Action/adventure Fantasy RP.

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  1. Characters I will play as during this rp...

    Gerald, the Lone wolf of Nabanouu
    Justina, the Sun Elf Justicar.

    Plot: Years after the bloody revolution, peace has finally started to settle. Most go about their days ignorant of the threat stirring within the shadows. The threat comes not from man alone; but also from the Oni's (Demons.) who feast on the souls and corpses of men and mer alike. Gerald is a police officer who has recently been assigned to work with an elven agent sent by the solar empire of the isles. They are trying to track down a very powerful Oni responsible for the death of the prince of the elven empire.

    Together the once war hero(now detective) and a racist elf must put their differences aside to undo a web of conspiracy and stop the Oni's plot.

    Setting: A fantasy melting pot inspired by DnD and feudal japan.

    Concepts for characters-

    Any Oc is welcomed. But in case you don't have an Oc that fits, or don't believe in them here are a few ideas.

    A mercenary hired by the Solar empire.

    An Oni who has a soft spot for mortals and joins them.

    A thief detained for withholding information.

    A bard looking for glory and honor.

    A sorceress or sorcerer tagging along to nderstand and retrieve samples of the Oni's.

    Or a bandit only helping because the threat the Oni's pose on their turf.

    Though anything you can think of can work as well. I am adaptive and welcome innovation.

    Requirements- Only one; at least a paragraph for post length. Combat skills are not necessary. Romance can be included, but it is pending on a few factors. Such as a bond being formed that merits such an attachment.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.