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  1. Synopsis
    There’s only one place for the worst of the worst….and that’s the Abyss. It’s known as a large supermax prison that keeps all of the world’s cruelest and most benevolent beings we call... our fellow man. When you’re too much of a hazard for the public, the local prison systems, and you pretty much have no hope of returning to normal society, you’re sent to the Abyss. A large complex that covers over six islands in the pacific ocean. Each island caters to a different group of inmates, each being it’s own hell. four of them separating both genders and ages apart. One for adult males, another for underage males, and vice versa. The fifth is the largest of all the islands, and connects the other five. The fifth holds all the workshops, cafeterias, and a large common yard for all the prisoners to mingle with one another. The sixth island is off limits to prisoners. Inmates found trespassing into the sixth island from the fifth are to be executed on the spot, no questions asked. The sixth’s islands purpose is unknown to both inmates and the general public, but the latter doesn’t care as long as the dangers to society are kept contained. Although, those that are pulled into the sixth island never return.

    So, as you can see, I've got a bit of an idea going on and I thought it would be an interesting for a role play plot and I was curious if I could stir up some interest before working all of the details out. As well as get some other ideas and perspectives thrown into the mix ,I wouldn't mind those.

    Although, I guess I should bring you into my general outline for the role play if you wish to contribute ideas and know what's the game plan. Essentially, I would like to see a group of prisoners that band together and attempt to break out of the Abyss. though the abnormal guards and their fellow prisoners will pose obstacles that they will have to overcome to escape...along with finding out and dealing with the dark secret of the Abyss. (Which is live genetic experiments... The whys and hows will be revealed later. I can't go exposing everything now. Where's the fun in that?)

    But! I'm going to kinda let the story flow and be more open ended. Sure I'll push for certain events as they pop up, and progress the main story of escape, and even edit as other events occur. Other events? This is a prison, not some place that you can just straight forwardly do what you want. Guards and Prisoners are your enemy, especially sense they're some of the world's worst criminals. They're not all gonna let you do what you wish, some are gonna push you, some are gonna try and rob and maybe even murder you if you push too hard back. So, NPCs and other characters could have a drastic effect on your characters and their stories or even to the larger story as a whole. Even then, those reactions will have waves. Violence on the rise? Guards are gonna crack down, and hard. Wanna join a gang for protection? Shouldn't be hard, but when others become aware, they'll either back off or target you even more. Rival gangs don't like competition or the idea of being weaker. So, I hope to have a larger story, but have smaller events or stories that could collide and mess with things. There will be of course boundaries, but I'll work those details out later if I can stir up some interest.
  2. This looks interesting. I'll think about it. But one question. What's the setting/time period?
  3. The setting of the role play will modern. Most likely within five to fifteen years in the future.
  4. Doesn't hurt to be a criminal once in a while. I'm in. If you need any help with the RP, I'm also in for that as well.
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  5. I'm interested x]
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  6. This sounds like it could be fun and I think I have a character who could fit well for the game.
    Before I commit to anything though, how fast do you think the pace will be?
    I had to withdraw from a game just earlier today (or yesterday now I guess lol) because it moved faster than I had time to be online actively playing.
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  7. @Imbroglio How fast? Well, I'd like for at least a post a day. But I know life gets in the way and I'm not sure how fast the pace will be with other players, so I can't for sure the pacing of the role play. Though, If you wanna stick around and see and make a decision then, I'm fine with that.
  8. I'm up to be a criminal!
  9. Alright, sense there is some interest I'll start working on details on working on a thread. If anymore people show up, great. If you guys still have questions or any ideas you'd like to throw my way, just hit me up or post here.
  10. @Void_coffin

    That sounds good :)
    I work all day so it can be difficult to schedule games. I will absolutely stick around :D
  11. Okay! All who were interested and anyone who becomes interested, the OOC thread can be found here.
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