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  1. Welcome, whoever's reading this!! I've got a few requests for RolePlays which I would like to do! First though, I must put down some rules:

    • I'm looking for somebody who's willing to play Female. I won't play female mains (I can double but I prefer playing the gender I was born as)

    • I'd strongly prefer to play a Sub character. I know it isn't always the norm, but I like playing more sensitive guy characters who aren't really that much in control. I have a few characters who will be more Dom oriented, but they'll still be soft and squishy on the inside (aren't we all?)

    • I'd like character sheets. Just the basics, Name, Age, Appearance and maybe some additional info if you want to include it. I also don't care if you use IRL or Drawn images, I prefer drawn but I have IRL ones if needed.

    • Feel free to comment on my RPing skills and help me become a better partner!! I'm always looking to improve my abilities as a writer!!

    Anyways, on with the plots!! This will be constantly updated, so be on the lookout for new plots and the inclusion of fandoms!!


    Just Married


    Every marriage has its ups and downs. Some say love is blind, others say that its just downright mentally challenged... But most know it to be pure and true to oneself. However, if ever there was a rocky relationship, it was theirs.

    He was a human, born in the modern day world and raised like any other boy. He went to school, chased after pretty girls, and studied like a nerd when it came to school and colleges, which landed him a stellar job as an author. He got to make his own hours, work whenever he wanted to, and publish only 2 new works a year. The money he was making off the first few story's he had written were holding him just fine and allowed him to spend more time having fun and doing what he wanted, rather then work 365 days a year to get a pay check. A new cheque came in the mail every Sunday, so the money seemed to never stop. He was well to do and owned a nice little apartment in the city close to a local park where he could spend some quiet time.

    She, on the other hand, had a much different story. She was an elf, raised in a society far beyond the reaches of humans. She was often told that humans were cold and vicious beings who would instantly exploit anything that wasn't of their species for a quick profit. She grew up in a society where peace, love, and serenity were the highest ranked ideals. She trained in the arts of mysticism and learned everything she could about the magical force which governs all life. Her beauty was beyond that of any typical human, not just on the outside. She had the biggest heart and was a totally adoring woman who would dedicate her life to any good cause which she saw fit. She was often told (and scolded) about going to the human world, advising her that if she did then horrendous things would happen to her.

    Then, one fateful day at a coffee shop in the city, the boy and girl met. He was out for a quick breakfast run, while she had escaped from her mystical fantasy world to explore the human world. She was tired of hearing such horrible things about the world and wanted to see for herself how bad or good it was. At first, it terrified her. The strange smoking, multi-coloured, horseless carriages with torches on their faces that covered the black walkways with white markings (cars and the street), the large towering metal staffs containing torches (street lamps), and even the headache inducing steel boxes which blasted some form of music (radio) all made her realize that the human world was a dangerous and horrendous place. Upon entering a relatively quiet establishment which smelled of cocoa, filled with people on strange grey boxes (laptops), she noticed that many people were lining up for something. As she made her way to the end of the line, the boy turned around and crashed into her. He wound up spilling the hot coffee all over himself in the oncoming jolt.

    When she tried to assist him in cleaning it up, they noticed each other for the first time. As a way of apologizing, she invited him to meet her for a picnic later on that day in the nearby park she had found. He agreed and that night, enjoyed a lovely dinner with her as they talked. From then on, she would find reasons to sneak out of her world and visit the boy, slowly learning more and more about the human world in the process, such as how to use the large metal boxes with flames inside them (stove), or what happens when you tilt the "swirly whirly" lever on the white throne (toilet). As they continued to see each other, they found themselves falling in love. However, the girl's true nature was still hidden to him until one night when they met at his home, she revealed it to him. Upon discovering he was in love with an elvish maiden, the boy seemed overjoyed that she had come to him and not another human. In her mind, the opinions of humans was rapidly changing. In his mind, she had opened up a whole new world of possibility for him to write about.

    Then, came the day where our story takes place. The day that the boy approached the maiden, got down on one knee.. And asked to spend the rest of his mortal life with her. Wedding bells will chime, but her her parents are still in the dark about the boy's humanity. How will they react when they discover that their daughter will become the wife of a human?

    So the RP will basically revolve around the newly engaged couple planning out their wedding and dealing with all the drama before hand, as well as after. I'd like to start the day that the human boy, played by me, will propose to his elvish girlfriend, played by you. We will time skip every now and again, but I'd like this to be a very lighthearted RP, with heavy drama mixed in when required.

    We'd deal with all kinds of stuff like dealing with the parents of the girl not approving and the boy having to try and win them over, but given the fact that he's human, they may have to hide it. I'd also like to expand upon the world she lives in, with all kinds of mystical creatures and beings who our characters could interact with and various situations where they can explore their love. We can gloss over the details later on, but for now I'm looking for interested parties.

    As said before, I am playing the male human. I'm looking for somebody to play the female elf


    "The Artificial Love"


    The year is 2112, and planet Earth is a total utopia. There are flying cars, food in pill form, advanced technology, and even contact with alien life has been established. However, poverty, disease and the occasional country-wide/world epidemic still plague the world. In Nexxionus City, the newly appointed "Capital of the World", life is sublime and even the crime rate is at most, down at least 75% then the rest of the world combined. One of the most prestigious schools in all of Nexxionus City is Havveleren University. But, there is one employee at the university who isn't so prestigious, a 22 year old scientist by the name of "Professor" Daniel Wilson (my character). Daniel is an inventor of sorts who specializes in items that will assist mankind with everyday tasks. However, his ideas are somewhat flawed and the final result usually ends with an explosion or a structural melt-down, but mostly, they don't even work. The only invention that managed to last more then five minutes id a small light blue glob of genetically created material named "Mopha", who can change its squid-like body to any shape or form. Mopha was to be used as an organic garbage disposal system because anything it absorbed could easily be dissolved into nothing.

    Mopha and a few more of his inventions were successful in testing and worked fine, but the university denied putting them in stores because to the board f directors, the ideas behind the inventions were stupid. Daniel was ridiculed by the entire staff, aside from an English professor named John and a Spanish professor named Rosie. After an encounter with some colleagues, Daniel proves himself to be clumsy, timid and docile, never wanting violence of any kind to occur. Rosie has been in love with Daniel ever since he came to the university to co-teach science with Dr. Ron Phelps, but Daniel is oblivious to her feelings. He expresses the shame he has for his recent project, a failed attempt to create an all natural, instantly regenerating food source. Rosie and John attempt to comfort their friend and suggest maybe he should try something simple like experimenting with Mopha's capabilities. Their conversation is interrupted, however, by the University's Dean, who tells Daniel that he has been summoned to a board of directors meeting. When Daniel arrives, he is informed by the head of the board, Dr. Stevenson, that he is on the verge of being kicked out of the university. While Daniel distresses, Dr. Stevenson tells him that the board can allow him to stay if he produces a useful and functioning experiment within the next year. With that information, Daniel stumbles out of the meeting and tries to figure out what he's going to do. Later that day while on a walk to clear his mind, he sees a man struggling with a heavy-load. After assisting the man, Daniel overhears a comment about how the man wishes domesticated robots existed. This idea sparks a chain reaction in Daniel's head to create a domesticated robot who could be able to lift heavy objects, preform chores that most normal humans hated to do on a regular basis, and overall become a perfect helper. After discussing with Mopha about what the design for the robot should be like, Daniel discovers that the most trusting figure is that of a young woman. Getting fast to work, Daniel starts a casting campaign for something called "Project: Humani-Bot" and asks for women aged 18-34 to model themselves. Using the auditions, Daniel pieces together the parts essential to make the robot not only trusting, but also to make her more easy on the eyes. He also asks for them to record certain basic words and dialogue in various languages so that he can combine their voices for the robot to use as its own. Finally, after 2 months of working, the blueprints are made and Daniel presents the idea to he board of directors. The idea is green-lit, and he begins to make a prototype immediately.

    This, is when you come in. You will be taking on the role of the prototype "Humani-Bot" that has been constructed. The story will concern her A.I getting out of hand by learning emotions, but the transformation gradually turns her more human with each day. In the end, the Humani-Bot will find "herself" deeply in love with her creator and they try to make it work.


    "Welcome back, Doctor.. Its good to see you again."


    The future of science is filled with dark twists and turns. As the age of technology advanced, the world was revolutionized by a new line of medicines, entertainment mediums, and inventions that had long been promised, but were never created such as flying cars and jetpacks. This was all fine and dandy, but nobody seemed to really question where this amazing new technology had come from. The truth behind it is that everything came from a hidden underground laboratory, presented as a pizzeria in Nexxonious City. Working there are a crack team of scientists, doctors and inventors who have legendary ideas to push the world forwards. It is there in that base where they study alien technologies which were recovered from a crash site over 100 years ago. Even to this day, the alien ship is teaching those who study it and its contents new thugs that will advance the world of human science for the next 800 years.

    There are 4 different divisions of the lab. Alpha Sector, is in charge of understanding the technological side of the ship and how its powered. Beta Sector is in charge of studying the portable tools and equipment inside the ship, both electronic and non electronic. Gamma Sector is in charge of analyzing the corpses of the aliens who burned in the crash and studying their anatomy so that human evolution can advance with their genetic assistance. Finally, Zeta Sector is in charge of studying the effects of the dead aliens blood and abilities so that new medicines can be created.

    When the lab first begun its research, there was a fifth area known as Zalpha Sector. The purpose of Zalpha Sector was to study the aliens in a safe environment. How did they study the dead aliens? By resurrecting them, of course. Through an amazing discovery, they learned that the aliens had a power to live forever by transmitting themselves into their offspring by telepathic means. Basically, the aliens are reincarnated as their children and continue to live forever, retaining all memories of their past lives.

    Unfortunately, all the aliens were beyond recovering.. Except for one. That one, is known as "Subject: 8512". Subject 8512 has lived and died multiple times in his captivity, losing his body's many times along the way, but his anger for the humans who hold him has never gone away. What will happen when he breaks out of captivity and finally escapes into society? He may act cute and calm, but on the inside he is dangerous, vicious, cruel and worst of all: full of bloodlust.

    Thankfully, Zalpha Sector was shut down before anything happened, but Subject: 8512 was never released. Instead, he is now studied by all the sectors for his unique abilities and knowledge. While he waits and plays nice, he secretly plots a violent escape and the most gruesome way to end all of his captors lives.

    You will play the role of a female scientist/doctor/inventor working in the lab (any sector you want, really) who treats Subject: 8512 (he has a name, but it'll be revealed later on) differently from the other workers. Be it she takes pity on him, wants him freed, or is lying through her teeth to acquire his help by befriending him, she will find herself falling for this alien experiment psychopath. After a certain point, Subject: 8512 will escape the lab and take refuge.. With your character, because she is the only one he can trust and even remotely cares about.


    "Eyes as Green as Dollar Bills"


    Mrs. Jonathan Price. That's the name she went by after meeting her darling husband, who introduced her to a world of riches and wealth beyond her wildest imaginations. She is always the life of any party she attends and knows how to make her guests feel welcome whenever they visit. She's for a wide variety if expensive clothes and accessories, including a dress for nearly every occasion. At first glance, most would categorize her as a typical trophy wife, but what puts her apart from the other upper class snobs who live in the city is her heart. She has the biggest, softest, most gentle heart that a woman who's worth a net total of more then $860,000,000 could ever have. She gives back to charity, she always loves being part of the community and helping out... But when she meets a charming and sweet natured homeless boy who has nowhere to go, she offers him sanctuary within her home. Her husband does not approve of this, nor does the staff or her pompous friends, but all she cares about is that the boy is taken care of. However, what happens when the caring gentleness she feels for the young man turn into stronger feelings, and what will happen when she feels her heart slipping gently out of her husband's grasp in favour of the homeless boy? What happens.. When she finds herself falling in love with him?

    Alright, so this idea basically revolves around a rich woman who takes in a young and promising homeless man because she hates to see him suffer. As the course of their sweet and gentle relationship continues, they find that they are falling for one another and, because the woman still wants to be with her husband, they begin an affair. This particular RP can open up various scenarios, such as seeing how the boy interacts with the other rich people, or possibly the woman finds out she's pregnant from the young man and has to lie about it being her husband's child, or even the husband discovering the affair and requesting a divorce. Its a drama that's been told countless times, but its a timeless classic idea.

    I'm looking for somebody to play the rich woman, while I will be playing the poor boy. My character will be around 19-ish, so we can do mature subject matter without it being sketchy. In addition, I've provided an image of what I was hoping the rich woman would look like, but you can provide your own image if you'd like.

    This RP can be set in any time period, but I'd prefer something slightly further back in the past (late 70's-90's) or in present day. After all, the story I had in mind wouldn't really work too well 500 years in the future, or in the mid 17th century. Granted, it might be interesting, but the only "rich" people back then were all kings and queens, and I don't want to get too much into that aspect.

    We will be doubling quite a bit, so please be able to do such a thing. The story will be focused on the poor boy and the rich woman mostly, but there will be times when we have side characters interacting with our mains.

    Here's a short CS of my character. I will provide more information about him if you request it, but I prefer to develop my character's backstory and personality as the story progresses. Feel free to include any additional information you wish to have in your sheet. After all, its your sheet, so go nuts with it.

    Name: Alex Wilkinson
    Age: 19
    Appearance: but imagine him with brown hair.[​IMG]
    Short Bio: From the day he was born, Alex was considered to be completely unwanted. Ah the first chance they got, his parents dumped him at an orphanage. When he turned 19 and was no longer allowed to live in the building, he was forced out into the street without a job or a home. Alex is an intelligent kid and knows how to get around in life by having very little. He has a few dollars to his name, but he mostly saves it up so that he doesn't spend it all in one place. Rather then buy things like alcohol or drugs, he spends money on clothes or food for himself and his dog. He is also a very sweet boy and often gives things he has to those even less fortunate then he was (mostly, its little children who have only a teddy bear and no mommy or daddy). On many occasions, he has actually paid for something because the person buying it was low on cash. Nobody repaid him, but as long as he knew a good deed was done, Alex was joyful for the rest of the day.


    "Love has no Orient-ation"


    "Nín hǎo, huānyíng guānglín lái Chang-Sung's de! Wǒ huì shì nǐ de nǚ zhǔrén jīn wǎn!" Hello, and welcome to Chang-Sung's! I'll be your hostess for tonight!

    Deep in the city of Hong Kong, China, is a restaurant known as Chang-Sung's. It is a small and quaint little shop where specialty soups, noodles, rices and platters are served up to the always hungry consumers. The business has been doing extremely well in the 12 years since it was first opened up and is slowly becoming a larger business. Rather then absorb smaller businesses and restaurant's, Chang-Sung's has merged with its surrounding partners to create a large circle of equality so that nobody steals any sort of business from others. They all decided on times when their restaurant would be open and what days they would operate on. Chang-Sung's owns the Weekend and Friday, operating from 11am until 1am each day.

    The owner of Chang-Sung's, Mister Osakawi (insert last name here), is a relatively wealthy man. The restaurant was named after his late Father, "Chang-Sung (insert last name here)", who had a special recipe for Noodles that nobody else could copy. The knowledge of the recipe was passed onto his son as a family tradition. Now, Mister Osakawi is doing the exact same thing with his daughter, a lovely young woman who plays the role of hostess at the restaurant. He is very proud of her and loves her unconditionally, but he worries about her. At the tender age of 23, she shows no sign of wanting to find a man and settle down, not that he wants her to. His concern is more aimed towards the fact that, while his daughter is beautiful, smart, and kindhearted, she shows no interest in men her age, or any age. She shrugs it off and claims its because she's busy with work at the restaurant, but her father knows better. Her lack of trust in men is because of an her first love broke her heart in the cruelest way known to mankind. He knows she enjoys working at Chang-Sung's and hopes to inherit the business one day, he can see past her fake smile and knows that inside, she is deeply hurting and feels utterly alone.

    One night, he prays to the household ancestors to help his daughter move past the pain and find somebody who will make her happy again. In a shocking turn of events, the spirit of Mister Osakawi's wife reveals herself to him and explains that she will search all of China for the one who will be with their daughter forever, telling him to look out for a sign of her success. The next week, a young American man stumbles into Chang-Lung's, hoping to inquire for the job opportunity as a waiter. He has just graduated college and arrived in Hong Kong to try and become an Author. He wished to gain inspiration for his books from the landscape and history of China. He gets the job, but they soon discover that he is clumsy, unfocused, and not very good at what he is supposed to do. However, there is a strange sense of adorableness to his actions and words, which catches the daughter off guard and gives Mister Osakawi the sign he was looking for.

    As a result of the American boy's actions, the daughter is placed in charge of him to try and train the boy how to be the best he can be in his position. While their instructions continue, the daughter finds herself acting kinder then normal towards him and eventually discovers she has fallen for the young man, and he in turn, has fallen for her. But what will happen when the restaurant is threatened, the daughter's first love re-enters her life, or the American boy is forced to go back home?

    Its an idea I've wanted to try now for a while where basically, they work at a Chinese restraint in Hong-Kong. They would start out as work colleagues, then slowly become friends and then, lovers. This will be a mostly realistic RP, but with the inclusion of the Ghosts of Ancestors and destiny, it will get a bit fantasy.

    I'm looking for somebody to play the daughter of Mister Osakawi (insert last name here), while I play the American boy who has recently moved to China. PM me or post below if you have any questions or wish to RP this with me! I'll only be accepting a few people, so hurry and reply if you're up for this!! ^^

    Name: Dylan Erickson
    Age: 21
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: He has just recently moved to China in hopes of influencing his works as an author. He loves oriental food and is actually an incredible chef. While he has a horrible sense of cleanliness, his attention to detail is spot-on. He also owns an Old English Sheepdog named "Maxwell" and lives in a small 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Hong Kong.


    "The Girl who had everything, and the Boy who had nothing."


    High School. That dangerous and menacing building located between Garry's Bait Shop and the Bok-Chow Restaurant in downtown Generic City, or Generic Town. What can you say about this place? Its full of drama, that's about it. Its the introduction to the rat race of life. You build yourself up through the hierarchy, only to plummet back to the bottom after 4 years of school. You've got the typical crowd. The jocks, the sports-fanatics, the cheerleaders, rich girls, and of course, the lovably nerdy kids who play Dungeons and Dragons in the back while the others prefer to ignore them. Then, there's always the new kid.

    She's a little bit spoiled. Her family was very wealthy and thanks to being "Daddy's Little Princess", she got everything she wanted. Walking into the school, she was all dolled up and looked like a little supermodel. Guys gawked and the girls all envied her looks as she strolled through the halls for the first time. She was bright, outgoing, and loved socializing with people. While most of the newcomers seemed to be shy and slowly found their ways into social groups, the wealthy young lady instantly found acceptance from the popular girls and the popular guys. Soon after, she found herself a cheerleader for the school sports teams, and was loving every moment of the spotlight. Then.. She met a boy.

    He was a year older then her, but they were still in the same grade. He was handsome and kind, but most of all: he treated her differently. It seemed like this boy was deliberately talking to her as a person and not to her as the pretty girl she was treated like by her "friends". Thanks to this factor, her curiosity was peaked and she began to spend more time with him, gradually getting to know the boy. He was on the baseball team, but he wasn't a jock. He played Dungeons and Dragons, but he wasn't a nerd. He loved music, but he wasn't a Band-Geek. He was an "InBetweener", which only made her more interested in him.

    Will the young man's kind and caring charm win the rich girl over, or will it be her "stop at nothing" attitude that lands them together? Only time will tell, but rest assured that it will become a great love story that will reach far into the young couples future.

    There will be romance, drama, death and maybe even a surprise that neither teen was "expecting", but the two teens will discover that through the thick and thin of life, they were destined for each other and theirs is a love to span ages and change lives.


    "An Interstellar Love Affair"

    -- The Background --

    Deep in the recesses of Space, lies a large and unknown planet known as Kreelog. It is one of the furthest planets from Earth, laying very close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Kreelog has been discovered by humans, but according to research done by the Hubble Telescope and NASA, the planet is a Gas Giant, therefore making it uninhabitable. Little do the humans know that not only is Kreelog (known to them as P-X64V.6O) habitable, but also is their original home planet. Long before Earth was inhabited by humans, they lived on Kreelog under a different name. The planet has managed to remain out of contact with Earth and the rest of the universe thanks to the specialized cloaking devices placed at the polar caps that give it the outwards appearance of a gas giant.

    Being immensely habitable by any and all creatures, Kreelog is the home of three highly intelligent primary humanoid races: the Kree, the Yarrl, and the Borrelgians.

    Yarrl are large, insect-like creatures who preserve and protect nature.

    Yarrl Reference (open)

    They have very strong ties with the natural balance of things on Kreelog and are often associated with being "Guru's" or "Healers". They have evolved to harness the healing and regenerative abilities of nature, which in turn has forced them to be a rather peaceful race compared to the other denizens of Kreelog. More then naught, they breed asexually as all Yarrl are born with both reproductive systems, but the species has been known to mate with Kree and Borregelian's (the latter being not often by choice).

    The aptly named "Kree" are the race that connects directly to Humanity. They share an appearance that is very similar (almost identical) to their Human brethren, although their skin is slightly more pigmented due to the constant sunlight they are exposed to on the planet.

    Kree Reference (open)

    Quite the opposite of their human counterparts, the Kree actually believe the females are superior to the men in most respects, making them work either as manual labourers, politicians, houseworks/domestics, and breeding. There are entire buildings within all Kree cities where the women go to be impregnated by a male worker of their choice. The Kree women are strong and tough, making for strong and vicious warriors. Unlike the Borregelian's, however, the Kree are not as blood thirsty and only use violence as a means of protection. They never once have started a war on Kreelog, but they sure as hell end them. With one of the largest armies on Kreelog, the Kree are prepared to do anything to protect themselves and their planet. They also share a strong connection to the planet, although it is not as strong as the abilities the Yarrl possess. The Kree have superior intellect, which gives them an edge over the other species on Kreelog. Most notably, Kree pick their spouse by preforming what is known as a "Mind Meld". Through a powerful wave of telekinetic energy, the one or both creatures can enter the other's mind, reading their thoughts and also learning everything there is to know about them. Once a Mind Meld has proven successful, it cannot be undone and the two are to be united by the bond for the rest of their days. The only way a Mind Meld can be successful, however, is if the two people share similar brain wavelengths (meaning they share similar thought processes and have many things in common). If the two share none of this, then a Union cannot be made legally.

    The Borrelgian's are a species of aggressive, irritable creatures resembling humanoid whales. They are significantly larger then the other sentient creatures of Kreelog, normally standing at 8-12 foot tall and weighing nearly 4 tons.

    Borregelian Reference (open)

    They are by far the strongest and most lethal of the three species. Borregelian's prefer to think of themselves as perfect creatures, meaning that anything not Borregelian should be destroyed. In the past, they've tried to eradicate both the Kree and Yarrl from Kreelog, but both species have stood their ground. After about 8 interplanetary wars, the Borregelian's stopped fighting and signed a treaty with the Kree as Yarrl to remain peaceful to them and Kreelog's allies across the galaxy. Borregelian's are mostly male, but there are some women. All of the creatures look the same, so its hard to determine which one is a man and which one is a woman. Borregelian men and women prefer to mate outside of their species. Knowing just how unappealing they are, Borregelian's cut out the emotional and mental part of an actual mating relationship and just skip to impregnation. Mostly they prey on Kree and Yarrl citizens, taking them in as slaves before breaking them completely and using them as a means to continue breeding, but they have managed to mate with other races throughout the galaxy. Cruel and vicious, Borregelian's are unstoppable killing machines with no remorse for anything living or dead.

    Despite having three highly intelligent races on the planet, technology is not all that it should be. The Kree, Yarrl and Borregelian's have all produced technological advancements far beyond the comprehension of man, but rather then let it absorb their multiple societies, they use their devices mainly for recreational or domestic purposes. (Think something like the film John Carter {or "The Warlord of Mars" for those who know the source material} as a way to think of the planet. They have advanced technology, but prefer to use more simplistic items such as metals, stones and herbs to create their homes/structures/medicines/ect).

    -- The Story --

    On the 7th Night of Urlea, King Dîue of the Kree announced that his daughter, the Princess (YC) had come of age and needed to be married within the next few months. All across the galaxy, men, warriors and royals alike, have come to Kreelog in hopes of proving themselves worthy of having her as a wife. After a long arduous process of elimination, the King and Queen (along with their daughter) have rounded the billions of suitors down to a list of 8 men. As per Kree tradition, the men will compete in a 4 week tournament against one another until one of them emerges victorious. The only issue that the Princess has with this method of finding a husband is that she has not felt a Mind Meld connection with any of the men selected. In one last desperate attempt to find her "soul mate", she enlists the help of an inventor who tracks down a young man (MC) with the ideal brainwaves to form a bond with her and become the new Prince/King. However, a few problems surrounded the boy. For starters, he is neither a great warrior or a warrior. Secondly, he has no experience in combat situations whatsoever and would require training before entering the tournament. But worst yet out of all the other reasons: he's an Earthling.

    Finally deciding that he is her only hope to actually find something more in a marriage then just the union between two unloving people, the Kree Princess has the Earth Boy teleported to Kreelog to fight as her "champion". Will the human and the Kree Princess get together, or will the young man inevitably die during the difficult challenges that await him? Will the Princess discover the bond she's been hoping for, or will she deal with a loveless relationship and suffer only to a life of rearing children for a man she doesn't love? Its up to us to find out!

    Here's my character sheet just so you can have a basic reference to work off of while making your sheet:


    Dylan Eric Robertson






    Dylan is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow. Dylan can be odd at times, but that's just because he tries to see the world from every outlook. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him except for his amazing wife. However, he's a fun and outgoing guy who would stop at nothing to turn his friend's frown upside down. He is also very adventurous and loves the thrill of a good book. His creativity comes in bits and spurts, but when he finally finds another means to get writing again, he can go on for days. He's also a majorly hopeless romantic, but whenever his little plans go wrong, he knows that his (eventual) girlfriend will think its cute that he tried and give him a cuddle. He also tends to be very sloppy and is not as clean as he should be, but still manages to make things appear tidy and sorted (when he needs to). However, he is a very peaceful man and prefers not to be involved with violence of any sort, but Dylan as never once backed down from a fight (despite losing horribly in most of them).


    "My Guardian Angel"


    Not much of a plot here, but it would deal with a sweet and very loving relationship between a human and a ghost/guardian angel.


    "Axiom: Intergalactic Romance"

    ((Idea coming soon, but think sort of like a Human version of Wall-E, with Wall-E as a human and EVE as a genetically engineered Alien))


    "A Peasants Tale"

    ((Idea Coming Soon. Based off the Legend of Zelda, with comedy thrown in there. A bit lighter as compared to the other RP's, but still involving romance and adventure))


    Here's also a few individual characters who I'm willing to do RP's with! They're based for specific settings/genres, so here they a re:

    Adventure/Seafearing (open)

    Name: Jim Tyler Hawkins

    Nickname: "Treasure Island", "Jimmy", "Sport", "Kiddo", "Bunker-Boy", "Jim-Jimmy-Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim" (he hates that last one), and "Jack-O" (for some reason, Edward keeps calling him that).

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Position in the Crew: Cabin Boy

    Preferred Weapon(s): His Rapier and a Wheellock Pistol

    About Me: Incredibly bright and confident, Jim could be good-natured and friendly, if he had reason to. He doesn't, though – in fact, rather used to being let down, Jim often shows himself as dispassionate and uncaring, preferring to push others away and act detached than to be let down again. He's very distrusting of new people, especially with the appearance of pirates who will stab somebody in the back at a moments notice. He's also very skeptical about certain subjects as certain people.

    Jim is, in short, a prodigy. He's intelligent, though he doesn't show it much, and often learns things with thorough accuracy after seeing them just once. He built his first wind surfer at age 7, and has been building and sailing things almost nonstop ever since. He's bold, brash, and not afraid to say what needs to be said. He hates being thought of as a hero, but also hates being thought of as a delinquent. He's very hot-headed and quick to act when he's insulted.

    Despite this, he's loyal to a fault to people that earn it. First is his mother: Sarah is the one person that he wants to please, badly, no matter what. She's his mother, and he feels a responsibility to take care of her, since his father left. He felt that same loyalty to his father, once, as well as a high sense of respect for the man. He felt a similar way to a man he knew long ago, treating him almost as a second father, but the betrayal he suffered by both has marked him and damaged his ability to trust others.

    Strengths: Intelligence and bravery. He's not afraid to get into a couple of fights, and is smart enough to know how to deal with them, most of the time. His quick-learning ability is also a very valuable asset, as he's often called on to use his knowledge and skills in tight situations. In terms of physical strength, he's a decent fist-fighter and a good shot with a handgun, and is also fast and cunning. On a wind surfer, he's respectably fast.

    Weaknesses: His bravery can also be a weakness, as he's prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He also tends to act rashly and without thought, despite his intelligence, and gets himself into trouble. He fumbles a lot, and still isn't quite comfortable with weapons. His lack of trust can also be used as a weakness, as he often doesn't put much faith in his teammates.

    Other: Jim has a Old English Sheepdog pup named "Maxwell", whom he loves dearly. He also has a natural talent for music and normally sings to himself.

    He also has a rare medical condition that has made him blind in his left eye. Its not a pretty sight to look at, so he wears an eye-patch over it for the sake of others and himself.

    Halo/Space Marine (open)
    Name: "Private" Marcus Tiberius Robertson
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6
    Species: Human
    Preferred Weapon(s):

    Show Spoiler
    Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword (not yet aquired)


    and a

    BR55HB SR Battle Rifle


    Image of Character:

    Show Spoiler


    Image of Emblem:

    Show Spoiler

    Bio (Short Description, a paragraph or two, four at most):

    Marcus was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. He lived a pretty normal life and nothing special really happened to him or his family. However, when he turned 14, he applied to become a UNSC Soldier and began training the following year. He was the 3rd best in his class and managed to get through basic training before he was selected for a special group of soldiers who would be fighting against a team known as the "Reds", who had decided to split from the UNSC and were labeled rebels and terrorists. Marcus was paired up with a team of 3 others and they were instantly shipped off to the last known outpost of the Reds. However, upon his arrival to the base where the Reds were located, he realized that there were only 3 of them and figured that the job of destroying their threat would be simple... That was two years ago, and to this day, the Reds haven't done anything violent or even relatively evil towards the UNSC. Meanwhile, Marcus is still waiting for the war to begin, but he has to find ways to pass the time until it does.

    In addition to this, Marcus is probably the only person at the base who isn't totally wrong for the military, but his aim is described as "nearly total-shite" by everybody he knows. While he's normally a calm and reasonable guy (probably the most laid back in all of Blue base), he also has a bit of a temper and can blow up on people when he is irritated or annoyed beyond belief. He may not be leadership material, but since the Blue's last commander died in a freak accident (if you call a plasma grenade implanted in the toilet as a prank by his soldiers), he sort of assumes command over the others.

    Storybook RP/Peter Pan (open)
    Name: Peter Alex Richardson

    Nickname: "Peter Pan"


    Hair Reference:


    Species: Human (sometimes called a "Fairy Boy" due to the way he acts and how he was raised).

    Background: When he was a baby, Peter was very loving and curious. As he grew into a young boy, he was often found playing "Pirates" or "Indians" with his friends and little sister, all of which loved his creativity and devotion to the games. His best talent by far was his ability to mimic voices and use them to create all kinds of stories and characters for his friends to interact with. In the end, he called this world of pirates and Indians, fairies and wonder "Neverland", a place where little boys and girls never had to grow up. His friends loved going to "Neverland" with Peter, but eventually, they grew out of it and began to mature. However, they could not forget the magic and joy that Neverland had given them as children. When he was 12, Peter received a pipe-flute as a gift from his father and quickly learned how to play. His melodies were strong and powerful, conveying his every emotion with just a simple blow of air. Often, he was asked by his parents to play the flute in front of family and friends when they came to visit. His mother claimed he was a child progeny and would one day become a great musician, but his father wanted Peter to enter the family business and become a lawyer when he grew up. In response to him constantly being found playing the flute, his friends and family nicknamed him "Peter Pan", after the Greek God "Pan", who was known famously for being quite the musician.

    By the time Peter was 17, he still had many of the traits he held so dear to him when he was a child. He loved kids and often spent more time around children then other kids his age, which worried his father. His Father wished for Peter to become a lawyer and pulled him out of public school, forcing him to attend a private school where young boys learned the basics of law. Peter often got into many disagreements with his professors about handling situations, where his imagination and child-like tendencies got the best of him (one noteworthy time was when Peter said that thieves should just be hung like the Pirates they were). His father and he argued more often as each day went on. The biggest argument his father had was that Peter should just "grow up" already, but Peter claimed he would never grow up. One fateful night, Peter gathered his things and ran away from home, leaving a note behind for his family to explain he was going somewhere where he would never grow up. Peter never knew what happened to his family after that and wishes that he could see them at least one more time, but he often avoids any subjects concerning them or his life before Neverland.

    As Peter searched for a place where he could be a child again, he discovered a stray cat attacking a strange bug. After rescuing the bug from the cat, Peter realized it was actually a girl with wings, approximately 2 inches tall. She said her name was "Tinkerbell" and was a fairy from Neverland who had lost her way. Peter's shock about his imaginary play land being a real place was only rivalled by his willingness to go there with Tinkerbell when she returned. The two soon became close friends as they both planned to go to Neverland. So, Tinkerbell taught Peter how to fly and soon, they were off. Years after arriving in Neverland, Peter encountered James Harryhook, Captain of the Jolly Rodger and his crew of miscreant Pirates. Peter soon made enemies with the adults when James discovered him and Tinkerbell stealing the pirate's treasure. In a fight that started a major rivalry, Peter cut off James' right hand and tossed it into the mouth of a starving Crocodile, who loved the taste and followed James "Hook" forever. Upon making his way to the inner forests, Peter found a group of young boys who said they were orphans who fell out of their prams or ran away at night, were not claimed in seven days. As a result, they were sent to the Neverland. Due to their arrival in Neverland a result of them being "lost", Peter named them "the Lost Boys" and quickly set up a fortress with them that would become their "secret hideout".

    Then, many years after meeting with Hook, finding the Lost Boys, and becoming what he considered to be "The Prince of Neverland".... Peter met a girl named Wendy. And the rest, was history.

    Noteworthy Traits: Regular: He is normally quite peppy and loves to have fun. He's often described as a "free spirit" and sticks to his childlike nature, even though he's actually 17. Peter is a great swordsman and is known to be quite gentlemanly at times, although he doesn't understand much about adults due to his childlike state of mind. He has a rival-like relationship with his shadow (which keeps running away from him), but also loves messing with the Pirates onboard the Jolly Rodger, especially Captain James Hook. He also has a pipe-flute which he plays when he is relaxing or simply to pass the time. He's got a strong sense of adventure, but often doesn't think about the consequences of his actions before he jumps into a situation. He's also very crafty and can easily be a leader when it comes down to making plans. He's also a bit of a Braggart and loves to hear stories being told/read.

    GM: Peter harnesses the Power of Flight thanks to the extreme exposure to Pixie Dust through his life. However, he can only fly when thinking of his "happy thoughts", otherwise he will plummet to the ground. He also is very good at impersonations and can mimic almost anybody's voice. The only issue's with this technique are that he must remain focused on the voice otherwise he will lose concentration and revert to his normal voice, and he must hear a person's voice for a while before he can mimic it. Peter also has a strange connection to the nature of Neverland, which is controlled by his emotions.. For example, when he is upset, the lush green forests and hills of the island are covered in ice and snow (which also happens when Peter is gone from Neverland), but when he is happy or joyful, the island is as green as ever and Neverland experiences the best weather it ever has.

    Items/Weapons: Peter normally carries around a pipe-flute from his childhood, a steel cutlass which he stole from Captain Hook, a bag full of items he finds in Neverland all the time (ex. Acorns, Twigs, Berries, pretty much anything on the forest floor, but also his "Kiss" Thimble), and a steel dagger that was also stolen from Hook's crew.

    Other: Peter doesn't like to talk about his past or the things he's been through (except when it comes to how he's bested Hook so many times. When he gets started on that, the boy won't shut up about what he likes to call "The Cleverness of Me!!")

    Horror/Supernatural (open)
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Hunter Apparel: (a Male version of this)

    Name: Vance "Van" Helsing (his fake last name was Hemisworth)

    Age: 17

    Species: Human


    • Daggers and Wooden Stakes Dipped in Holy Water
    • A few Vials of Holy Water
    • A Desert Eagle with silver bullets
    • A leather whip with a bladed metal tip (think Simin Belmont's whip from Castlevania)


    While Vance cannot perform incredible acts of agility or blood control like his cousin Henry, he has exceptional skills with alchemy. He can create potions and wield basic spells such as casting a small array of embers to create a fire or manipulating the power of both natural and unnatural light to suit his needs (he can make the room brighter or darker), among other things.

    However, he is very skilled with the use of olden Monster Slaying techniques, thanks to the Helsing Academy in East Germany. He learned the proper way to impale a vampire through the heart with a stake, which gun with silver bullets did the most damage to werewolves, how to properly trap and chain up a Boggart so when it tried to change shape it wound up slowly killing itself, and many more brutal but efficient ways of destroying the monstrosities threatening humanity. Along with the knowledge of these techniques, came the ever-growing ability of divinity. With this, he can use the power of the Bible and holy artifacts to instantly destroy a monster, but he must be very careful about how he does this. If he were to use the power for his own purposes, such as killing an innocent monster who has done no wrong, or even a human being, then he gets a scar on his right arm. They act like tally marks and will add up the more times he commits such a sin. If he were to ever get 7 of them, then his body would fill with Devine light and explode. Upon his death, he would be tormented for all eternity for abusing the powers of The Lord.

    Currently, Vance has 2 of these marks. One for destroying a Patch-Work Person (Frankenstien's Monster-like creature made from multiple bodies of dead humans and animated again). The creature begged to die, and Vance willingly agreed out of pity, not because it deserved to die. The second one he got for brutally executing a Vampire who had eaten an entire village's livestock, but never harmed a mortal in its life.

    Background: Born and raised in New York, Vance (or "Van", as he preferred to be called) was given a pretty decent upbringing. His mother and father went missing when he was a little kid, leaving him in the care of his mother and father. Growing up, he found himself strangely fascinated by the paranormal and supernatural entities, his favourite forms of entertainment were horror stories or films. He couldn't get enough of them and the sheer concepts of monsters both perplexed and amazed him. As he entered his adolescent stage, he began to investigate into these phenomena and searched to find the real monsters of this world. He knew with imaginings of monsters like vampires and werewolves, ghosts and goblins, wraiths and demons, that there had to have been some sort of supernatural influence.. But what he found shocked and terrified him.

    He discovered that not only are monsters real, but they also co-exist with human beings in disguise. He learned that these creatures either threatened humanity, or praised it, but his view on these creatures changed immensely on October 12th, 2002. On that fateful day, he witnessed a full-out attack on New York by a group of rogue monsters consisting of some of the most deadly species. Vampires, Lycans, Harpies, Mutants, Zombies, Animalistic and Mythological Beasts, Demons, Gremlins, Possessed Objects, and a demon by the name of Redica. The NYPD was useless against these beasts and were quickly gutted down like lambs to the slaughter. About halfway through the horrifying night, Vance was saved from a Hellhound by a man dressed in what looked like a Van Helsing Halloween costume. The man explained he was part of a Monster Hunting legion and they had been tracking that particular group for some time now. With more of the hunters piling into the streets, the monsters were driven back and the mortals were enchanted so they forgot the events... But the enchantments did not work on Vance for some reason.

    Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Vance was in fact a monster hunter by blood. For it was always said that those who are descended from hunters bear a sign on their bodies. For Vance, it was a birthmark that resembled a cross with an arrow going through it. This symbol was widely appropriated with that of the Helsing family due to the similarities in the family crest of the house. So, it was said that day that Vance Hemisworth had died, and "Van" Helsing was born. The 10 year old boy was instantly shipped off to the Helsing Academy and studied the art of hunting monsters for 5 years before he returned to his normal life. His fascination was still monsters and the supernatural, but he preferred it when they were laying in front of him in a dead heap. Now, he has been told by the famous "Order of the Hunt" to infiltrate a school for monsters and investigate better ways to stop anti-humanity acts before they even start.

    Other: His training at the Academy has made him into a cold and solitary person, often never showing any emotion. However, he's still a good guy deep down. He's a bit racist towards monsters of all kinds and thinks that if you were a monster, then you threatened humanity and your life would be forfeit. But, this attitude is not as serious as it had been in the past due to his interactions with non-threatening beasts, including a few encounters with monsters that Vance couldn't bring himself to kill.

    Anyways, that's it for now! Post below or PM me if you're interested in any of the plots or characters!​
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