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  1. You wake up in a daze. The air smells like fresh rain, the trees are dense in the area, you stumble to your feet and walk to the brush towards and opening of the forest. As you reach the exit you see a huge building that looked almost completely empty. As you walk up to the door you knock on it and a girl answers. "Why am I here?" You ask. She smiles and replies, "You've been abandoned".

    "Hi, my name is Nichole. I've lived here ever since I can remember. I noticed that other kids show up here every now and then. Most of them without their memory, but some were lucky enough to know how they ended up here. This is a different dimension that you end up in when you've been abandoned by society. We don't belong there, don't you see." She waves her hand, presenting what the surroundings looked like and smiled.
    "This could be our world. A new world. The people we knew from earth didn't care about us, but we can care for each other. So what do you say?" She takes your hand and holds it close to her heart.
    "Will you stay here with me? The others are gone, but I'm still here. I'm lonely, and I need a friend. I can help you not feel alone as well. We have food, we have shelter, what more can you ask for in this new world, This world that we call Utopia." Her eyes sparkle and her face glows with joyful delight in the thought of having someone being with her. You agree to stay in fear of not finding a way to survive in this new world. She hugs you and says, "Oh thank you kind stranger. Though, there's something you need to know. This Utopia is quite strange you see. People disappear randomly. If you don't stay where you're supposed to be, you may get taken away as well. This house is the safest place but our supplies is by the land. I will try my best to protect you and teach you how to survive from the vicious land."

    Rules: You're a normal human with not much memory. Nichole teaches you how to fight against the plants and animals that would most likely eat you if they catch you off guard. Simple as that. Other than trying to survive in Utopia, you're living a normal life in the house that has unlimited amounts of rooms. Anything can happen, romance, drama, simple life.

    NO magical powers. Make it fair. You can pick a weapon like bows and arrows, swords, Kunias, dikes, guns, just nothing futuristic or magical.

    Character Sheet:
    Full Name: You get the deal.

    Nick name: What you wanna go by.

    Age: Nichole is 15 by the way. I'll do a character sheet on her. So mostly you'd like to be a teen or around the early 20's. Just saying.

    How did you end up here: How did you get abandoned, basically everything that you forget when you wake up in the forest.

    Appearance: Yes, I would like a picture but if you can't put one up then I want a very detailed description.

    Weapon: yeah... speaks for itself.

    Anything else you wanna add:

    Note: No ninjas, no faeries, no Nekos. You ARE a human. Now if you do wanna be a monster that's killing off the people then...I don't know. Ask and I'll think about it.

    I want good grammar and spelling. I don't want anyone Typin lik dis. It's quite confusing.

    Sign up Now >^.^<

    If I approve your character then go to this group.
  2. Full Name: Nichole Lynn Loving

    Nick name: Nikkie or Nichole

    Age: 15

    How did you end up here: When she was 5 she was being dragged home by her mother while getting yelled at.
    "God why do you always do this to me?!?" Her mother screams. Nichole was hiding in the woods playing with a rabbit, not thinking about her mother who was calling out her name to find her. When she was caught, her mother was furious.
    "Sometimes I wish you weren't born! I wouldn't have to worry about keeping my eye on a little brat like you!" Her mother went on. Nichole had enough of her mothers insults and pulled her arm away from her mothers' grip. She screamed back, "Fine! If I'm that much trouble then I'll just disappear from your life!" and ran off. She ended up walking deep into a forest and got tired. Her eyes were red and tired from crying for hours and her clothes were torn by the thorn bushes she ran through. She sat down under a tree and fell asleep. When she woke up she was in a denser forest than before.
    "This...doesn't look...familiar..." she whispers and stood up. She walked towards a break in the forest and found herself in front of a huge building. A guy welcomed her to Utopia and she lived there ever since.

    Appearance: anime_13.jpg-t=1247084415.jpg

    Weapon: Dikes hb-2.JPG

    Anything else you wanna add: Nichole was 8. She went out to find some wild strawberries. She traveled a little too far into the forest and some vines wrapped around her, causing her to not be able to reach her weapon. The boy she first met when she first showed up in Utopia yelled her name and came running in. He shot an arrow and cut her down from the vines. She falls hard to the ground and he runs to bring her into his arms. But the vines came darting towards him.
    "Steven! No!" she screamed. She pulled out her dikes and lunged forwards to cut the vines but she was too late. They wrapped around him and pulled him down under the ground. As he struggled with the vines, the last words out of his mouth before he disappeared were "Nikkie....i....love..." then gone.
  3. This sounds interesting. Hmm...I might be full, but if not, I will definitely join :3
  4. well to join you have to make a character sheet

  5. Full Name:
    Xu Liang

    Nick name: Xander

    Age: 19

    How did you end up here: Who knows?

    Xu can't remember a thing aside from waking up in grass and his pounding headache.

    And who cares anyway?

    He doesn't want anyone else to know something about him that he himself doesn't know.

    (Actually, Xu was an orphan, living on his own after the age of sixteen. A month ago, he found his biological parents. He was the illegimate son of a business tycoon and one of his maids. Angered, Xu tried to convince his father to accept him as his son, but the stubborn man refused and claimed that if he persisted in trying to become part of the family, he would abandon him. I suppose that's what happened and brought him here.)

    [Broadsword] Xu doesn't use it unless necessary. He's already a good melee combatant.

    Anything else you wanna add: Xu is protective of the other Utopia children, but he does not talk to them much about himself. His expressions of compassion are often gruff.

  6. Accepted ^.^

  7. Full Name: Hazel Ione Duluth

    Nick name: Hazel

    Age: 16

    How did you end up here: At first, her mother was a dedicated single mom of four. She tried so hard to be perfect. After all, the kid's father left suddenly after the fourth child was born. She had no time to be selfish. As the years passed, she found herself becoming more depressed each day and then one day... she broke. Hazel had been 10 years old when her mother killed herself. It was expected as it was unexpected. Hazel and everyone else knew her mother was depressed. They just had no idea how depressed. A couple days later after the funeral, Hazel and her siblings began to wonder what was to become of them now. Maybe they would live with their grandmother or maybe one of their uncles or aunts. However, they didn't expect that everyone would be "too busy" to take care of them.

    After this revelation, Hazel and her siblings were tossed into foster care. She never saw her siblings again. After jumping sporadically from home to another home, Hazel was soon forgotten in the world. She felt abandoned by everyone she once trusted. She wondered if some of her siblings were old enough to look for her. She then had a horrifying thought: what if her siblings didn't care enough to find her? She was sixteen when this thought occurred to her and she had finally had enough. She was going to run away and take care of herself.

    Apparently, running away is not as simple as it sounds. She was lost on an unknown street in unknown town. Dejectedly, she collapsed on the ground. She figured she would stay here until she died, forgetting that she was supposed to be taking care of herself. When she opened her eyes again, she was in an entirely different place with blurry memories.

    Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/i...PQssupJRvgnU28O24Qs7LSTv5qgOBZ6q_HlXO5C31piC4

    Weapon: Dagger [​IMG] and throwing knives, if she finds them lying around.

    Anything else you wanna add: She found her weapon on a random dead person. When she first got to the utopia she wasn't good with melee and had to learn the hard way.