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  1. Hello all! I am a refugee from the minecraft forums and I couldn't help but notice you lack a nifty feature they had, and it seems possible to implement here.

    The feature was [acronym][/acronym] this feature allowed not only acronyms to be defined but allowed for the use of unknown languages in roleplays while allowing the reader to understand what it meant while the character didn't for example: [acronym=live long and prosper]Vilo pelm oot pokwet[/acronym]

    How it worked: the word(s) in particular would have a dotted underline drawing the interest of the reader, hovering over the word would cause a text box to appear showing what it meant.

    Note, this didn't work for mobile
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  2. Oh yesh. That was really useful.

    It would indeed be good to see it here. And..... maybe a button that allows easy access to all the different formatting codes, I.E Spoilers, and whatever else they have, because I don't know any of the codes, and it seems to do pretty awesome stuff :P
  3. There's a whole section on BB coding found here ^^
  4. I thought there might be, thank you!
  5. Technically, you could use spoilers for the same purpose like
    Diese ist nicht in English (open)
    This is not in English
    thought it does look a bit strange.
  6. Right, but what I'm talking about didn't disturb the flow.
  7. I will look in to this acronym thing! O_O It does sound neat and useful for roleplay stuff.
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  8. Sounds good.

    I could translate all my jokes.
  9. It was quite the handy tool, even if we mostly just used it to stuff around.
  10. Any Progress?
  11. I got no results searching for an addon, but I am keeping a look out for them! Xenforo doesn't have as large of an add-on collection as vbulletin did, cause it's a newer platform. But new addons come out all the time so I figure someone will make something eventually. >>
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  12. I have put up a similar post in the XenForo suggestions, Wish me luck! :D
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  13. AAAAAAAAAAANND I got shot down.... only owners can make add on suggestions T_T