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  1. I told myself I would pass this college algebra class the second time. I was doing well. I had a high B with all of my tests and assignments! Now, there's a good chance I'll fail the fucking thing because I didn't get the proctor form to take the final test. I hate you, internet classes. I hate you so much. You were a better option than the on campus one, which is quite sad. You never remind me of crap. Fucking backwater college that can't connect to my phone because of hardware difficulties (it's a goddamn Samsung s4 mini, shouldn't be that hard to send me shit you assholes), so I don't get notifications.

    My only hope is she allows late proctor forms, or this only drags me to a D. I'll take a fucking D. I don't need this bullshit anyway. I'm going into sociology, I don't need logs and all of this assfuckery known as algebra to be all "Oh, let's see how society reacts to this random thing! Oh lookie! A certain percent reacted this way!" No way in hell do I plan on turning any of this shit into some awful equation and figuring out how to do fucking functions. And you know, maybe if the class didn't cost $1,000 without the book which the book cost another $600 for just a stupid code (seriously I've never used the book) that allows me to do this homework, I wouldn't mind so much. But this is my goddamn money that you're wasting with this bullshit. I don't have student loans. I don't get government help. I'm just lucky my parents are willing to loan me money so I don't have to put up with the bullshit interest on student loans that's something obscene like 19% annually. Seriously, fuck college. Fuck college in America especially.

    If I fail this goddamn class because of one fucking test, I am going to be so incredibly angry. Thank god I actually have a plan if this all goes tits up. Well, two plans, but I'm just not entirely sure which one will actually come into play. I'll either do a skip year or I'll just take math when I move to a (more expensive) four year university instead of this shitty tech college. And that will be the only class I take that semester. Because fuck me, this is going to be my third time taking this class if I don't pass. Then I may as well just drop my summer class and just wait for the freaking spring of next year to do anything significant, and just work my ass off to earn shitloads of money over the summer and fall.

    Seriously, if anyone not from the US ever plans to come here for college, fucking don't, we're awful. A $20,000 scholarship will get you a year of school with your books if you're lucky. The school I plan to go to? Fucking $14k if you want to live on campus, $7k for just going to school. And that's because I'm a Minnesota resident and the school is in Minnesota. Those who live outside of the quin-state area? Fucking $13k for just going to school. Something obscene like $30k for living on campus. Seriously. How does anyone afford to go anymore? I should just say "fuck it" and move to Germany to take advantage of that sweet, sweet free college.

    I probably could get free college. But so are the woes of the middle class, who make too much for any benefits (including their children receiving benefits) but too little to do fuck all about anything, especially not furthering an education. I mean Jesus, what kind of horse shit is this? There's a circular cycle. Need job for college -> Need college for job. No system should work that way and it's just infuriating.

    So, this was originally a rant about this stupid math class and slowly turned into a rant about the bullshit that is the school system in this country. Twas not my intention, but rants are rants, and they turn into whatever they damn well please.

    No advice needed really, just me bitching. I know what I'm doing with my life, just need to cuss and complain about the bumps and potholes on the drive through.
  2. I’m planning on leaving the U.S. Trying to get into Master’s program in the U.K.

    I feel your pain. I graduate in 2 weeks and it was a fucking bitch. If I went to school int eh U.K. to begin with, I would be graduating with a Masters degree in 2 weeks. Not a bachelor’s degree and a shit ton of debt.
  3. It's sad that moving to a different country and going to a university there would be cheaper than staying in a place for free and going to school here. Maybe I'll move to Canada...
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