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  1. Alright, so it's a long story short on this problem, but my mom happened to get access to one of my old phones that had me logged in onto Iwaku. Knowing my mom being all paranoid about the internet, if she realized that, she'll immediately delete my account, which I don't want. x-x

    The only thing that would let her see my Iwaku account in full is if she cracked the passcode, so there's that.

    However, if she did and saw my Iwaku account still logged in, I do have a question for this problem.

    Is it possible for me to be force logged out of every device that I'm currently logged in to? That way, my mom doesn't invade my personal privacy one way or the other, and that I can easily just log back onto Iwaku with the devices I'll like to use.

    If not, I can hope to god she doesn't crack the passcode to this phone and gain access to my Iwaku account. ><'
  2. I'm pretty sure if you use another device, the site logs you out of other devices. Not sure if it does this for people who stay logged in though. You could see if changing the password to your Iwaku account logs you out of your devices.

    On the other hand, you can't delete someone's account without the password to said account :)
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  3. Oh! It worked because I checked on my phone to see if I was still logged in on Iwaku on my phone (since I use my laptop more), and it logged me out.

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