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Across the Blue Sea. (Anowell and Forgotten Hero.)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Anowell, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. A viking princess, Asta, refuses to marry an old man her beloved father has set for her. The marriage will give Asta's country new fields to grow food on, as their own fields have began dying by unknown causes. Asta's father offers her a way out, she must bring him the head of Fenrir the wolf, a gigantic and terrible monster imprisoned on earth by the Gods. It is believed if the wolf is killed the Gods will grant its killer a wish and the wish will be for the crops of Asta's country to grow again. Asta's father knows there is no way of finishing this quest, but as Asta's husband to be agreed to it, he knows this way she will taste the last freedom in her life. The condition is, if Asta runs away, her younger sister will have to marry the man. So with the warm wishes and prayers of her family Asta goes into the world. Along the way of the quest, Asta meets someone who will help her for gold. What awaits them?



    Asta. Aside from the attire in the picture she wear a brown, wool, cloak with a big hood.


    The city of Hraun. The main port of The Great Blue Sea on this side of the world. It is a big, loud town. A home of sea vikings, pirates. Only people with serious business come here. And those that live here know special ways to get around. This town is not to be messed with. Especially if you're a pretty little blonde girl that doesn't look so strong. But oh, Asta is strong. Strong enough not to get into trouble here.

    She stands on a travel ship with other thirty passengers as she watches the land of Hraun. They're getting closer and closer, and the land is getting bigger and bigger. The trip was long and she is tired. It has been two weeks since she last set foot on land. And two months since she was home. This ship journey has not been pleasant. The men didn't try to touch her knowing who she is, and fearing her father. But it was not easy to hear other women yell at the pleasure seeking men. But as far as Asta knew there weren't any problems that included skin contact. Other than that, the food was becoming worse and worse as days passed, and Asta couldn't wait to eat something fresh other than fish. Or to sleep in a still bed. Sometimes the rocking one in her cabin made her sick.

    She grabs her bag and is the first one to leave the ship. With a few bows and greetings from the passengers she steps onto the wooden plank and after a few steps more her boots touch the warm stone of the dock. The still ground seems so strange to her now, but its also very satisfying. She looks up to the sun, it seems to be midday.
    Her hood is pulled on and she goes to find the closest tavern. She needs to find something to eat.

    After a small amount of time Asta found a tavern she doesn't find too loud, or too smelly. She occupied a table in the corner of the tavern. The hood has done its job and no one recognized her so far. How long was it anyway since the royal paintings were sent out in the civilized world? A year, two? Does she look like anything the girl in the portrait she posed for? Maybe.
    Asta isn't sure if she wants to be recognized. It could mean many things. She could be assisted in anything she does. Or hurt. Or maybe no one would connect her face to the one on her old portrait? To be safe, she decided to keep it on the down low.

    She quickly ordered some chicken and fruit juice. The food tasted so good it almost made her cry. The ship journey was something new to Asta. At home she was trained in hard ways to become tough but during those times she was always well fed. During her meal she planned her next steps. She will leave the city tomorrow, move on with the journey on a horse. She still had plenty gold she needed to be quiet about. And she should find a guide, someone that knows this side of the world.
Thread Status:
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