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Ever have one of those days where the world just wants to beat the snot out of you? Not emotionally - physically. I just had one of those days.

I awoke to a "charlie horse"... one of those horrid cramps in your leg. Took a moment to get it back to normal. However, I limped all day. A few minutes later, I tripped on the way into the shower, zooming eye-first for the soap bar. After getting to work, I had the misfortune of walking into an accident-in-progress involving a staple-gun. Raising my arm to defend myself, I found myself with a staple running through my thumb - just missed my bone. After some first-aid, I started on work. Besides my limp from the morning, I managed to generate a few more cuts (thanks to the lemons I was cutting), salt in my eye, and an entire case of wine dropped on my foot (of the same leg I was limping on).

Granted, I'm pretty injury-prone, but normally this sort of list happens over the course of a month rather than an entire day...

To re-iterate: Ow.
My friends always tease me for the accidents I get into. No matter how much I try to avoid it, I always managed to get hurt while I cook. Hot oil, knives, heated stove and oven, heavy objects falling from the cupboards... I often times walk out of the kitchen with a burn, cut and/or bruised. x__X

I'm the definition of Murphy's Law. I've got so many scars that tell stories of how I got hit by cars when I was innocently walking down the cross walk or riding my bike when I was signaled to. I've even cracked my head open, got attacked by a dog larger than me and got slapped in the face by a poisonous plant. I'm thankful to still be alive.

*Hugs* So I can totally understand you. XD Staple guns hurt SO BAD in contact with a person. I hope you recover nice and well. <3
One of the causes to one of my disappearances was jumping of a cliff to escape a bear - ended up in the hospital. Most of the time, I can keep smiling and act my usual blissful self, but today was just... horrid.
To escape a bear...? o__o Oh my goodness. I want to hold you. *Reaches out and snuggles*
Yesterday, started with the cat biting me for attention and a broken toe, ended with coming off of a motorcycle and losing a good chunk of the skin on my leg and arm. Appoclipticas helping me stay level though.
I always get hurt if there's a way to. I have small hair-thin scars on some parts of my body from barbed wire scratches, more than ten scars from burns, three scars until my bellybutton because my laptop closed on the flesh and nipped it pretty badly when I had knocked into someone, always have at least one bruise at all times, one cut, one healing bruise, one healing cut, and I trip on even surfaces. And I have very poor balance.
Lets just say more than one exes and friends have threatened to tape me down onto one spot and not for naughty things. ._. Im a huge klutz.
There should be an anime featuring all of you in school-girl uniforms tripping and falling all the time. IT'D BE SILLY!

In all truth though, I'm sorry to hear, I'm usually pretty safe when it comes to accidents, rarely injuring myself *knocks on wood*
Dude, I want to hear this bear story. That sounds AWESOME!

Except for the hospital part. Sorry about that, man.
It counts at one of the dumbest moments of my life. I was taking a hike up on Mount Lemmon, a bit of a way to escape the desert's heat. There are multiple 'bear' warning signs, but I figured I was okay. I had my iPod in, as jammin' a bit. I pretty much walked right into a bear. Said bear did not like me being so close, and roared. I bolted. I realize you're NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT (you're supposed to play dead), but I as too frightened to do the right thing. I tried to run back to the path, but I couldn't find it. I eventually "found" a cliff - in that I stumbled off of it, tumbling down and smashing upon the rocks below. I woke up in the hospital.

Good news - I lost the bear.
Damn dude.

I'm actually surprised you outran the bear! You really are as athletic as you let on.
I'm not really sure the bear actually ran after me. Some other hikers saw me fall off the cliff and called the proper people to help me out.

Again: REALLY STUPID, and was too scared to think straight.