scientists are trying to find a cure, but it seems like the Illiterates are the only ones with the items needed to cure this "Literacy Obliteration" [or LO] as they're calling it.

    What will your place be in this terrible loss? Will you help defend our beloved language, or are u nott want help ur ppl?

    This is the Adjective Apocalypse....
    So I got this idea from babysitting a four year old, who was watching a show called "Word Girl". I thought that mixing something as simple as a PBS channel show with something along the lines of "The Walking Dead" would work into something interesting. I have mainly created this plot to help people with English as their Second Language, or people who wish to improve their knowledge on the English Language.

    Post size does not matter here, as the main objective of this game is to prove your word choice, not how much you post.

    This roleplay is going to be geared around the scholars going on adventures to find new words, and battling the Illiterates in their struggle for power. Every week we'll change up the word they're adventuring for, and have a poll on whether you found this helpful or not. (Which will determine their success rate.)

    Ready to start?! Well let's meet your partner Scholars!


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    ** Diana please don't throw rocks at me. @O@ I couldn't think of any other name.
Thread Status:
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