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  1. The Island
    Crystal Isle, a beautiful location in the Caribbean, is the perfect place for teenagers to grow. Acamshade Academy is located in the capital city of Erune, nestled in the eastern coast. The beaches are covered with soft white sand, and there are some lush spots of forest, but also other towns and cities to visit. However, students are forbidden to leave the city limits of Erune.

    The Academy
    Acamshade is a large building with an open rectangle in the center. This open area is the courtyard, where a large fountain is surrounded by tables and paths. The main door has "Acamshade Academy" written above it in elegant silver script, and the outer walls are white bricks. Walking in, the first section is composed of the offices. If you go left, you will find a right turn into the girls' dorms. If you go right, you will find a left turn into the boys' dorms. The bottom level of each is simply a lounge, with comfortable seating arrangements. Above the lounge are the dorms. Continue through the dorms and you will find the entrances to the back section (the classrooms). There is also an entrance to the classrooms directly from the courtyard. Each building has three floors, and there are fifty dorms on each floor of the dorm buildings. The school is designed for grades nine through twelve. Students eat in the cafeteria. If they want money, their parents can put money on the AA Card the Academy gives to every student (a credit card) or take out a student loan.

    The Students
    Students are humanoid, have human genitalia, and are human-sized. They also have hair.

    The World
    Humans never existed, and there are many species that are NOT sentient. Also, girls have periods (they don't go into heat), the average "litter size" is 1-2, and different species can have children (although they may be mocked, sterile, or sickly). Also, WEAR CLOTHES! WE ARE NOT NUDISTS AND THERE ARE CHILDREN ON THIS ISLAND! You have human genitalia, we all know that; there's no need to show it off!

    Academy Rules
    1. No drugs, alcohol, or sex.
    2. There is a curfew of 10:00 PM.
    3. Go to all your classes and be on time.
    4. Stay within the city limits of Erune.
    5. No weapons.
    6. No pets.
    7. Respect the staff and your fellow students.
    8. Wear appropriate clothing: nothing past four inches above the knee, no rips in pants past four inches above the knee, cover shoulders, keep undergarments hidden, no dark glasses or hats inside the classrooms, etc.
    9. No electronics during the school day.
    10. No fighting.
    11. One student sleeps in each dorm room.
    12. No parties.

    MY Rules
    1. Although I'll let eye color slide, keep body colors realistic!
    2. No superpowers, perfection, spotlighting, random poofing, etc.
    3. Feel free to take on as many characters as you can handle!
    4. I didn't put this here originally because I thought it was obvious. ANTHROPOMORPHIC CHARACTERS ONLY!
    5. While you may disobey the Academy rules (NOT constantly!), always obey these ones.

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  2. Karn walked on to campus "grate another new school" he said, obveusly tired of moveing from school to school, as he walked up to the mane office. He wore his black skiny jens and tight shirt bolth wich were riped in places that the rules did not allow but he didn't know that, it was nothing revealing though. he walked in to the mane office and steped to the front desk and said "Karn Medisly, i'm new you should have my paper work" he set his luggage and personal stuff down and waited for the front desk person to answer. he looked around a bit and then the lady looked up from what she was doing and politely asked "can you say your last name again please?" Karn was already irritated by the fact that he had to be moved to another school and the question made him more irritated and he unconsciously let out a deep short growl and said "its Medisly" she obviously got the memo that he was not in a good mood and got up to look in filing cabinet, she searched for a few seconds and pulled a file out and out of that a small book and what looked like a map "ah here we are, Mr. Medisly this is your rule book and the campus map everything you need to know is in those items now i'll just get your key." she walked to a back room wile looking through the file and came back out a minuet later "Here you are, you will be in boys dorm room 322 and here's your key you'll have about four days two days to your self and two days to tour the campus have a nice day" Karn noded grabbed his belongings in three of his arms and the book, map and key in the other and headed to his room

    when he left the office it was already time for school to end, he had already got there late as it was cause the public bus was late by 30 minuets. as he walked he saw younger kids playing, waiting for ther parents, and older ones talking or going to there dorm rooms. Karn walked on and got to his room it was on the second floor of the boys dorm he sliped his key in unlocked the door and opened it, the room was a good size for him and there was only one bed "Well I guess I don't have to worry about room mates then." Karn said to himself as he sat his stuff down and took the spike sheaths off his uper elbows and put them on a night stand, it felt good to have them off, he hated how they felt when he had them on, but he needed them when he was in public so he didn't stab anyone accidently. He left the door open and started to put up his belongings
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  3. Lex grinned as she strolled across campus. She was fully prepared to face anything and anyone. She wondered if anything interesting would happen today. Lounging at a table, she propped up her feet and rocked her chair back. Students chattered all around her, but Lex didn't care. She smirked and decided to look around for her next target. Who looked a little weighed down with money today...?
  4. When Karn got everything put in its proper place he looked at the book he was given, on the cover it read Acamshade Academy Rule Book and Information in silver the book it self was red, he opened it to the rules and when he read over the part about torn clothes he looked at what he was wairing "Well i'm not changing right now." he said to him self and read through the rest of them when he finshed "prity basic i bet i could get away with a few" Karn's stomach growled "I guess its time to eat" he looked through the book till he saw the eating times he got down to dinner 4:30-5:30 pm it read, Karn looked at his wach on his top left arm 4:40pm "dang it" he said and put the thick black spike sheaths back on his top elbows and walked to the lunch hall he passed numerous studentsbut but one caught his eye, it was a gray wolf, he didnt see many where he was from, she was stareing at aother person, he thought he would play dumb to see what she was like so he walked over to her and asked "hey can you help me?" he could tell she was shorter than he was and at 6'4" most people were
  5. Lex aimed her gaze toward the newcomer with an impish grin and sized him up. He looked strong, maybe even too strong for her to fight. She didn't want to steal from this guy unless she was sure he was an absolute wimp, in which case she would be glad to take some unneeded cash and valuables off of his hands. Her grin widened and her eyes sparkled at this thought.
    "That depends on your request," she replied. "You new?" she gracefully hopped up. "Haven't seen you around before."
  6. The wolf eyed him for a sec as if sizeing him up he didn't like it and he didn't like the way she was grining at him then she said "That depends on your request, You new?" she got up quite gracefully and added "Haven't seen you around before." Karn gave her a menacing long toothed grin of his own and simply said "yes i'm new and i was looking for the dinning hall can you point me in the right direction?" he folded both sets of arms to make shure she saw the spike sheaths on the top set
  7. Lex rolled her eyes as he folded his arms, an act that she saw as a clear ploy to intimidate her. It wasn't working, and she wasn't impressed in the least. However, she knew better than to pick a fight ten seconds into a meeting. It was better to get the full story first (although there were special cases in which she did not apply this rule). She stalked around him once to get the whole picture, then came around to stand between him and the path to the classrooms.
    "Right this way, stranger. We eat in the cafeteria, unless you've got the money to buy what's in town," she turned and began to stroll toward the building.
  8. She rolled her eyes when Karn folded his arms and circled him once then standed between him and another building and said "Right this way, stranger. We eat in the cafeteria, unless you've got the money to buy what's in town." she turned walked to what apparently was the cafeteria and he fallowed "thank you" he said and added "by the way the names Karn."
  9. "No problem, Karn. I'm Lex," she told him. "Hey, how about, after you eat, I take you on a grand tour of the campus! It's your new home for...what grade are you in?" Lex's gaze instinctively slid down to his pockets, wondering if he had money with him. One of her ears twitched as she resisted the urge to find out. It wasn't that she needed money; it was that she loved the thrill of stealing. However, she was able to repress her lust for thievery and simply smirked at the stranger. She would bide her time on this one.
  10. the wolf announced herself as Lex and said "Hey, how about, after you eat, I take you on a grand tour of the campus!" and then added "It's your new home for...what grade are you in?" then her eyes drifted down to his pants and one of her ears twitched and deep rumdle resonated from Karn's chest nothing threatening just a warning saying my eyes are up here "I would like that and i'm in 11th grade what about you?" he asked
  11. Lex took the hint (she didn't want to make him suspicious), raised her eyes, and broke out into a grin. "Hey, what'ya know, that's my grade!" she pushed open the doors to the building and headed down the hall. "Maybe we'll even have some classes together, hm?" she pushed open a door on her right, revealing a scene of many students eating at tables of various shapes and sizes. At the front was a huge buffet. "Help yourself, Karn. The ladies always make more than enough," she strolled in and began to work her way down the line, not taking much food, but just enough to keep her healthy. She couldn't weigh herself down; being light feet were a necessity for a thief like her.
  12. Lex told him that they were in the same grade and hoped they would have some classes together and opened couple of doors and they entered the cafeteria Karns tail twitched a little in surprise at the size of the room as Lex said "Help yourself, Karn. The ladies always make more than enough." and they moved down the line, Lex didn't get much on her tray but Karn stacked his full, it wasnt the he was a pig, he had a high metabolism and if he didn't get enough to eat he would crash. "so where do we sit?" asked Karn looking around
  13. "Pick any place. I'd recommend a table by yourself, like this one," Lex told him, beginning to walk to an empty table by a window. "Get settled in a bit," she sat. "Oh, and do feel free to enjoy the view," she gestured out the window to the beautiful beach. "We're right at the edge of town. Maybe your room will have a beach view. If not, you'll have a courtyard view. Girls have town or courtyard; we're the other building. I'll get to that later."
  14. "one thing before you go" Karn said as he sat down by the window "if that is what your going to do, can you tell me how expense or cheep things are in town i mite want to get a few things there when i have the money" he said that last bit to throw her off in case she was a thief when in fact he had $150 bucks in 50s in his wallet. he was testing her ever so slightly
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