Action, scyfy, and steam punk oh and maybe and odd ball one WOOHOO

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  1. Okay so these are just some I deas I have...i hate all that boring crap at the begging of stuff so i will just get right into it. Oh but I do have one boring thing to say, I don't have 50 (dramatization) paragraphs explaining each plot.

    Okay so this first one is about a girl who is a princess and she lives in some kingdom (you can name it if you want too) and her father has always wanted a son, but his wife died before she was able to grant him one so the girl decides to become a solider herself (kinda like Mulan). She leaves in the middle of the night and goes to join her fathers army. Her father is the leader of the Army, being the King. So you can either play her father can play a man who was to be the fathers son personal trainer person for when he was to join the army and instead you are assigned to her. (can be a romance)

    The second one is about an assassin and his/her target. This can be a romance or the second idea to this, A begginer assassin and his/her master, this one I would not want to be a romance but shit happens. the plot and junk is open for this but it would take place in the time of the newest assassins creed so american revolutionary time.


    Okay so this one is about a planet called Fiberatchi it is a very beautiful planet, lots of wildlife and nature. the people of this planet of much like like in Avatar. Tall and beautiful. They are all elementals and have a spirit animal, an animal bound too them at birth, there is a war going on in their planet, the people of earth are attacking them. This one you can play either a human or a Fiberatchian or both XD. (can be a romance) If it is a romance I would of coruse want it to be a "forbidden romance" so between a Fiberatchian and a human. XD

    Second, The world has fallen to the rich it is July 2nd of 3030. Only the insanely rich have survived in good health, very few still have cars, good homes, and if they have that, they don't have enough food too feed their families, or pets. A family is on their way home from picking their daughters who they sell to their rich families around the country. Don't get them wrong, they love their kids, they just have to make money some how. They get stopped one the way back to their home by a carriage in the middle of the road, inside is a rich family (two brothers) out to find two ladies to keep for themselves for eternity. One brother is evil and mean, caring nothing but for sex and pleasure for himself, the other is sweeter and cares more for other things, he is only doing this because his brother is making him. (so kind of a slave X Master type thing)


    So this is actually something I have wanted to do for awhile. I have wanted too do a lion king based role play, but not with the lion king characters with our own. It would not even have to be a plot off of the movie it could be off of something completely different. So send me a message if you are interested in doing it cause I REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!!

    This one is a wolf RP I have also wanted to do one of these, for a while now, but again can not find anyone that likes to, so message me so we can come up with a plot and all that jazz. XD
  2. An assassin x master sort of thing would be interesting, but I'd probably only like to be the training assassin. If you'd like, reply or PM me ^^
  3. Oddball one sounds superb. :')