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  1. Hello guys! I decided to do my best to invent a new board game! It's sorta like abc song titles only this time around its a story! How this works is we will start from A and write a single sentence starting with the letter A. Then the next person would put the next sentence starting with B. Next poster would write a sentence with C and so on so forth to write a funny story! Last poster on page ten is the winner just because lol.

    Here is an example:

    Poster #1 A dog ran by my house.

    Poster #2 Bark! Said the dog as he saw me.

    Poster #3 Cringing at the loud noise, I retreated inside.

    You get the point. So without further rambling I begin!

    Abraham Lincoln would make a good maple syrup mascot.
  2. But the Canadians may object, the Maple Leaf being an important symbol there
  3. Canadians, while polite people, are often very fickle.
  4. Despite that fact, the British may have something to say about it.
  5. Even when the British could be considered to be fickle themselves.
  6. Frustrated, America almost gave up on Abe Lincoln for the new mascot
  7. "Gravy seems like a better thing for Abe," commented one of the CEOs of the advertisement industry.
  8. "How come I didn't think of that?" one of his employees asked.
  9. In the end, the board has agreed to use Abe for the gravy mascot.
  10. Just in case the other nations of the world objected again, they concocted a plan
  11. Kelly, the company secretary, wrote it all down.
  12. Most of them missed out the plan altogether, but pretented to know what was going on.
  13. No doubts this would all end in disaster.
  14. Only, there seemed to be a problem with the plan.
  15. People from different backgrounds could not make sense of one another.
  16. Quite confused with their various translations of the plan, they all attempted to create an advertisement for Gravy Abe anyway
  17. Rain poured down outside as they worked, each convinced they alone had the best plan.
  18. Soon the Gravy Abe plan was implemented, which was patterned after the groovy 60s.
  19. Time would tell if it had all been worth the effort.
  20. Unless of course time decides to end before that, just to leave people curious.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.