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  1. "In this universe, everything is under some kind of law. There are laws of physics, laws of logic, laws of reason, cosmic constants. Everything is neatly ordered and structured. There are some things that cannot be done simply because the universe says that they cannot. Because of this, the cosmic machine runs smoothly. There are no wrenches in the gears, no erring lines of code, no faulty wiring. But what if there was? Sometimes, every once in a while, someone tampers with things. Someone with power. Then reality begins to collapse. These tears affect the physical world, and occasionally they affect an individual. Someone normal. Then, existence itself bends around them. Sometimes they can control it. Most of the time, they cannot. And it destroys them. These people are what we call reality benders. And they are very, very, dangerous." -- Unknown


    Ad Infinitum follows a teenaged girl named Valentine, living in the southern U.S.A. Valentine has her share of troubles beyond bad grades; she struggles with worsening schizophrenia while her single abusive father brushes it off and refuses to allow her treatment, and the small family is barely afloat financially, struggling to put food on the table. Things get even worse when Valentine discovers that her father has ties to a local gang, and she becomes a target after accidentally interfering with their schemes. Her hallucinations begin to manifest themselves in the physical world, causing trouble for her and those around her, and stranger and stranger things happen until her best friend is her only anchor to reality.


    I'm looking for a partner to play said best friend. While the plot is largely focused on Valentine herself, their relationship will be a key point and will determine if she can struggle back from the brink when existence is falling down around her ears. It could become romantic, but that wouldn't be the focus. The story is less about the implications of a reality bender and more about the people; more time will be spent developing our characters then detailing how exactly her powers work.
    A few notes:
    1. Said best friend is female.
    2. The RP will take place in the summer of 2014.
    3. The town in Arkansas that will serve as the setting is completely fictional, so that we don't have to worry about geographical inconsistencies or the like.
    4. I've tagged this with "anime physics" because while I plan to maintain a degree a realism, when reality itself is warped physics don't exactly survive intact. This tag doesn't mean you can jump thirty feet in the air or leap off a building unharmed (unless of course that's how physics decide to work at the time).

    Now for the boring stuff. Rules! But they're important.

    1. I haven't set a posting expectations tag for a reason. I don't like quantifying the skill I look for in a partner by such generalizations, so here's what I expect:
    • Reasonable grammar. I shouldn't be noticing more than a couple minor mistakes each post--I understand mistakes are made and I can't expect people to meticulously proofread over and over to fix every typo when I don't do it myself. However, you also shouldn't be making glaring errors regularly.
    • A fleshed-out and realistic character. This RP focuses so much on relationship that I cannot stress the need for a well-played character enough.
    • General skills; reading comprehension, sentence structure, grasp of genre and themes, ability to adhere to the setting, and the like should all be up to Adept level (this is the only generalization I'm going to make).
    • Ability to direct the plot and create and control NPCs when necessary. I will not be railroading and you will have to have contribute to the progress of the story, especially since Valentine isn't the highest-functioning individual you'll meet. Don't expect to be able to just sit back and re├Ąct.
    2. At least a paragraph (of six lines) per post. I strongly believe in quality over quantity. If something necessary to provide emotional impact, advance the plot, make dialogue smooth, and so on, it shouldn't be there. I don't want fluff. You shouldn't have an introspective moment where your character reflects on their entire backstory during a conversation just to add to a few paragraphs to an otherwise short dialogue post. I think a paragraph is reasonable for even short dialogue scenes. As far as an upper limit goes, I'd prefer nothing longer than five to six paragraphs for the average post. I find it tends to drag on at that point and gets tedious to read.
    3. Don't god mod, power-mod, break the fourth wall, use meta knowledge, and all that usual stuff. Usual RP etiquette applies here. Don't hijack my NPCs often, but do use your judgment on when it would be alright to take control of a mook or minor NPC to make the scene progress smoother.
    4. Use third person and past tense.
    5. Use skype. I vastly prefer it for OOC communication, and thus I'm just making it a requirement. The new version is bad, though--get an older version here. I'll clarify I don't mean voice chat--just IMs.
    6. Read my RP Resume to make sure I'm someone you want to RP with. It's under "previous names" right now because of the tab glitch.

    If you haven't quit reading yet because of disinterest or not meeting my requirements, congratulations! Below is the character profile I'd like you to use for writing your character.

    [b]Name:[/b] (First, last, and any relevant nicknames.)
    [b]Age:[/b] 16
    [b]Gender:[/b] Female
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Physical appearance, including stuff like preferred clothing and the like.)
    [b]Personality:[/b] (Feel free to leave this vague and develop it in the IC.)
    [b]Backstory:[/b] (This should be concise, and not give away information that my character shouldn't know off the bat. This will be what I use for reference on how much Valentine knows about her history. Put yourself in the character's shoes and think of what YOU would share with your best friend, and you should have a good idea.)
    [b]Other Notes:[/b] (Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.)
    I'll be writing Valentine in my free time between now and whenever the IC goes up, I'll put it in this space when it's done.

    If you're interested, post here with your skype name (mine is vansalon) and I'll contact you. We'll chat and if I decide you're the one, I'll close this request and we can get started!
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