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Let's face it. Most of us have at least one accessory that goes with any given ensemble we wear during the day. Watch, bracelet, whatever, so I ask what everyone what you have.

I have two though at this time I only actively use one. My first is a pair of dog tags my best friend/brother had made for me during his brief stint during the military. The other is a pocket watch based on the pocket watch carried around by Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, but it doesn't have a battery right now and I need to get one for it.
Mickey Mouse watch my Dad got me from Disney World, Depeche Mode bracelet my Dad got me from a concert, locket that my boyfriend got me for our first anniversary, and I have 2 rings my boyfriend got me. One's from my 19th birthday, the other's from my 20th. [This year.]

I also have piercings! A 12 gauge in each ear, a Monroe stud, a nose ring and an eyebrow barbell! :D

...yep, that's pretty much it.
Couple studs in my ear, and a load of bracelets that I've stolen been given by folk over the years.

That's about it, really.
I've got five silver rings split up for two on my left hand, and three on my right, my black "Caterpillar" beanie, and these two weird black stains on my arms, that I just can't seem to wash off ever since those people held me down in the back of a van, and assaulted me with a tattoo gun. O.o
I have my eyebrow bar and my nose ring. There is my hand of protection charm necklace. I think that's it.

Seriously. I like to match my purse to my outfit when to do something special. I really like purses... >>;
You'll see when I upload the concert pics in a few months.
my 5 year old Irish baseball hat and my dogtags........and my two favorite knives
my glasses, but that's only because I can't see without them.
I've worn glasses for probably 90% of my life. I typically carry my cellular device, at least one knife, house keys and a steel and leather lighter cover that my mother gave me some years back. With a lighter inside, of course. I have one regrettable tattoo ha
Glasses (resent addition needed by hereditary short sightedness) bracket *showing scars then line up with ones in my arm from a motorcycle accident and usually a d20 stuffed into one pocket of another and a tattoo on each shoulder.
Well other than necessities such as cell phone, car keys, and my wallet I don't carry anything else. I don't like unnecessary objects dragging me down.