Active RPer here, looking for partners <3 (MxM if possible)

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  1. Hello there, I'm Isho, and thanks in advance for checking out my roleplaying request!

    A little bit about me, if you're curious:

    I have a long history of roleplaying, both in specific themed forums and in real life, roleplaying tabletop rpgs. While I'm shy in real life, I have no problem chatting on the internet, and our PM conversation doesn't have to limit itself to plot planning.

    What I like in my RPs:
    * Due to bad experiences roleplaying female characters (my characters being constantly flirted with, her party companions having her disguised as a prostitute or pregnant woman for different purposes, etc.), I only roleplay male characters.

    * Variety. Usually my roleplays include action, calm moments (still lifes, I think people call it), comedy, angst, sex... Don't expect me to stick to a monotone roleplay.

    *Genres: fantasy, supernatural, action, horror... I don't mind if it has an anime feel to it, or a dark feel to it. I love romance too, but that brings me to my next point. I like light hearted, heavy in comedy RPs too.

    *Romance: I only do MalexMale, sorry :/ Again, everything I've roleplayed, read, and watched when it comes to heterosexual romance, feels boring, unrealistic, most of the time sexist... ((Picking up Twilight was a big mistake)) And I'm just not interested in lesbian romance.

    *I don't usually do fandom roleplays, but when I do, I like using original characters, and expect the same from my partners.
    RP dislikes:
    *Genres: I'm not into science fiction -including steampunk- nor historical. I also don't like RPs that are strictly still life.

    *My partner's character: I don't like characters who fit in the Gary Stu stereotype. I also dislike loners; those characters turn down every attempt at interaction, turning a one on one rp into two separate narrations of our characters doing stuff.

    *Our characters won't die. I don't like having our characters dying.

    *Romance: as I said, I only do malexmale, but I don't do porn for the sake of porn.


    *When it comes to writing level, I expect anything from beginner to intermediate by Iwaku's standards. From one liners to a couple of paragraphs, as long as you give me something to work with.

    *When it comes to posting frequency, anything from speed of light to once a day. Even things like 'I post everyday expect on weekends' is fine for me. But I'm a very active RPer, and I dislike waiting more than that. *cries*

    *If for some reason you can't keep up with the posting routine because something happened, or will drop the RP or anything, tell me about it.

    *I don't usually have plots thought before-hand. I like to brainstorm with my partner and come up with something. Sometimes I like to think of the plot after deciding on the characters, sometimes after, sometimes everything happens at the same time.

    *After planning a plot, I tend to take the role of the active roleplayer, storyteller, game master, whatever you call it... I don't mind doing it. But if you want to be the storyteller for a malexmale RP, I'll love you forever xD
    Final notes:
    *I have plenty of pre-existing characters that are vampires. Other creatures I'm interested in using or having my partner using them are werewolves, ghosts, spirits, elves, mages, shapeshifters, dragons, demons... And I've never done anything with aliens but it might be interesting. xD

    *Fandoms I can roleplay:
    Avatar the Last Airbender (No LoK)


    Invader Zim

    Tiger & Bunny (I've never seen this one listed here in Iwaku xD)

    Naruto (I CAN do it, but you'll have to convince me)

    *If you're into Tabletop RPGs (we can use official character sheets and everything):
    D&D 3.5

    Vampire the Masquerade

    Mage the Ascension ​

    Thanks for reading all the way down to this. I hope we can have fun together <3​

  2. Sure I'll bite~
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  3. I'll PM you :)
  4. I am more then happy to RP with you with maybe a Vampire Idea (I have)
  5. I'll PM you then~
  6. Have had bad luck until now. Still looking.
  7. So the people who popped up, in the end they couldn't afford starting a new RP, so I'm still looking. God, my luck is horrible.
  8. i would love to roleplay with you i also have an idea in mind that im craving to try. i will pm you with the details as soon as i get my thoughts organized :)
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