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  1. Alright, I'm new to this site, but definitely not to roleplaying. To start myself off here, I figured I'd try my hand at making a simple RP based on Action Shonen.

    With some help, we can work out the plot. At the moment, powers and abilities aren't limited unless you center it around magic, science, technology, etc. I'd best like it to be martial arts, with fighting styles of all kinds, even ones that resemble something like a certain spell/weapon/superpower or something (We can talk this over a PM or something if it's all bizarre fighting styles.)

    There can be the other basic stuff, like Romance, Comedy, etc, of course, and other things...

    Other Stuff:

    - There will be certain things set, such as 'Destruction Level' for example. For this RP, I generally want:

    Lower Tier Characters- Skyscraper Busting

    Mid Tier- City to Mountain Busting

    High Tier- Moon Busting

    - There will be 'Kyoudo' or Levels of Power, from 0-10,000 to begin with.

    - The most basic abilities of any character regardless what kind of ability can include Flash Steps, Energy Blasts, Super Strength/Speed/Agility, etc.

    Any takers?
  2. Interested!
  3. Intrigued
  4. Can I trade the rapid fire for the pin point attacks?

    With a pin?

    That is a weapon?

    Of mass destruction?

    And can write in red?

    Really really really visible red?
  5. Or better yet, know an old martial arts style which can make head explode!
  6. The rapid fire fisticuffs trope is basic to the RP. You can still have it even if it's not your specialty.

    Pin point? you mean pressure points, right?

    Old style that makes people's heads explode? You mean Hokuto Shinken?…
  7. What kind of story Tropes are we going with in this one? School made to hunt down evil for talented young warriors? Different people with powerful skills gathering together for a tournment? A big mystery tying different characters together against some unseen threat? This would kind of be interesting...
  8. Eh, on the first one

    The second one is a story arc for the third or something

    and the third is best.
  9. I was kind of hoping for a pastiche/affectionate parody of "martial arts high school" anime and fighting games (Think: Tenjo Tenghe, Real Bout High School, Tokyo Majin Kenpuchoutou, Rival Schools: United by Fate, and maybe even a bit of Ranma).

    A few genre marks to touch on:
    -Just about everyone (90%) at the school practices some sort of martial art. Some characters practice gimmicky styles based on their hobbies/personality.

    -Most of the school(NPCs) are divided up into cliques and extracurricular clubs that basically function as themed mini-gangs who politick and, when threatened, rally together to protect their own. The protagonist group(PCs) just so happens to be the most ragtag and homogeneous group: a mixture of individualists, hard-heads, outcasts from other groups(both rejects and mysterious veterans who left the other groups as part of some mysterious past to gradually be revealed), and maybe a few people with nothing better to do who said, "sure, why not."

    -Despite the high school setting only the designated nerdy smart kids ever seem to study "on screen" unless it's part of a comedy subplot about an important exam.

    -Plots could range from mundane club turf rivalries and jockeying for dominance, to conflict with outside schools, to ancient conspiracies, to tournament arcs, or demon invasions.

    Again, just ideas. Maybe one day I'll run a game like that instead.

    But, anyway, going back to running with the third idea Jinx suggested... Two things that I've seen that I think one should be wary of: Going too slow-burn with having each individual PC trying to figure out why they're being targetted can hamper players' interactions with one another and let the game die prematurely. When a GM sets up for a slow-burn intro, but the players are aware of the possible pitfalls, you end up with PCs being justifiably paranoid towards everyone except the other PCs for no clear reason other than convenience.

    So, if we go with Jinx's third idea, and we really want to keep the characters guessing as to why they're being targeted, I would recommend we more-or-less start with each player-character being attacked early on (maybe not the first post, but still fairly early on) and then some common event(like maybe running into each other and realizing they're all being pursued by the same enemy) to draw them together in a way that makes sense.

    Anyway, I'm obviously interested and a bit excited at the prospect of playing a shounen-style game where we deliberately emulate the fun parts of the genre. ^_^
  10. Ah! I've seen Tenjou Tenge, and bits of Ranma. But most of my martial arts/fighting based shonen comes from Hokuto No Ken, Toriko, Beelzebub, Kinnikuman, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, etc. Most of my interests seem to be old...

    I like the tropes you put. Especially the first two. XD

    Yes, maybe you should be the one to do the school based idea. You seem to have all the ideas down, like an animal with a strong backbone. I'm kind of wary of a school environment at the moment, but I guess It'd be well worth a shot. I could definitely keep working on scenarios though. We could literally go through dozens.

    just an idea or two, but you'd have to be cool with some fandoms: I've once considered the idea of a fictional bunch of styles, items, etc being brought into the 'real world' sort of scenario. I've tried this with two verses, Dragon Ball, and the Kyokugenryu Karate style from SNK's Art of Fighting/King Of Fighters games. Now, the Dragon Ball one was much more detailed. I had detailed dojos that taught Turtle, Crane, and Kaio like traditional asian martial arts, and making something like Saiyan fighting like MMA/Military arts.

    And, as nice as that fandom deal sounded, I still want my own original setting and story for a shonen type adventure...
  11. Wait, WAIT! I think I have something!
  12. Uh oh. I got a bad feeling about that. *Puts up his guard*
  13. No wait, nothin'….

    I seem to come up with the same thing when I try to play to the high school thing. And then when I try to make it something different, it just doesn't seem to come together.
  14. I've experienced something like that before. Too many times, in fact. Bad for the brain and a bore. Stay loose or else RPing becomes a chore.

    Forget high school. It's your game. Draw from what inspires you!
  15. Let me put it this way.

    Two schools, rival schools.

    Two martial arts teams, rival teams.

    And one place where all bets are off.

  16. BEEL-ZE-BUB.

    400 CC. GO.
  17. @Saya: Okay, thanks. That guarantees I'll think of something better soon enough. :D

    @Raiu: Eh, I'm not so much thinking of teams, schoolyards, etc.

    @Panda: FUCK YES
  18. I'd be more interested if it was a school, haha.
  19. Does a lawless post apocalypse sound good for a setting where shit will blow up, and ass will be kicked? Granted, the world is just in ruin, nothing like nukes have ravaged the earth or anything, just a little wear and tear, and some lack of united, structured government, like the old west maybe, or city state stuff. Warfare has separated the world and shit is just out of order.

    Crime is heavy. You've got big mafias and steroid abusing punks with various bad hair styles like mohawks, and bad fashion sense, ranging from wrestling gear to biker leather. They're the soldiers of the big bads, and pick on those beneath them, and answer to their 'captains,' who have actual power, though not as much as our created characters.

    Essentially only those with any superhuman ability, whether it be martial arts, ESP, etc are powerful. Most of them are usually evil/working for the bad guy or something. The few who are good are generally wanderers, hermits, etc, just recently rising and showing off their skills in order to protect the defenseless and innocent.