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  1. Hey peoples! I'm Jessie. I'm an American college student with an overactive imagination. Roleplaying took over what little social life I clung to six years ago. I'm happy as long as I have roleplaying and Netflix. Who needs friends anyway? I kid. I do enjoy making friends, though mostly online ones because they're the best kind.
  2. Yes, we are the best kind.

    One of us.. one of us.. Quick, tie him up before he sees you!


    Welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your stay! Ask questions if you have any! Other stuff and things! Yeah!

  3. Thank you very much, Everly. I like you already.

    I don't have any questions for now.
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  4. The internet and Netflix is life. :D

    Welcome to our cosy little corner of the Internet! I hope you enjoy what Iwaku has to offer in all the genres of roleplays we have, and if you want to socialise, the Cbox is ready to use by anyone and everyone! Hope you enjoy your stay on this lovely site! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.