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  1. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ruminey,

    We have been informed of your unfortunate circumstances. Allow us this chance to both express our condolences and to inform you.
    This is a once in a lifetime chance we offer to very few, but we find that you are most certainly eligible for this program. We realize you have two children, one of which holds on to a thin thread of a lifeline.
    We can help.
    All we ask for is one thing.
    Then our resources are yours to find the best care possible for your child.
    If you are interested, please burn this letter. We will know.
    [Warning: Should you choose to burn this letter, you are allowing us to take the required payment. Should you report this letter; We will know. We advise that you keep this quiet. Should you ignore this warning, you place your lives in immediate danger.]
    Thank you. -The U.

    Jocelyn Ruminey thumped her head flat against the table.
    Life was not looking so swell.
    She lifted her head, which now stuck to the first page of a packet of papers stapled together. The red 'F' glared back. She shook it away and swiped the packet to the floor, disgusted. Lately, her head has not been in the game, focused where it should be. College and bills. Her parents were struggling, pushing her through college. Yet, she could not bring herself to straighten up. She was tired of it all. Worrying about rent and worrying for her parents... homework, work and last, but not least...
    Her younger brother had cancer. It was sapping the life out of him. All the expenses of life and Jocelyn did not know whether her family would survive the year like this. Already, signs of hunger were starting to cling to her.
    Shaking her head, she jumped up from her seat in the middle of class, grabbed her satchel and walked up toward the exit.
    "To hell with it. Seth needs money more than I do. I can't do this anymore," she muttered, holding back tears.
    She stepped into the afternoon storm. It was the weekend, and the campus was deserted. Few cars were parked in the lot. She gazed up at the dreadful, gray sky, getting soaked in a matter of seconds.
    Forgot her umbrella... Sigh.
    Rather than run, Jocelyn walked. Let the day flow... She would tell her parents tonight. If the rain was a form of punishment, she would deal with it.
    Walking with purposeful stride, she turned a corner and ran into an unyielding, firm wall of a chest.
    Narrowing her amber eyes, she gazed upward. Standing before her with a straight face was a large, wide man with sunglasses on. He looked like one of those intimidating body guards or like a hit man.. anything large or intimidating really.
    "Ms. Ruminey?" he asked.
    "Who's asking?"
    He smirked. "Your owner."
    She opened her mouth to say a few unladylike words when suddenly...
    Her world turned black...

    Only to awaken on the soft, white sand of a sunny beach.


    Welcome to Abducted.
    You have been taken from your lives, sold or stolen by a group of people who are simply known as The United. You have no idea why, but now, you have been left on an island. An island inhabited by no one except one lone, large but empty mansion at the island's center. This island is naught but a mile long and half mile wide. Why are you here? What do they want? You don't know, but for some reason, each of you awaken in pain and find that you have acquired the strangest abilities.
    Should you look into your pocket, you will find a crumpled bit of paper. It reads:

    Welcome Young Recruits.

    We are happy to inform that you have been selected to participate in an experiment and are now government property. Should you survive the injection given to you --which you have since you are reading this--, you will learn to hone and perfect the hidden ability that should soon reveal itself to you.
    Learn to perfect your control and you will live.
    Allow yourself to give in and go berserk, you will be killed.
    We have provided food and this island as a means of a training ground; Use it wisely.
    Should you not show any progress within the first week, i.e. unable to control nor show signs of having an ability, you will be killed.

    We are watching. - The U.


    Name: Jocelyn Ruminey
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    History: Jocelyn and her family once lived in comfort. Her father was a successful stockbroker and her mother was a loving housewife. By the age of 18, just after graduation, her younger brother was diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately, her father's luck as a stockbroker failed and life changed for the worst. Forced to work two jobs including college that she insisted she go for, she soon fell into hopelessness once she realized it was not enough for her brother's survival, nor that of her parents. She soon realized it was time to let go of her hopes to graduate college.
    Ability: Electrokineses
    Appearance: Red Hair.png
    Her eyes are of a bright, warm, golden color. Crimson colored hair falls to mid-back in waves. Her figure is slim, but curvy.
    I would appreciate it if you can avoid:
    1. One-liners.

    2. Run on sentences.
    3. Bad grammar. i.e. bad spelling, text talk, etc.
    4. No God Mods. Mary Sue's.. you get it right?
    Thank you.
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  2. Name: Charlie Black
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 220
    History: Charlie was in his first year of college, living on his own. He had always been quite solitary and introverted, shy and keeping to himself. He does have a brother and a sister and talked to them a lot but his parents didn't want much to do with him due to a rocky past and the fact that he went to school across the country.
    Power: Super strength


    Appearance: Dark hair, blue eyes, tall with natural muscle tone mostly due to his super power.


    Charlie woke up and he shielded his eyes from the sun that was shining high above him. He hurt and thought he heard a faint groan leave his lips. What was he lying on? It was not particularly comfortable. Finally the feelings in the tips of his fingers came back and felt the sand that was beneath him. A beach? How the hell....?

    It took him a moment to sit up without wanting to vomit due to the pain in his head. He blinked his eyes open and looked at the water then at the sand. He noticed there was something in his pocket and reached his hand inside. Pulling out a piece of paper he uncrumpled it and began to read. His brows slowly knit together as he continued to read. This was a joke.. a dream.. But there was a glint of red in the corner of his eye and he noticed someone else... A girl! He moved towards her slowly and looked at her eyes to see if she was awake.
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  3. Name: Demitri Sanders
    Age: 28 years old
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 214 lbs
    History: Demitri lived a fairly normal life-- his parents happily married, a cute little sister that's just now in high school, graduated from school, lived in an apartment on his own, went to college for a degree in business to follow in his father's foot steps and some day take over his family's company. Yet one day, eight years ago, he witnessed a bank being robbed-- having been going to deposit money into his school account. He couldn't do anything as the culprits had guns and seemed trigger happy. A man bled to death that day. Demitri was furious at the crime of his city and at himself for being unable to do anything. That day his sense of justice grew and he vowed to be a policeman. Within a week he entered a police academy and graduated easily. Now, he prides himself in being able to help others. To stop crime, even if his father refused to speak to him after finding out.
    Ability: Shapeshifter (Wolf variation)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    - Feathery black hair with emerald green eyes. Well muscled. Fit. Healthy.


    Demitri groaned, his face scrunching as the sun blared into his closed eyes.

    What happened? He thought. His head pounded and his body ached and there was something in his mouth. Sand?

    His eyes opened slowly, squinting, he found himself laying on his stomach on white sand. He blinked, his eyes adjusting to the brightness. It was way too bright for him to still be at his home. He turned his head only for it to throb with the motion, his ears ringing. What the hell happened to him for him to be in such pain?

    He tried to recall the last thing he remembered. Flashes crossed his mind- him at work; a criminal running away; him going after; being shot at, then blurry images of black suits before he passed out.

    Demitri slowly sat up, wincing in pain. The ringing dissipated and he heard waves. He looked up to find himself on an actual beach. His eyes squinted still; it was too damn bright. His head jerked to the side at a sound, causing his head to scream in pain, his hands going to his waist automatically for his gun that wasn't there, only to see small figures down the beach. Did he really hear that..?

    The dark haired male realized he wasn't grasping his gun, but a crumpled piece of fine paper. Smoothing it out, he read to himself. His handsome face contorted in confusion, his free hand checking for any other weapon he usually carried on himself. None of it was on him and the paper made it clear that he wouldn't need it. He pocketed the slip before getting to his feet. First things first: investigate the figures then find shelter.

    The tall man made his way over to the two youngsters, keeping his pace slow and cautious. He was still aching all over like he was hit by a bus. His hand unconsciously rubbed the spot where he was shot, now only a scar.

    (ooc: sorry for typing a novel ;A; I get carried away at times.)
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  4. [[OOC: It's np. :3 ]]
    She blinked her golden eyes in the brightness before her.
    A beach? she wondered. Then... the pain.
    She lay there, feeling as if she were on fire yet too numb to move. A shadow fell above her sending relief to her blinded pupils. It was only a second or two before she realized it was the shape of a person and panic set in. Was I drugged?!
    The adrenaline gave her feeling and therefore, made her able to roll away and stumble into a sitting position. She scrabbled back until she felt she could no longer
    support her weight. Now facing the mysterious person, she glared. A male.
    "Who are you?" she demanded, her tresses flowing with the force of the wind in a blaze of fire. Her amber optics spotted movement not too far away.
    Yet another male.
    A glance at her surroundings and she realized she was on a white, sandy beach. Not too far off were the thick fauna of a forest. Where is my escape? All within a matter 10 seconds.
    She wondered at what little she was taught of self defense, within a measly night in a friend's apartment.
  5. Charlie's hands shot up in a surrender almost immediately when she began questioning him. The woman was confused which made him breathe out in anger at himself. It wasn't her fault that she did not know where they were no matter how frustrating this all was. "I have no idea." He told her and moved away so that he was sitting in the sand, staring at her. "I... Was just asleep or drugged the same way that you are and believe me... I am just as angry." Charlie knit his brows together and chewed lightly at his bottom lip. He stood up and slowly offered a hand to the girl on the ground. "Come on, maybe we can explore."
  6. She hesitated, wondering if it were some sort of trick. He seemed honest enough but her confusion was clear. What happened?
    Her hands gripped the sand. What to do? Trust a complete stranger? What if these men were responsible for her current predicament? She glanced downward, biting her lip.
    Really. What choice did she have?
    She slowly reached out her sandy hand and gently placed it into that of the stranger before her. Before he could lift her up, she asked, "Do you know him?" She lifted her chin in the general direction of the arriving figure.
  7. Demitri stopped and looked around, alert. He could hear voices.

    Was he going crazy? Was the trauma from whatever had happened caused him to lose his mind?

    He wasn't sure what the hell was going on and that made him extremely cautious. His gaze slowly moved to the figures in the distance. He could make out a guy and a girl... Was it their voices that he could hear? But they were so far away... it was impossible. He glanced at the paper, remembering it's contents. Were his powers already taking effect? Either in working or driving him to insanity?

    He wasn't sure.

    His body was tense now, ready for a fight. He was trained in combat at the police academy, he could handle a fight if one should break out suddenly.

    He continued his stride to the other two. His eyes glancing around cautiously just in case. His pace slowed as he approached the younger male and female. His hands rose to show he was unarmed.

    "Are you two okay?" He asked, concerned. His professional cop voice coming out.
  8. "Er... no... I have no idea who that is." Charlie frowned and stood up. When the man came over all that Charlie could do was shrug. "Well I feel okay, but the fact that I have no idea where I am is really concerning." He sighed and looked between the two others. "And how are you....?" He trailed off realizing he did not know the others name. There was sand on his arms and he brushed it off along with the sand that was stuck to his pants. "Well at least it is not raining... or cold."
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  9. Name: Rachel Thatcher
    Age: 21
    Power: Telekenisis
    Rachel opened her eyes. The sun beat down on her, causing her to squint. People were looking down on her. There was a boy, and a girl. Out of the comer of her eye she saw a man standing. She stood up, dusting off her jeans. "Do you know why I am here?" she asked. None of them did. "Well," she continued. "I am going to go and explore on my own. And don't follow me."
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  10. The red-head glanced between the two of them and crossed her arms protectively over herself. "I am fine as well. Yet I don't understand how it is that the three of us have no idea why we're here or how." She bit her lips and stared out into the water, narrowing her gaze as if she searched for something. "One of you have to remember something. It's just not possible that we have nothing in common and no one remembers or knows anything." She glared back at the two, suspicious.
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  11. She looked back as she walked. They looked harmless enough. She wanted them to fear her. If they were scared of her, they wouldn't lie. They would confess everything they knew. She needed to know somethig. Anything! It killed her that there was so much she didn't know, and that this group called The U wouldn't tell them why they were here. A stupid letter. That was all they gave them. She wondered if this was a test. To prove to The U that
    you are worth something, and should be someone. But Rachel had been someone. Beyond her memory, she had been a famous ice skater. She had a fiancé who loved her. She had the perfect life. Parents who never yelled at her, and siblings who she never fought with. And now she was here. A nobody. "WILL SOMEBODY TELL ME SOMETHING!" she yelled. She decided to go back to the group. She knew that this had to be some kind of joke.
  12. Demitri nodded, assured that the two youngins were okay, at least physically. "I have a headache and my muscles feel....different. But otherwise, alive." His eyes glanced around them carefully. He was on high alert.

    "Agreed. The missing information of how I have ended up here is quite discerning. However I do remember seeing two men in black suits before I blacked out and awoke here." He glanced between the two, wondering if anything he has started sounded familiar to them. The girl was right, them being here and not having anything in common was quite strange.

    "My name is Officer Demitri Sanders. I was a police officer before, well here." He gave a gentle smile at his introduction.
  13. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Charlie Black." Charlie nodded at him and then looked at the girl. He noticed another female walking along the sand and roase a brow. "It looks like we have some more company guys..." He murmured and nodded at her as she moved. She looked pissed. Charlie could not blame her.
  14. The woman stuck her hands into her pockets. "Jocelyn Ruminey, college student." She shook her head and thought for a moment. A flash of memory. Both Demitri and her own reminder that she was indeed a college student made her remember. "I ran into a guy like that. Next thing I knew I was here." She turned her amber gaze on the arriving female. "Lower your tone. Apparently none of us know why we're here. Who are you?"
  15. "I'm Rachel, and I want answers. Now."
  16. Charlie looked between the two girls. He wasn't sure he liked the tone that the new one was using. "Jocelyn just said we don't have any answers so calm down." He told her and ran his hands through his hair. "We are just as confused as you are."
  17. "NO! You can never be as confused as I am right now! You will never understand!" She threw her hands up in the air in exasperation "GIVE ME ANSWERS NOW!" She stomped her foot. She felt like a kid who's mother wouldn't give him candy.
  18. The woman's eyes flashed with annoyance. It was enough that she was in the middle of nowhere, with three strangers and not an ounce of memory to go by. She pulled out a crumpled bit of paper from her pocket. After unraveling and reading the worn paper, she shot a look at the girl. "Well, it is obvious we've been taken without permission," she flicked the paper away, carelessly. "So how about we try to figure this out somehow rather than placing a few... not so wise fingers at people."
    She began to walk away from the beach, toward the line of tropical trees. After a few paces, she looked back and raised a brow. "Coming?"
  19. Demitri nodded at their introductions, memorizing the faces to go with their names. He slightly winced at the yelling. It was like the sound was booming in his ears. What the hell was happening to him?

    He turned a stern --with slight annoyance-- look to the new girl.

    "We aren't the ones you should be asking for answers from, Ma'am. Screaming and stomping your foot like a child won't change the fact that we are as lost as you." His policeman voice was coming out again.

    The brunette male rolled his shoulders as the weird feeling in his muscles increased before he nodded and began following Joycelyn. They needed to find answers and staying at this spot the beach wasn't going to help any. Plus, they were too exposed, they needed shelter and food. They needed to survive first and foremost.
  20. Name: Robert Lucious

    Age: 20

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 235

    History: Robert was born into a filthy rich family in London, England, but after his parents were killed due to his father being involved with illegal endeavors a couple years before Robert's birth, he was taken into an orphanage. The poor Robert Lucious was never adopted, so he ran away from the orphanage with a couple close friends he'd made over the years. All three of his partners were 16 at the time. Robert was 17. They lived life as very successful thieves. By the age of 19, Robert purchased his first estate with his friends, it was a penthouse that was on the coast of California. Of course he couldn't forget about his routes, so he returned to London with out his friends, only to be arrested and sentenced to serve time for 10 years, only because the law didn't have knowledge about everything he pulled off in the past. Now he's plotting his escape with supplies and plans that he is secretly sharing with his three crime partners.

    Ability: Minor shapeshifting, (Only to adapt to his surroundings. ex. if he happened to be underwater he would grow gills and webbed appendages almost instantly) can also turn parts of his body into weapons.
    fast regeneration, healing, enhanced strength, endurance, agility, and stamina. Can also absorb any material he touches (if he chooses) to gain the physical vulnerability and strength that matter may have.
    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Robert's eyes fluttered open, his head was pounding. He couldn't see much at first, but in time he realised that he was laying on his stomach, on white sand. He looked around in confusion. He stood up feeling extremely woozy. He stood up as straight as he could. He looked down at himself and noticed he was still in his blue prison outfit. It was too hot too keep the shirt on so he took it off, only to reveal a white tank top. He dusted himself off before looking around to see if he could recognize where he was. He seemed to be on a beach of some sort. Did I escape? This isn't what the outside of the pen looked like, he thought to himself. He noticed a group of people standing closer to a more forested part of the beach. He pondered for a minute. Are they here, just as confused as I am? Robert slowly walked toward the group, as he got closer he felt something in his pocket that wasn't there before. He stopped and pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket. He read it over a couple times, trying to fathom what he's reading. He shook his head before balling the paper up and dropping it to the ground. He didn't believe it and had no reason to, so he decided to walk up to the group. They all seemed to be in conversation, some quite frustrated. "Yeah, sorry to interrupt guys, but can someone tell me what I'm doing on this bloody beach?" he asked with a deep British accent.