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    i am seeking a one on one roleplay. my name is egolegume, i am 26 and female. i am seeking a casual, lite roleplay with a friendly, open and mildly talkative partner; who isn't shy about things.

    i would like to roleplay some ladies, a lesbian couple in a science fantasy setting; the daughter of a general and the soldier assigned to guard her. the empire is at war (over what doesn't matter, just that it's turned hostile and people be dying) and many radicals have been targeting officials and their families. a soldier, trusted by the general himself and highly recommended, is assigned to take care of the general daughter (a known target) but she is very strong willed and their assignment isn't taken as well as planned. however, things have a way of "working themselves out" if you know what i mean.

    yes, basic as basic gets. i don't care. i just wanna rp a science fantasy, make up shit as we go, soldier / generals daughter, sexy lesbiand roleplay.

    if you're interested either message me here in this thread.
    send me a pm.
    email me: strude.roleplay@gmail.com

    we can RP on this site or email/google documents. either or.

    i write between 200 - 450 words. i generally will not write more than that and if you're looking to write a lot or expect long replies i am not the person for you. i don't much have time for them nor care to read them. thanks.
  2. I'm quite interested in this, if you're still looking for a partner. I just wanted to ask what your general posting speed was/how often you preferred your partner to reply? I normally can get out several posts in a day, but right now I'm going through some health things and might not be able to get a reply out every single day. No longer than a week though.

  3. @Fauna

    In general I try to post once a day to every few days (which is more likely). Given real life doesn't consume time. I will warn when I'll be away (such as events, school, work, or recording sessions) that will eat up time.
  4. @Egolegume
    That sounds great to me. Did you have a preference as to which character you played? I was kind of leaning towards the soldier myself, but I'm fine playing either!
Thread Status:
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