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  1. The world is a dangerous place. People are constantly fighting one another for personal gain. Be it wealth, territory, power, or pleasure. Nowhere is this truth more evident than in the criminal underground.

    A secret organization known as "The Agency" exists in the shadows of the civilized underworld, shrouded in mystery and secrets. This organization is known of only by those who are involved, and new blood is always sought out. Members of The Agency range from men with no name to people of high standing in civilian positions.

    One such individual is an assassin, taken in by The Agency during infancy, trained and raised to be an obedient killer. However, even those who are kept from knowing human emotion eventually experience it. More so, it only consumes them. This assassin, given the name Gabriel by his handler, would soon realize that he had a shred of humanity in him after all.

    The Agency recently brought in a young girl, no older than 16. Unbeknownst to him, she had undergone similar experimentation that he had, and more. She was to be the first of their super soldier program, an elite squad of assassins and soldiers to serve the Agency. When instructed to eliminate her for her "inability" to cooperate, he refused, and escaped with her.

    Since then, they have been on the run...

    So, the main subject is essentially the assassin and the girl trying to figure out what is going on. To discover this program, stop it, and eventually bring down the Agency. I need at least one person to play the girl, but will allow up to two others for additional roles.

    Anyone interested?
  2. This won't be entirely focused on the girl and Gabriel, right? If so, I might be interested in playing the girl. However, I have a few questions boggling around in my mind. What's the writing level and posting expectations? What's the main genre? What kind of elements are present in this roleplay? Do you plan for this to be a one x one or a group roleplay?
  3. To Be honest I'm not sure if it's going to group it one x one or a group. It was depending primarily on interest.

    Writing level is pretty standard. I would prefer at least a paragraph per post with a post at least once every other day or three.

    If its a one x one, it'll center on them, if not, then it'll branch out. It depends on what the other players want. The concept is pretty malleable right now, and I am more than willing to alter it a bit to accommodate other people.

    It's currently a modern rp, perhaps modern sci-fi because of the experiments. The rp will likely involve some gore (mostly blood), coarse language, probably some drama, circumstances depending some romance. Again, I'm pretty open to suggestions and requests.
  4. Okay, thanks for the explanation, but when I say writing level, I'm referring to Iwaku's writing level 'system' so to speak.
  5. Iwaku specific? Intermediate.
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  6. Yes, that's what I was referring to. Thank you very much! :)
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