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  1. ⦁ My Availability: My times online can be consistent and then it might be random. I am down to make one post a day minimum and a couple a week maximum. I won't leave you hanging as I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me. Drop me a message if I am gone longer than a week or so.

    ⦁ I am looking to start more roleplays. I hope to find partners to write alongside. If you enjoy brainstorming as well as long term roleplays rather than jumping straight away into something throw a PM my way.

    ⦁ I've circled the Roleplay block several times doing it for many years. I took a break for a while to better my writing. Now that I have returned I know what I want from what I don't. I am into the descriptive, 5 paragraph+, world building long term threads which is why I don't rapid fire posts. I like to take my time to give you something you hopefully enjoy and can work with. I believe in getting to know my partner a little better before we take the trip down roleplay lane to gather together details, plot about what story we want to tell.

    ⦁ Grammar, punctuation: Everyone makes mistakes, it happens. Just be on the lookout.

    ⦁ I can play both genders.

    My Dislikes.

    ⦁ Always in trouble Characters: That may be okay with some, not me. This includes damsels and dudes in distress having danger follow them at every corner, not interested in it.

    One liners: I can't write for them. I'm sorry.

    ⦁ I don't want to be the only one leading the story or putting ideas forward. I enjoy leading at times, I would like to share the responsibility with my partner, that we both take turns leading to let our characters and stories flourish.

    ⦁ Controlling my characters: No matter what character I create do not control them. You've been warned-->major dislike here.

    ⦁ Being rushed to post.

    ⦁ Mary or Gary Sues.

    ⦁ Instant-Romance: Where's the struggle? Finding the way to one another through trial?

    ⦁ Watersports, scat, vomit, anything bathroom oriented.

    ⦁ Threads involving sex and ZERO plot. I don't mind sex but I would rather make plot the main point and should intimacy happen between characters let it be at a right time.


    ⦁ Communication: How about we talk if something is not working. If you don't want to write anymore or anything just let me know. It's so much better than saying nothing at all.

    ⦁ Plot

    ⦁ Detailed posts

    ⦁ Flawed characters

    ⦁ Romance

    ⦁ World building, character development


    ⦁ Medieval
    ⦁ Romance
    ⦁ Modern
    ⦁ Steampunk
    ⦁ Horror
    ⦁ Fantasy
    ⦁ Supernatural
    ⦁ Science Fiction
    ⦁ Action

    If you see something that catches your eye please let me know. I only have one idea for a pairing at the moment but if you see something let me know we can brainstorm in the PM.

    Fantasy and Medieval based.
    Knight x Queen
    Warrior x Maiden

    Human x Elf
    Elf x Elf
    Royalty x Peasant
    King x Queen x King's brother
    (A marriage of arrangement where the new Queen and King's brother have an affair.)
    Knight Comrades x Female love interest

    Con x Royalty
    (A con artist pretends to be the mail order spouse of a royal.)
    Wolf x Wolf
    Dragon x Human Contract
    Dragon x Dragon

    Modern Based.

    Affair x Affair
    Ex x Ex
    Modern day Romeo x Juliet
    (Rival mob families)
    Lover left behind x New lover with old lover's heart
    (I have a plot for this, it is pretty deep. PM me for details. Also, looking for a male character.)
    Opposite x Opposite
    Guardian x The Protected
    Friend x Friend

    Supernatural Based.

    Contract x Death
    (A living being about to die makes a contract with death to live in order to finish some major task. Not completely solid still it can be worked.)
    Red Riding Hood x The Wolf (Romance)
    Summoned creature x Commoner
    Priest or Ex-Priest x Possessed Victim
    Ghost x Ghost
    The Cowboy x The Angel
    (A cowboy with a farm to take care of from enemies stumbles upon a young woman with no memory of who she is or her past life. I have a plot to go with this.)

    Here is my Roleplay Resume for a browse:

    As well as my Blog with premade plots:
    Error | IwakuRoleplay.com

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  2. One more slot to be filled. Still on the hunt for a second partner.
  3. Still searching.
  4. Still searching for one more.
  5. Still looking.
  6. Open for business with more plots added to my blog.
    Still searching.
  7. Still looking.
  8. Interested in the cowboy x angel (depending on the plot - I don't normally do supernatural but I love cowboys... haha), also I may have a plot for opposite x opposite/rival mob families. Also, if you are interested in 1880s (historical - don't need to have perfect or even major knowledge) I have a time travel idea I've been dying to do! I think we would make good partners if you are interested! :)
  9. Still looking.
  10. Interested in Knight x Queen, Warrior x Maiden and Royalty x Peasant!
  11. PM me. Let's see if we can make something work.
  12. Interested in any of these:

    King x Queen x King's brother
    (A marriage of arrangement where the new Queen and King's brother have an affair.)
    Affair x Affair
    Ex x Ex
    Guardian x The Protected
    Priest or Ex-Priest x Possessed Victim
  13. Still looking.
  14. You didn't reply to my comment.
  15. You should have sent me a PM.
  16. It didn't explicitly say "PM me to talk". Either way, a simple quote and a "PM me please!" Would have been polite, and would have gotten the same exact result.
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