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  1. I'm here! Got in a little late because of traffic.

    ACEN is celebrating its 18th year running...and each year, more and more people keep coming to it (last year it broke over 30,000). ACEN is rapidly reaching SDCC levels of size!

    And each year my hotel gets pushed further and further up the road. I'm now a full mile away from the convention, so I just turned it into a light workout and jogged over. With the traffic, I beat the courtesy shuttle by about, oh, 5 minutes. Huzzah!

    The traffic, by the way, is because of the sheer number of people coming into Rosemont, IL for the convention. I can remember when I was in university, and the drive in and out of the convention wasn't a problem. Oh, how things have changed!

    Anyway, if you see an Asian guy in a black wife beater and black sweats, say 'Hi' to Razilin. I'll be there the entire weekend!

    And I'll post pics...once I figure out how.

    Never been the most technically savvy person on Iwaku....
  2. How about explaining those acronyms so we know what you're talking about?

    Cause I'm lost and it too a minute to load this page and can't be bothered to google.
  3. Anime central (acen)

    San Diego comic con (sdcc)

    They are conventions
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  4. Have fun at the Con! :D
    Con's can be great fun.
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