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  1. You know what they say: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" However, what if one of those 'happenings' just so happened to be a marriage between two people who hardly know each other? Actually, not even hardly; they don't know each other at all.

    They met at a casino, got more than a little drunk, and then got married at a small chapel in one of the hotel casinos. But what happens when the 'bride' takes off the morning after without so much as a note to say where she was going, who she was, and didn't even leave the ring that belonged to the 'husband's' deceased mother?

    And what happens when the 'husband' searches for his lost bride, only to find her in a different state with a family tragedy hanging over her head?

    It wasn't very often that Hayden found herself actually enjoying the company of boisterous people surrounding her, bumping into her and shouting all sorts of slurs as they tried to get the attention of their friends or cab drivers that continued to whizz past on the streets, but on that particular night the young woman could find not a care in the world. She laughed as she walked along with her two friends, their arms interlocked with one another as a mean to not lose sight or track of the other. She let her eyes glance at the dazzling lights that sparkled, glistened, and popped with every building they walked past, sending mass amounts of light pollution into the sky. No doubt the people in the this city would never again see the stars on a clear night unless a power outage enveloped the city, something that seemed unlikely to ever happen. After all, every building, if she had to guess, probably had some sort of backup generator or two to keep their lights on and people happy.

    Las Vegas. A place of wonder, a city of regret, but Hayden hoped to not regret a single thing on her three day trip here.

    It had been a last minute decision for her to follow her friends to the sin city, but after she had been given her days off of work, she packed her bags, bought plane ticket, and traveled to Nevada with her two best friends that she had known since their sophomore year in college.

    As they walked down the strip back to the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino--the hotel they were staying at--after returning from a bar to have a few drinks with one another before they enjoyed the rest of the night with gambling, Hayden threw her head back and laughed at a joke that Emily, her red headed, blue eyed friend to her right, spoke out.

    "I still can't believe we came here; we're not even here for any special reason!" Hayden said. She could hear the bottom of the three women's heels clicking against the sidewalk, along with everyone else's footsteps as they walked past the group, music sprouting around the streets as people cheered, laughed, and had a jovial time.

    "You don't need a special reason to come to Vegas!" Cameron--her dark brown haired and eyed friend to her left--said with the wave of her free hand. "Besides, we're here to celebrate us. You know, just to spend time together as friends since we're always so busy now with work."

    "It's called being an adult, Cam," Hayden said.

    "Being an adult is a bitch. Everyone needs a little time to relax."

    The three twenty five year olds laughed until they turned into the hotel that they finally arrived at. After walking through the doors, they dropped their linked arms and continued walking through the lobby until they found themselves walking into the casino part of the hotel.

    Over the course of the time that they had arrived in Vegas, Hayden always had the feeling that she was either over or under dressed, or at least not dressed to the standards as some people did. She wore a simple black and white cocktail dress, one that fit her body nicely, along with a pair of black heels that let her stand four inches taller than her usual five feet and three inch tall frame. She pushed her wavy light chestnut colored hair back and let her brown eyes scan over the appearance of the casino before her. People walked to and fro with cups and chips in their hands, men walked with women hanging from their arms, and glasses of alcohol were carried around by the people who were only determined to watch people lose their hard earned money.

    The sound of people pulling down the levels for shot machines could be heard the further they walked into the casino. Noises buzzed with every win someone made on the machines that was soon followed by the sound of change depositing into the tin compartment underneath the machine. The voices of the table workers that stood by the roulette tables, blackjack tables, and other tables that were stationed around the casino could be heard as they begged for bets and told whether or not someone was a winner.

    It was all so exhilaration and so exciting! Hayden could feel her nerves jumping as she cashed in some money for chips. "I'm heading over to the blackjack table," Hayden announced as she threw a look over her shoulder to her friends. "Coming?"

    "No, you go ahead. We're heading over to the slots to start off easy. Keep your phone on you though!"

    With the nods of agreement, the three women separated before Hayden found herself heading over to one of the blackjack tables. She sat down in an empty seat and smiled as she looked at the dealer and at the four other people at the table. Alright now; time to have fun.
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  2. With a crash, Jackson landed on the king sized bed, face down. The mattress bounced a little before settling down, and he turned over on his back, looking up at the white ceiling. His head was still spinning after the day he had had. He had woken up before the sun, to take the first plane to Las Vegas, early enough to make the meeting his father had sent him for. And now, after several hours of talking back and forth, there was nothing he wanted more than a shower and a long night sleep. The next days would be busy in their own way, so it was probably best to rest while he could.

    The room his father had booked for him turned out to be better than expected. Probably some sort of attempt to make up for sending him to this place. There was a large bath in the bathroom, but he still went with the shower, making it quick and efficient. After having patted himself dry, he walked naked back to the bed, and hid under the soft covers.

    An hours later he was still tossing around. Even though his mind felt completely exhausted, his body was not ready to sleep after sitting all day, in one chair after another. He needed to do something, burn away some energi. He was also starting to realize how hungry he actually was, after having barely eaten anything all day.

    He got back up and stretched his back before digging out some clean clothes from his bag. With black jeans and a blue shirt on, he walked into the bathroom and tried to get some control over his brown, short hair. It was almost all curls, a thing he had unfortunately inherited from his mother. She didn't seem to mind the waves her hair fell in though. The face he had fortunately gotten from his fater, including the green eyes and square chin. People constantly commented on how alike they looked, which annoyed him a little more each time.

    Taking a step back he gave himself a last look over, noticing that his work outs where starting to show. His shoulders seemed a little broader, making him look a little less like the skinny figure he had been most of his life. Being tall only enchanted that, but with a little more muscles on his body, the almost fragile look was going away.

    After downing a soda from the mini bar and some dry cookies from his bag, he left the room and headed down to the casino. Food could wait, he didn't really want to sit alone in a restaurant right now. He needed to something fun, get some excitement into his long and boring day.

    Walking out of the elevator and in to the casino floor, he was met with a wall of sound from machines spitting out chips and people talking and shouting in excitement. Hopefully he would be one of them soon. After exchanging some cash for chips, he walked around on the floor, checking out the different games and how people where doing. In the end he had ended up at a black jack table, and soon realized that any idea he had had about knowing the game was completely wrong. His tower how chips just got smaler and smaler with every round.

    "I need a drink," he chuckled when he lost yet again. "Anyone else want something?" he asked and looked at the four other players, ending at the newly arrived women.
  3. She hadn't any where near the amount of knowledge or experience it took to run the table as if it was no problem, nor did she have the luck that would come to only a very select few people when going to casinos to try their luck with their money, but that didn't deter Hayden any. Sure every round of blackjack so far had become a flop--and she had even began to think to herself that she should have walked into the casino backwards to try and give herself more luck--but she had a feeling that her luck was going to change. When that was going to happen? She wasn't exactly sure, yet as she was hit with another card to show a queen of hearts, surging her score to twenty two, she could only hope that her change in luck would be soon.

    Hayden whistled to herself as she looked at the other people around the table, watching as their luck faltered as well. Some would laugh while others would grumble as soon as their chips were taken away. She had half a mind to think that this table was rigged, but she passed the thought off just as quickly as it had come. It may very well be rigged, but this was Vegas; no one ever came out of this place a true winner when it came to money, or so she had heard anyway. You only came out a winner if you could really enjoy yourself.

    As another card was hit for another person at the table, the man sitting beside her--along with the woman standing right behind him--cheered as it showed him scoring a twenty one. Shit; if only she had been sitting in his spot. She leaned her hands against the table and blew out a sigh, watching as the dealer passed over chips to the man who won before the man stood up and took his leave with his woman. Smart man. Leave while you're ahead. Or, at least, that was what Hayden thought she remembered people saying.

    The unoccupied chair was taken just as soon as it had been vacated, and after another round went around the table with Hayden losing, she thought about leaving. When she heard the voice of a man, however, she stopped and looked at the other side of the table. The others ignored his offer while all she could do was raise her brows before shrugging her shoulders.

    "Only if you're paying," she called back jokingly as she shrugged her shoulders. "Though if your luck has been just as bad as mine, I'm almost afraid to think that you may not have much money left for drinks." She laughed at that before she shook her head and gave the man a wink.
  4. He laughed and checked his new cards. Thinking they where good, he made a bet, matching the amount of chips the other put out.

    "You might have a point," he said and looked at her again, grinning. "But I think I can manage one drink, and some alcohol will probably make losing a little more bearable... What do you want?"

    Since his father was paying for the trip, he had a little craving for spending as much as possible. A thank you for sending him on this stupid trip, just because he himself was too lazy. And the way this game was going, it wouldn't be a small charge that he put on the credit card...
  5. Deciding to sit out the next round that was being dealt around the table, Hayden let her eyes scour around at the cards that were being passed out before she would look at the owners of the said cards. The man that had taken the vacant seat next to her looked down at his cards with disdain as he shook his head and turned back to look at a group of his--what she assumed--friends with his lips turned down into the frown. She nearly laughed at the sight but kept the action at bay and looked back to the other reactions among the table before her eyes settled back on the man who had offered her, and the rest of the table, to buy them drinks.

    So what was he, some sort of hot shot who liked to throw his money around at random people? Or was this merely a rouge created by him in order to look more important than he actually was since he was away from his normally pointless life and in a place where he could, essentially, be anyone he wanted to be? Hell, he could have cosplayed and imitated Elvis to try and be someone else; she sure as hell had seen enough of those walking around the streets as they walked down the strip.

    And people said Elvis was dead.

    Now that thought actually made her laugh. She covered her mouth until the giggles settled down and she listened to the man speak once again as he went back into another round at the blackjack table. "The only thing I think will actually make losing feel better is by not actually losing and by actually winning your money back," she started, "though alcohol will definitely mender a broken heart after watching all of your money go down the drain." Her smile widened as she spoke before she shrugged her shoulders and finally stood from her seat, her legs carrying her over to the man.

    "I'll go with you, since you're offering a drink. I don't think I want to sit at a table that I'm going to keep losing at anyway." She rested a hand against her hip as she rose her brows to him, playfully watching him as she jokingly spoke back up. "Unless, of course, you were only lying about the drink. If that's the case, them I may actually have to hit you for getting my hopes up."
  6. He sighed as his chips where collected with the others and then passed to the lucky winner. "Congratulations," he said before glancing over the other players, wondering why they had all refused is offer of ordering a round to the table. Boring people, who needed them anyway.

    "And no, I wasn't lying," he chuckled and collected the few chips he had left before standing up, looking down at her with a smile. "Just thirsty and bored. Ready to go? I think I need to mend that broken heart you mentioned."

    He pocketed his chips and brushed his hand through his hair, wishing once again that those stupid curls would go away. "I'm Jackson by the way," he said and then held his hands out towards her. "Jackson Hart."
  7. "Bored at a casino in Vegas? Now I feel like I should be very wary of you." Though the statement was somewhat true to her own book, Hayden laughed the matter off as she waved her hand dismissively to pass the thought off as nothing as she watched the man leave his seat and collect his remaining chips from the table. Their seats were, just as the one one beside her had been, quickly taken up as they were vacated, and Hayden couldn't help but look at the scene in surprise. Though a small crowd had formed over the blackjack table, the denser crowd seemed to populate more towards the craps tables and slot machines, neither of those games seeming to be of any amusement to her. Still, she guessed people were just waiting for their time to get a chance to play.

    She nodded her head at his questions of if she was ready to go and started walking along side him through the lanes of the casino, watching the people that passed by them until the man beside her started to speak again. Before she could properly register what he said in her mind, she couldn't help but take into account his features. Her eyes racked over his body in obvious delight over the handsome man, and once she was done scouring his body hidden by clothes she turned her eyes to look back at his face, looking at his chin, jaw, and eyes before she looked back down at his bigger than her hand that was extended out to her.

    "Jackson Hart; I'm sure you've heard more than enough names with a name like Hart, huh?" She reached her hand out and grabbed his, feeling the warmth of his skin seep into her before she, hesitatingly so, released their hands from one another. "I'm Hayden O'Conner. Nice to meet you."

    They passed by the area where the slots were in order to make their way to the bar, and as they passed through the loud, blaring sounds of the machines, Hayden turned her head to see if she could find her two friends leaning over a machine hoping for their good luck. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she didn't see them and shrugged the matter off. If they needed her or if she need them, she could always call or send them a text.

    "So, is this some sort of ploy of yours to see how many women you can get to follow you around--offering to buy drinks, I mean? Smart move if it is, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised to hear that happening in a place like this."
  8. He laughed out loud at that remark while walking up the couple steps that led to the bar area, making sure to place his feet right so he didn't trip and make a fool of himself. She probably wouldn't find that very impressing. The bar was, as the rest of the casino, full of people. People where sitting all along the bar, talking with their friends or partners. There was even a few elderly guys with girls that could barely be old enough to go inside a casino. A true cliché, all part of the wonderful vegas experience he guessed.

    "No, actually," he said, still with a hint of laughter in his voice. "I was actually hoping to get some of those old, grumpy men that where playing to follow me around, but they turned me down, so here we are," he said, followed by an exaggerated sigh. Then he frowned and grimaced. "Okay, that might have sounded funnier inside my head than outside it," he said and looked at her, a little worried that he had managed to freak her out already. That had to be some kind of record.

    "Sorry, I'm really tired, don't know what I'm saying. I've been up since four after a horrible night sleep, then sat on a place for six hours, and after that I was stuck all day in the most boring meeting ever." He smiled again and gave her an apologetic smile. "And now I'm rambling. Fantastic..." He rolled his eyes a little and sat down at a bar stol. If he continued like this he would soon start regretting ever leaving his hotel room.
  9. Despite herself, Hayden found herself laughing at his comment as she took the steps up the steps to head into the bar area. The fact that he seemed embarrassed right after registering what just came from his mouth made the situation even more amusing to the woman. Who would have thought that someone who looked like him became embarrassed so easily? Of course, Hayden reminded herself that while the guy was being nice and a bit quirky, there could always be an underlying danger to him. But, she found herself wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt. While he seemed fit under his clothing, he seemed gentle enough.

    Still, she decided that she was going to keep her guard up and her senses straight so that she could make a quick escape if ever need be. There was no telling what kind of creeps were polluting the area, especially given their location and given the fact that people tended to act out of character--or more in character--when the frustration of losing money and alcohol ran through their systems.

    "Well I'm sorry to disappoint, but I am definitely not like any of those old men. I mean, they probably could have treated you to a drink instead of you treating me to a drink, but I guess you're just going to have to deal with your losses. Doesn't seem like you had too many wins back there at the table anyway." She sent another wink in his direction before she sat on the bar stool right next to him that was open. Odd that two seats at a crowded bar were open, but she pushed the thought aside, reminding herself that it didn't matter. Most people who walked over to the bar seemed to only order their drinks on the go anyway.

    Still, the chatter from the other patrons that sat at the bar rang in Hayden's ears, making it slightly harder for her to hear Jackson beside her. She leaned a little closer to him at his rambling, smiling at the useless chatter as she shook her head and rested an elbow on the counter. "Sounds like you've had a rough day," she commented, "and it sounds like you're in much need of a strong drink." She crossed one leg over the other and let her clutch purse rest in her lap as she turned to look and watch as one of the two bartenders patrolling behind the bar walked over to the newcomers. The man straightened his frame as he approached the two, and upon asking what they wanted to drink, Hayden already knew what she wanted to order.

    "A Sidecar, please." When Jackson had given his order, the bartender nodded his head and turned back to the drinks behind the counter to take care of the orders that he had acquired. Throughout the time for the wait, Hayden turned back to Jackson and tilted her head. "So what kind of business are you out here on? That's what I'm assuming you were doing anyway, since you said you had to sit through a meeting."
  10. He leaned in closer himself, regretting his decision to sit down her. Some people had apparently had a drink or two too many, judging by how loud they talked and laughed. If they stayed there longer then one drink, they should try to find a table that was a little more sheltered from all the noise.

    "My father was so very kind to send me to a meeting he had set up. I mean, who doesn't want to discuss insurance with a bunch of hold guys for eight hours straight?" He sighed and thanked the bartender when the drink arrived, and told him to put it on his tab. After taking a sip of his gin and tonic he faced her again.

    He thought she was a very beautiful woman and tried his best not to stare too much. He should also probably consider himself lucky that she said yes to have a drink with him. If he had been paying for the drinks himself, he probably would have been a little cautious, wondering if she had any hidden motives. He was sure Las Vegas was flush with gold diggers, but on the other hand a little doubtful that anyone would pick him of all the people her. She had laughed at his very stupid joke though... But, she seemed sweet, and he shouldn't start judging anyone he didn't know. It wasn't his money that where being spent anyway, golddigger or not.

    "Anyway, he is paying for the whole thing, so I figured I would say thank you by spending as much money as possible," he said and put his glass down. "Big lobster dinner coming up next. What about you? Business or pleasure?"

    He turned to the bartender as he walked by and ordered a bowl of nut mix. The cookies he had eaten weren't quieting his hunger anymore, and he didn't want to drink on a empty stomach eiter. A late dinner would have to happen soon, and he wondered if there where any good restaurants in this hotel. The shorter he had to walk, the better.
  11. Hayden scrunched her face and reached for her drink as it was set in front of her at the thought of having been sent to Vegas for business propositions. Business that, as far as she could tell, were more long winded and unnecessary that they probably needed to be. But, who was she to say? She didn't work in the insurance industry, and she knew nothing of what this man's real title was. For all she knew, he could be lying through his teeth about the whole ordeal in order to gain more sympathy from her.

    Well... It was beginning to work. Still, she decided to keep a better check on her handsome counterpart. She relaxed her face again and shook her head as she stirred the straw in her cocktail for a moment until she lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip of it, letting the cool liquid slide down her throat with a pleasant taste. She smiled and then set the glass back down.

    "Ah, so you really are a big shot then, what with your big lobster dinners and with offering to buy a whole blackjack table drinks." She giggled playfully at that before sighing. "At least you're not losing any money from this though; that's always a plus with anything. Still, however, I think it's a shame that you were sent here to be on business. Just the thought of working in Vegas almost seems like a sin in itself." The bar tender came back a moment later with a small bowl of mixed nuts and slid it in front of Jackson. Hayden eyed the bowl before she looked back at Jackson with raised brows.

    "Pleasure," she answered simply as she took another sip of her drink. "I came here with two friends of mine just to enjoy the weekend. They're running around the casino somewhere, probably losing all of their money too." She waved her hand dismissively at that. "Of course, since I'm here on a budget, essentially, with them, I have no plans of getting any big lobster dinners tonight, so my night may not be as extravagant as yours. I'm almost jealous. Almost."

    She thought about what else she could ask him; after all, it wasn't very often that she found herself talking to a random stranger in a casino. "So why did he send you here instead of coming here himself? Not that I'm complaining about it though."
  12. The comment about being a big shot made his smile twitch slightly. Yes, he came from a family with money, but he definitely didn't look at himself as a 'big shot'. Money was nice, and he was well aware that he was lucky for never having to think about them, but he didn't really care about it all. Expensive cars and fancy clothes, he didn't see the point.

    He picked a few nuts from the bowl and threw them into his mouth before shoving the bowl so it sat between them, an invitation for her to help herself if she wished. "If you ask me, he is lazy. If you ask him, he would start rambling about getting old and needing to rest for the big week that's coming up," he sighed and shook his head slightly before taking another sip of his drink, letting the liquid swirl around in his mouth before swallowing. "It would be fine if that was actually true, but I'll bet my whole heritage that he have been golfing all day, and will continue with it every day until the wedding. So maybe not so hold and tired after all..." He gave her a light smile and shrugged a little. "But I won't bore you with that," he said, not really wanting to talk anymore about his father himself.

    He emptied his drink and straightened up, feeling the restlessness creeping up on him again. Too much sitting. "But hey," he said and gave her a bigger smile. "If you want you can join me for that lobster dinner, or whatever you want to eat. It would help me a lot with bringing that bill up to a higher number. Bring your friends! Unless I'm ruining your evening or something, you probably have plans..."

    He looked at his empty glass and sighed inwardly. Traveling to Vegas alone, how pathetic. She was probably right about that being a sin, it sure didn't feel any fun at least. If he only where one of those people who managed to get friends anywhere, but instead he just got all awkward and never knew what to say. That stupid joke about the old guys where still repeating in his head, making him want to disappear down a whole.
  13. The more Hayden continued to listen to Jackson, the more she began to realize that he seemed to have more hardships pressed down on him than he wanted to be let known, something that she wasn't sure how to feel about. It interested her nonetheless, however. She continued to watch his body moments, furrowing her brows with every sigh the man heaved until he passed over the bowl of nuts so that it could sit in between the two. She reached a hand out and grabbed one before she put it in her mouth and started to chew. Salty, crunchy, and highly unsatisfying to her nearly empty stomach. She hadn't eaten since that afternoon after she and the girls had checked into their rooms at the hotel, and now that it was bordering on eleven o'clock at night she realized how long it had been since she had last eaten. Not that, before now, she had even thought about it given the distractions that constantly filled her senses, but as soon as she swallowed she felt the beginnings of her stomach beginning to rumble.

    But, just as quickly, she pushed the thought aside and took another nut. "Your dad sounds like a co-worker of mine," she commented as she glanced back at the man with a smile. "Always finding excuses to not come into work; it's pretty irritating, but what can I do? He's essentially immune to getting fired because he's a long time friend of the owner and boss of the restaurant, and when he's gone I'm the one who gets stuck doing his work, as well as my own." She frowned at that, letting her hands rest against the cool glass of her drink. "But I guess that's just how the world works, hm? You get the right connections in the world, and you can be set for life if you make the right choices while letting the little people fall to the way side because they didn't talk to enough or the right people."

    It wasn't a topic she wanted to get into though. They were beginning to border on a subject that was better spent in a different bar--a bar that was settled in the middle of no where with creaky floorboards and a broken television screen in a dark corner while the patrons at the bar brooded and complained about their dreary lives. But they weren't in a bar like that; they were in Vegas! They should be happy, and excited, and Hayden would be damned if she let her mood get dampened with her frustrating work situation. And, despite herself, she had the urge to be damned to let the man beside her feel the same way.

    She pondered over his last statements, again finding herself surprised that he would offer such a thing. She looked at him with a puzzled work, wondering if he was serious, but with the tone he gave off she figured he was. "You really must have a vendetta against your dad for sending you here if you're willing to spend time with three strange women and buy them lobster dinners," she broke out with a laugh.

    She paused, then, and thought about the offer again. Would it be so bad to do so? Still, it wasn't what she wanted to do. "You're not ruining my night; actually, I think you might have saved me from wasting all of my money gambling for the entire night. But..." She bit her lip then before sitting up straighter and letting her lip go as a playful grin to the expression on her face.

    "I say we do something fun and exciting--together. I know, I know, we don't know each other and it's a bit strange to go around Vegas with a random person, but it seems like you're in a huge need of a good time, and I feel like I can trust you just like you can trust me. I won't try to pickpocket you or hold you at gun point for your wallet, trust me. So, I'm willing to help you out with having a good time. I think I'm in need of one too, and I don't have any other plans for the night other than to just sit with my friends and chat, but I can do that any day. They'll understand."

    Her eyes glittered with excitement, a sense of invigoration surging through her body at the prospect of this. Was it stupid to offer this to a man that she had only met a few minute ago? Probably so, but she was willing to take the risk for that night. "So what do you say? It's Vegas; you shouldn't be here, frustrated with work and alone."
  14. His smile grew as she talked on, almost struggling to belive his luck. Of all the people that could have said yes to his drink offer, he had ended with someone that came right out and said 'let's do something fun'. Exactly what he needed after this day, and looking at the week he had in waiting.

    The whole family was buzzing about the wedding that was happening his few days, when his sister would walk down the line and tie the knot with the man she had been with several years already. There were going to be lots of things to do for the preparation, and a lot of socializing with the extended family. He could already hear the never ending questions about when he was going to get married. Why wasn't he dating anything? What was he waiting for? As if you could just go and pick up a life partner at the nearest supermarked.

    What did they think he was waiting for, a sign from santa clause? If he was going to say vows about spending the rest of his life with someone, he was going to be damn sure that the girl was the right one. He never got why people proposed after dating only a year or two, or even just a few months. No surprise that the divorce rate was so high...

    "Well, I'm glad you're not planning to rob me!" he chuckled. "It would probably be very disappointing, I don't have much of value on me." His watch was just a normal cheap bran, and none of his clothes where from any special store. He didn't like wearing jewelry, and never bothered to carry around cash. His iphone was probably the most valuable thing on him, but he wouldn't miss it.

    "Let's do it," he said and threw a couple more nuts in his mouth, chewing while nodding. "All out Las Vegas style! My dad is never going to send me on a trip again when he sees the bill!"

    He waved at the bartender and asked him about restaurant recommendations, and was told that had a top floor dining with some of the best chefs in the state, and the best view. He looked at Hayden again and raised an eyebrow questionably. "What do you think? Sounds like something that's ridiculously over priced, which is exactly what I'm going for."
  15. What the hell was she getting herself into?

    When she had agreed to come with her friends to Vegas after being poked and prodded enough by the women--probably on a bad decision too since she didn't have that much money, but enough money to get her by on a three day trip--she hadn't expected to run into a random stranger who just so happened to have money from his father and wanted to spend all of it just to get back at the man. She hadn't expected to be separated from her friends for more than a few minutes either, but now that she was sitting next to Jackson, basically formulating a plan to spend as much money as they possibly could while having the time of their lives out here in Vegas, she couldn't imagine going back to her friends. Would they likely be upset with her after she told them all about this the next day, or when she saw them next? Probably so, but Hayden was willing to take the heat for it.

    Maybe it was the alcohol already running in her system that caused her to propose such a proposition to the man in the first place, but now that her words were out and now that he had actually agreed to wanting to have a good time, Hayden could do nothing but laugh, grin, and then nod her head in agreement. In the back of her mind she could hear her mother's voice chiding her for her decisions, just like the woman had done when she announced that she was going to Vegas in the first place.

    "Don't sleep with anyone there!" Had been her mother's first statement as they sat over dinner at her mother's house the night before Hayden left. "And don't do anything stupid while you're there; I don't want to get a call from anyone telling me that my daughter's been kidnapped or hurt for being in that damned city." It wasn't any secret to Hayden that her mother wanted nothing to do with Vegas due to her high moral compass, but she had done her best to quell her mother's worries with assurances that she wasn't going to get herself into any trouble and that she wasn't going to find random men to sleep with and prostitute herself out too.

    And, technically, she wasn't doing that. She wasn't planning on sleeping with this man--though she certainly wouldn't mind given his looks--and she wasn't planning on prostituting herself out to him. He just needed someone to help him spend his money, and she was going to help while she enjoyed herself as well. No harm in that, right? That was what her mind was telling her, anyway. Was she taking advantage of the situation? Probably so, but he was offering it up to her, and who was she to refuse an offer that was probably only once in a life time?

    In the back of her mind, Hayden guessed that this is where her luck finally started to change.

    She grinned at the prospect of it and watched as Jackson asked the bartender if there were any good restaurants around. When they were answered, all Hayden could do was have her eyes widen as excitement started to course through her. "I can't believe we're actually going to be doing this," she said, mostly to herself though loud enough for Jackson to hear her. She laughed nonetheless and then looked at the man as she nodded her head.

    "All right then, lets do it! After that, I say we hit up a few clubs, spend money on alcohol, dance a little and have a good time, and then do what ever the hell else we want to do."
  16. He stood up while laughing out lou, and dropped a couple of his chips in the tip-cup on the bar. "You did not say dancing!" he said, almost giggling. "That is not happening. Unless you get me really drunk first." Though, embarrassed to admit it, that probably wouldn't take much effort. He could already feel that one drink having an effect on him. That's what happened when you drank on a basically empty stomach. His hands felt sort of tickly, the first sign that he should watch his intake. Hopefully a propper meal would but a slight damper on the possibility of him shaking it on a dance floor.

    If he had been with his friends now, the tickling would have been a warning sign that he had a crazy night waiting for him. His buddies definitely knew how to party, a little too well in his opinion. Having fun like that once in a while was fine, but every weekend like they did? Way too much. He didn't get how they survived the crazy hangovers he always woke up too. It always took him days to feel normal again.

    They would probably be very proud when they heard about this though. Jackson finding a girl and spending a crazy evening with her? They would say he won big at the casino. Only difference is that they definitely expected the night to end differently than he did. Hayden was very beautiful, it wasn't that. He just wasn't into the idea of having a one night stand with a stranger, maybe especially in a city he didn't even want to be in. Dinner, drinking and, god forbid, dancing seemed more than enough for him.

    "Oh, I got an idea!" he said when they were walking through the casino towards the elevators. The promise about the fun night he had in waiting made him ridiculously excited, and he suddenly felt like a kid in a candy store. So when he saw the gift shop by the elevators, he knew that they had to go in. Going to Las Vegas without bying some gifts? That was just outrageous, even his father would have to agree on that. "I think we should get my father a gift, as a thank you for sending me here. Let's go and find the ugliest thing they have!"

    He grinned at her before walking into the little shop, glancing over all the fridge magnets and snow globes and t-shirts and... everything you could think of, there where so much stuff. Horribly ugly stuff, how would they ever chose? He looked over the shelf clothes to the door and whistled in excitement. "And we're getting this," he said and picked down a box with some sort of instant camera inside, like the old polaroids. "I know they say what happens in vegas, stay's in vegas, but I prefer making some memories last. What do you think?"
  17. "Well now I have to see you dance! I mean, come on, we're in Vegas! You're supposed to do things that you wouldn't normally do in the real world." Hayden wasn't much of a dancer herself and would rather forget the moments, especially in college, that she had been caught at a party dancing embarrassingly with someone, but that wasn't to say that she wouldn't do it again. Of course, she had her limits, but it had been such a long time since she had been able to let herself go and have a good time. Now, she figured, was the best time to do it, and she wasn't going to be the only one dancing. If her friends had been with her and they went to a club, she knew they would have been right along side her, probably the three of them grinding into one another in their drunken stupors, but without them here she had to have someone with her to do it.

    She quickly finished her drink and set it back on the counter before stood with Jackson before they started walking through the casino towards the elevators. A pleasant buzzed settled through Hayden's mind and body as she walked along, her eyes taking in the sights around them before she looked back at Jackson when he announced that he had an idea. She could sense the excitement in the man, which only spurred on her own excitement, and she nodded her head quickly to what he said as they turned before the elevators and headed into the little store that, more than likely, got a lot of profit from drunken people who had nothing better to do with their money and were too inebriated to think properly about what they were buying.

    Shot glasses, signs, postcards, and other trinkets that were in usual tourist shops littered the walls and shelves of the little shop, and Hayden couldn't help but feel more like a tourist as she and Jackson scoured around the place to try and find the ugliest item for his father. There were a few other people walking around the store looking at the items, and to the eyes around them the duo of Jackson and Hayden probably looked like a couple or friends who wanted to enjoy their time together. Funny how that was the exact opposite of what they actually were to each other.

    She laughed when she saw Jackson picking up the camera and rested a hand against her hip. "You're really goin' all out on this, huh?" She grinned at the prospect of it nonetheless, feeling lucky to be taking part in this little escapade with him. "Fine, we'll get the camera. Just warn me before you take any pictures of me so that you can get my good side; wouldn't want to look terrible when looking back on these moments, right?" She laughed again before she started walking around the store again, her eyes gravitating towards the line of shirts that hung on the walls in the back. She rose her brows and sifted through them before her eyes widened at the sight of a particular shirt.

    It was a black shirt with white lines that drew out to be buildings of the strip with various colors of blue, yellow, red, and green along the top of it to show as lights. The words 'Welcome to Vegas!' were written out at the bottom of the shirt in large, white, glittered cursive letters, and on the left sleeve of the shirt was a red sticker that read 'press me'. Hayden reached up and pressed on the button, and as soon as she did lights started blinking along the shirt of varying colors. Oh God, did people actually buy something like this?

    "You have to get this for your dad," she insisted as she pulled the shirt from the rack to show it to Jackson as a large grin stayed stretched across her lips. "I think this perfectly states a 'fuck you for sending me here' vibe."
  18. The t-shirt was one of the most perfect things he had ever seen in his whole life. Just looking at it made him laugh. "I'm almost tempted to buy one for the whole family," he chuckled and took the shirt from her, and checked that it was a large size before bringing it to the cashier. He picked with him a couple of extra film for the camera before paying for the whole lot. With a 'thank you' he took the bag and walked out with her, over to the elevators where he pressed the button to call it down.

    Now he just hoped that the restaurant had a free table for them and that the food was as good as the bartender had promised. But maybe most important of all, he hoped that they would have something to talk about. It hit him once again how crazy this actually was. Going to a grand dinner with someone he didn't know at all, was it really such a good idea?

    He glanced at the watch and noted the time, and wondered how long it would take her to realize that he was a really boring person. He didn't really know how to talk to strangers. Small talk just weirded him out, and he ended with just talking about things that no one found interesting, not even himself most of the time. Maybe it would go better if he just didn't try so hard...

    "So, my sister is getting married next week," he said while they waited for the elevator. "Do you think I should go back to that shop tomorrow and pick up a wedding present?" He chuckled a little as he imagined his sisters reaction. She would definitely not that the joke.
  19. Hayden followed Jackson over to the cash register, happy to know that he was happy with her selection, and waited for him to pay for his items. As she waited, she turned and looked behind her, looking at a few of the postcards that were standing on racks with their greetings and pictures of the city. She had half a mind to get one for her mother as a bit of a gift, or even a shot glass that had a funny caption written along the glass, but she, in the end, decided not to do that. While her mother drank every once in a while, she knew she wouldn't appreciate the gift of a post card from Vegas, or anything from Vegas, rather. Why the woman had such a hatred for the place, she couldn't be sure, though Hayden wasn't sure whether or not she really wanted to know either.

    She was pushed out of her thoughts when Jackson turned and started walking out of the store, Hayden following right beside him again util they made it to the elevators. The button dinged as it was pushed, and the light above the doors of the elevator to show what level it was on as it started down its slow decent to the first floor. She found herself quiet, however, during the wait, and wondered what else she could say to the man. While her mood was still elated, and while she was happy that she was going to be getting a free meal and a good time out of it, she still wondered how any of this even happened.

    And to think she wasn't even completely drunk yet. Funny how she was already puzzled by the events of the night. Perhaps that was just one of the effects of being in this place.

    Again, Hayden was brought from her thoughts when Jackson finally spoke up, breaking the silence that resounded around the two. She turned her eyes to look away from the door and looked at the man with furrowed brows, though a smile quirked against her lips. "Not unless you want to get smacked," she answered, chuckling out a laugh until she shrugged her shoulders. "Unless your sister would like any of that stuff in there, but even still I don't think that'd be a good gift unless you hate your sister or her soon to be husband. I wouldn't appreciate a gift like that for my wedding; I'd probably never invite you to anything again!"

    When the elevator finally made it to the ground floor, the reflective silver doors opened and out came a group of people, loudly talking to one another until they were gone down the hall. Hayden quickly stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor, and once the both of them were in there, alone surprisingly, the elevator started its ascent up with low elevator music playing softly through the speakers that were nestled in the top corners of the small box.

    They stopped on a few floors to pick and drop people off, and once they made it to the top floor only she, Jackson, and another couple were left in the elevator. The doors opened and they all stepped out, Hayden waiting for Jackson and then walking along side him again until they made it to the restaurant, a sight that, honestly, made her stop and stare with her mouth hanging open slightly. The place was dimly lit with the sounds of chatter coming from the people who sat at tables with wine glasses and plates of food sitting in front of them. The tables were square except for the occasional round table and were covered with white tablecloths. Waiters and waitresses walked around in black and white attire with white gloves covering their hands and with their hair pulled up neatly if it was long. Soft jazz music tickled Hayden's ears as they stepped up to the hostess stand, and as she looked towards the back of the restaurant she could see the remnants of light coming from other buildings of the city.

    All Hayden could think was that she wished to work in a place like this one day; a place as beautiful and high end as this place obviously was. While she worked in a nice restaurant as an assistant chef, it was still nothing like this place.


    So hidden in her thoughts, Hayden flinched and blinked her eyes rapidly as the blonde haired, blue eyed hostess standing behind the stand spoke up. The woman looked between her and Jackson, giving them up and down looks as she judged them by their attire, and Hayden finally closed her mouth back and gave the woman a puzzled look.

    "Excuse me? You have to have a reservation for this place?"

    Apparently the answer should have been obvious, given the perplexed look from the hostess until she gave Hayden and incredulous look. "Of course. You do know where you're at, correct?"
  20. Jackson grimaced slightly at Hayden before facing the hostess, clearing in throat slightly. This was definitely a fancy place, way to fancy for his taste. But they where here for the adventure, so what would fit better. He did however feel very underdressed and wondered if they would even be let in. Too bad he wasn't one of his charming buddies who just had to smile to get what they wanted.

    "Sorry, no reservation, but looks like you have a few openings?" Jackson said and smiled. "You see, we thought this would be the perfect place to celebrate. The bartender downstairs recommended you."

    "Of course he did," she said, rolling her eyes and not even attempting to hide her displeasure the slightest. "And what are you celebrating, if I might ask?"

    For a second Jackson wondered about making up some story about them being on their honeymoon, but decided it would be too cliché. And awkward. "We just won. A lot!" he said and pulled the rest of his chips out of his pocked. "And we thought, hey, what better way to celebrate than to spend all the money right here? Don't even have to leave the building!"

    He put one of the chips down at the top of the stand in front of her. It was one of the hundred dollars ones. If you didn't have charm, bribe always worked.

    "Ah, yes, that do sound like a good way to celebrate," she said, quickly taking the chip and slipping it into her shirt. "And look at that, your table is ready. Just follow me."

    The hostess turned and Jackson gave Hayden a big thumbs up while grinning like an idiot before following her. They where lead to one of the small tables, almost right by the windows that overlocked part of the strip. You could even see the fake Eiffel tower. The hostess pulled out their chairs and they sat down, before she placed the menu down on the table.

    "Would you like to start with something to drink?" she asked and looked at them, suddenly very helpful and charming. "Champagne for the celebration maybe?"

    Jackson looked at Hayden and smiled, shrugging a little. "What do you think? All inn?"
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