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  1. For Redhoods, you need a character card.
    Weapon of choice:
    Special powers (if any):
    Anyone can join, just jump right in after posting your card
    May the Red guide you!
  2. Is there anywhere with details about this Redhood thing? At the moment it seems completely incomplete.
  3. Sorry, I keep messing it up :P if you go to the actual RP, the backstory should be there
  4. Can I get a link? I don't have very much time in a morning (which will be the next time I check the internet) so I'd rather not trawl through the subforums looking for it.
  5. I'm on my mobile now, so the links don't work properly. When I get home, or at some point during the day when I'm on a computer, I'll post the link
  6. Thanks a lot.
  7. Name: Kendra EĆ²las
    Age: 24
    Race: Druid
    Apparel: Has a few leather pouches and a small book strapped to her belt and wears a crystal pendant.
    Weapon of choice: n/a
    Special powers (if any): Great knowledge, telepathic, can call animals to her aid.
    Other: Is a good enough medic/healer
  8. Great. One more person ^^
  9. i am excited to join in ^^
  10. It's so great to hear that

    I love seeing you guys play through my stories ^^
  11. now i am a bit curious :o which thread are we posting in for the rp?
  12. Group RP's, then Fantasy, then Redhoods
  13. Name: Reelixa Baylen
    Age: 22
    Race: Elf
    Apperence: Portrait-of-an-elf-female-with-tattoos-on-face-and-earring-and-necklace.jpg
    Apparel: she normal wears a full length set of loose robes with her satchel hidden beneath by her hip. Her calf holsters hold her daggers.
    Weapon of choice: Daggers, they require enemies to be close and personal when she watches them die.
    Special Powers (if any): she has the ability to climb practically anything due to her odd retractable claws
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  14. This looks very cool, elves are my favorite characters to play :)
  15. Alright, let's play!
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  16. Name: Xanos

    Age: 20

    Race: Tiefling


    Apparel: Light armor, a small traveler's pack with tools and useful items, and a hooded cloak

    Weapon of choice: Blood blades. Weapons which have been imbued with his blood so only that he may use them, they help channel his abilities also

    Special powers (if any): Xanos is an adept warlock, specializing in blood magic.

    Theme song:
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