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  1. This may seem a bit strange, and I don't want to go too into detail, but I've gotten the impeession someone might have found their way into my account. I've changed my password, but, paranoid person that I am, can't help worrying.

    So, my question is, as long as my new password is not wrtten down anywhere, is my account well and truly secure? And can that account be accessed by email/any other roundabout way? Is there anything I can do to make sure said account is super-duper safe?

    @Diana, are you the right person to tag here (though anyone's reply is greatly appreciated)?
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  2. The likelyhood of someone being able to (or even wanting to) hack your account is slim to none. O___O Usually if someone gets access to your account it's because you left it logged in at a public place (school, work, library, etc). OR because you told your password to someone OR your password was really easy to guess. A very intelligent person could take a look at your profile and take educated guesses at your password. Or someone who knew you personally might be able to guess the password. (But again, the likelyhood of this happening is REALLY slim unless you just happened to piss someone off that badly.)

    To keep your account safe, make sure your password is nonsense! Include a combo of letters and numbers. If you need easy to remember words, make sure they are words you would never say or use. Longer passwords are better too, because the more characters in the password, the harder it is to crack it!

    Then the normal stuff of never ever telling someone the password! 8D Even if someone tells you they are a staff member. Cause we don't need your password to help you or fix your account.
  3. Got it. :) And, as embarassig as it is, I'll admit I was a bit of an idiot for writing down my password... and then accidentally leaving it sitting around where a couple of very prank-loving siblings frequent. One of whom I unintentionally pissed off very much (and am currently trying to make amends with). So, just thought it was worth a shot to ask.

    And just checking, can my account be accessed through email in any way? If so, I'll need to secure the password for that one as well. XP
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  4. Yes, in case someone forgets their password they can ask for it to be sent to their e-mail address, so if someone has the password to your e-mail and knows your username on iwaku, they can easily get your iwaku password.

    At least I think we have that o_o *Suddenly uncertain* I never forget my password >_> But most sites has that system, so I am fairly certain iwaku has too.
  5. Ah, well, I've checked it out, and it seems that a new password is generated, and that's what gets emailed to you. But with a few minutes of work, I've secured my email, and it looks like I'm all good. :)[

    Oh, and thanks for the help, @redblood and @Diana!