Adapting to the Norms [CZDoubleU x RiniPinja]

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  1. Trac stretched out rather lazily on a tree branch. The forest that encompassed around him was rather peaceful, and he felt relaxed and at ease. Time to just do nothing... He thought to himself, his heavy eyes were already closing at the prospect of sleep.

    Much to his dismay, though, such sleep time was not meant to be. He suddenly heard some screams and yelling, and he jolted back up. His hands automatically reached towards the pouches on his pants, and he was ready to pull out his weapons if needs be. His eyes narrowed as he looked around, where were the source of panic coming from?

    "Get away from me!" A woman screamed, and Trac looked down straight below him. Two women, well, one looked to be a young teenage girl, were being surrounded by a group of ruffians. One of the man - perhaps the leader? - pulled back his lips and snarled at him, clearly displaying his show of sharp teeth. By the looks of it, a werewolf Trac muttered to himself.

    "Just give us your goods and we'll be off." the hairy leader declared, his voice condescending and dripped with hints of promised pain.

    The woman quickly shook her head, and she held out her hands in front of her. "No! I-I'll... I'll blast you!" The girl behind the woman was shaking, her hands were held tight onto the woman's clothes. She whimpered something quietly to the woman, probably to give the woman some kind of plan or assistance, but another ruffian grabbed the girl from behind. She let out a yelp of pain as the ruffian twisted her arms behind her.

    "Oh~ Isn't this a pretty lady~" The second ruffian smiled, leaning in close to press his nose against the girl's neck. The girl squirmed, trying her best to struggle, but the ruffian proved to be much stronger. "She's a fiesty one to-" As soon as the second ruffian lifted up his head away from the girl, he caught another scent in the wind. Suddenly, his head shot up towards the tree - right to where Trac is. "Boss, we have a guest."

    Trac cussed underneath his breath and quickly jumped over to another tree. At first, the group didn't care, but he saw the two victims screaming for him, "HELP!!!" Their cries pierced through his ears. How... troublesome... He muttered. He stopped on a tree branch and threw a knife down at one of the ruffians, successfully taking them down as they howled in pain. The leader swirled back to look at his pack-mate and glared up at Trac, whom decided to jump to another branch. "How DARE you!" The leader screamed out, and Trac lost his concentration, falling down from the tree in result. He heard the footsteps come up from behind him, and he immediately hopped back onto his feet and made a mad dash through the forest.

    Werewolves are strong. Werewolves are fast. And Trac knew that he would have a hard time outrunning them, no matter how fast he was. Because, even if Trac was faster... Werewolves were known to be amazing trackers. Trac spent a long time zig zagging through the forest, but it seemed as though the ruffians knew more about the layout of the forest more so than he did.

    "Come back here, you bastard!" One arm reached out, and Trac barely had enough time to twist his body to change direction. He felt the arm grab onto the hood of his jacket, and he had no problems just tearing out the clothes - they were getting old anyways. He was still left wearing a tank top and jeans. Hours later, it seemed, he came across a small house. Trac's breathing was getting heavy and felt his legs scream in protest by the amount of running he had just endured. He only managed to glance up at the house - with it's run down rotting wood, and deserted atmosphere, before he made his way inside. There might not be anywhere to hide in here he criticized his choice, but it was too late to turn back now. He could hear the ruffians yelling from outside the house.

    "Come out, come out, little piggy~ Or I'll huff and I'll puff and blow the whole house down!" A taunting female voice laughed from right outside the door. Trac looked around, knowing he did not want to be caught by the hands of the merciless pack. At first, he was taken away by the sight - the strange house only contained one thing... A well. Who builds a well inside a home? he questioned, but looked down the well nevertheless. He couldn't see a thing, the well looked like a bottomless pit.

    He heard the door get smashed down and he jumped into the well.

    Trac felt like he could have just fallen asleep in the time that he was falling. Actually, he probably did. The fall took practically forever. At first, he tried desperately to reach out to grab onto something, but he couldn't twist or turn enough to ever touch the side of the well. Finally, he gave up and decided to just relax to the best of his ability. "Who builds a well this deep?" He asked to nobody at one point, of course, all he received in return was mocking echoes.

    Next thing he knew, his body slammed against the bottom of the well, and he cried out loudly as the pain wracked throughout his body. He laid there for a few minutes, trying to dull the pain, before he sat back up and touched his body gingerly. He was rather glad that he had a little bit of advanced healing, because he was sure he broke some bones.

    Trac looked up and was greeted by a very small opening above him. If he squinted his eyes, he could barely see a night sky through the opening and he a look of confusion crossed his face. Wasn't I inside a home?... Perhaps the ceiling came down. What he didn't see, though, to his relief, were any malicious faces.

    It took some time to climb up the well, but when he finally pulled himself out of the well, he just gawked at the sight around him. Did the ruffians burned the entire house down? And if they did, how did they manage to just leave absolute NO remains of the house around the house? He sat down, exhausted, and leaned his back against the well as he looked around at the forest that encompassed him.

    Was it just him, or did the trees look a lot shorter than they had earlier?

    Trac shook his head of the thought, it didn't matter. The ruffians had left. He could finally have his peaceful nap time. So, he decided to close his eyes and fall into a blissful sleep.
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