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  1. So, I recently finished reading a huge slew of books, mortal engines series, Titanicus, as well as a few movies and games and have a urge to pilot a mech, titan, God Machine, gundam, or whatever you call it.
    So, would anyone be up for a mecha roleplay?

    I've got a few ideas in my mind on how it'd play out, Either it'd be a tournament style roleplay (unlikely unless everyone wants that), a dark Gothic future where war is fought with these huge mecha, a semi-apocalyptic style roleplay where its survival of the fittest, or something else entirely, possibly some sort of mercenary style. Its also open to being a proper warhammer 40k Roleplay if enough people want that.

    As for what mechs we'll be using, that'll depend on the setting but I will be setting out some base rules like categories for them and limits (No super fast mechs with super shields and chain guns).
  2. Im up to this my friend, ill be using the rose dragon gundam if allowed, ((the one thats slightly op depending on your skill with it but the health absolutely sucks, gained it name from it using a thorned whip and having a dragon like transformation))
  3. We'll see how it ends up getting balanced, I may make it points based.
  4. So no one is intrested bar crow?
  5. Gothic future or semi-apocalyptic could peak my interest.
  6. glad to hear it. when it comes to it I'll see what I can do.
  7. anyone else intrested?
  8. Last, hopefull bump. would really hate to see this not even get traction.
  9. I enjoy mecha. Interested.
  10. Well thats 4, do you guys have any prefrences as to what sort of style we follow? I'm currently leaning towards semi-apocalyptic with either our group being a bunch of Mercs with their own mecha or part of some side in a huge war thats raged for years. (For World refrences, see mortal engines.)
  11. I feel like mercs are widely overused imo. I like my characters to be part of a larger organized and professional army. Semi-apocalyptic would be interesting and you could have like radiation zones where the mech suit is the only protection. Kinda like C&C =3

    Ohh I have read those books. Mobile cities could be an interesting element as well.
  12. Well I'll wait for the other two @CrowOkatagi & @Kaykay to say what they'd want, and if any of you guys know anyone who want to join in, feel free to let them know. I need to start working on a few things, BTW, I am not going to be limiting tech level, So you can have crazy stuff like Vibra guns or Anti-Matter cannons, but I will be plateauing power, So your Antimatter cannon will do just as much damadge as a rocket of equal calibre, No point in letting people pack Plasma rifles just because they are strong, Pack em because thats what you want. I will also be explaining how mech classes and stuff work.
  13. I'm fine with mercs or military. That doesn't really matter to me. Semi-Apocalyptic is fine too. And since you've basically said I'm allowed to have lasers and stuff I'm happy there too. No complaints here.
  14. I am definitely interested in this. I am all hyped from my new Imperial Knights and I would love to do some mecha RP.
  15. Awesome, all we have to do now is wait for crow to get on and let us know what he fancies, If he's not done by friday I'll go ahead and draw up a OOC for us to discuss stuff in.
  16. Well that's everyone's preferences except @EMreich 's then.
  17. I would probably go with Mercenaries.
  18. And there's the conflict. Fight!

    But really we need to decide what to do with that then.
  19. [​IMG]

    I mean, a organized army could still hire mercenaries.
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