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  1. Dark... Cold... A voice she couldn't recognize.
    Help me...The voice cried, it sounded so familiar.
    Please help me... Suddenly she realized, it was her own voice.

    She suddenly woke up drenched in sweat. She looked around and noticed she were in some forest. The white clothing she were wearing were ripped and dusty. Her hair was a complete mess and she had bruises all over her body. What had happened? And more importantly, who was she?

    She tried to remember who she were but she couldn't. Where did she come from? Why was she there? Suddenly she noticed that she weren't alone. Another person were there, lying on the ground still past out. Why was she there with another person? Did he know anything? She thought about leaving him there in case he was dangerous but in the end she couldn't. How where she going to get out of there alone? How were he? She just had to hope he wouldn't do her anything.

    "You, wake up." She said walking slowly a bit closer, she didn't want to be attacked the second he woke up so she kept her distance.
  2. Nightmares found themselves racing through his brain, and when he awoke, he had no memory of what had happened, or why he was on the forest floor. This was no longer a fairy tale parents told children to keep them from running away or letting them be coaxed away by strangers. This was, in all seriousness, no longer something to laugh off. The person who had called for him to awaken was a girl in dirty, ripped clothing.

    He moved quickly into an upright postion, almost as though he would need to guard himself from her. That wasn't the case though, or so it appeared, because as he pushed himself up so he could stand, he was a full six feet. He rubbed dirty hands over his face, trying to regain any memory of what had gone on in the time before he'd been dropped in the middle of the forest. It was infuriating to the dust covered male, not being able to recall anything. He looked over the girl when he pulled his hands away from his face.

    "That exactly am I doing here?" He asked. Maybe she had a clue. Or perhaps this was just some sick joke she was playing. Either way, he wanted to know.
  3. He fast woke up after she had started talking. She backed a few steps when he rose from the ground, mostly because of his length. He was taller than her, and probably stronger too. She wouldn't have a chance if he suddenly attacked her. She didn't know who but she was pretty certain someone had told her not to talk to strangers because they can be dangerous. Had someone really told her or was it just because it was common sense that she remembered it? Either way it still felt better to be cautious.

    "That's what I would like to ask." She said, it didn't seem like anyone of them knew what they were there for. But he could be tricking her. "Who are you?" She asked the guy before her, but even if she got an answer that still wouldn't help her to find out who she was. If that guy had taken her out there why had he then been unconscious just like her? Maybe something bad had happened both of them, but why couldn't she remember what?

    She started to feel how her body ached, it had felt pretty numb just moments ago but her feeling started to slowly come back. It was as if she had fallen down stairs a dozen of times. She wanted to go home, but she didn't even know where home were.
  4. She took a few steps back, probably not knowing that he was quite harmless, really. He shoved his hands into his pockets, coming up with nothing, not even his lighter. He could really have used a cigarette right about then. He had never been a person to abide by the 'don't talk to strangers' rule, but apparently this time had backfired. Maybe. He wasn't completely sure, and there were few things he knew in that moment.

    She replied and his lips formed a smirk. Apparently, this was a question neither of them had a hope of answering. They were in the forest, which had to be old, judging by the tree cover. A little light flitered through, but not a lot, and when it got dark they were screwed. Was there even a positive aspect to this at all? "I don't precisely know. PJ, perhaps, as that one certainly rings a bell." He told her, and then redirected the question. "Who are you?" He asked, tilting his head.

    He was battered and bruised. He'd probably put up a hell of a fight, judging by the marring of his hands, which were the only thing he could really get a good look at. He had no mirror to tell him what the rest of him looked like in that moment, and he doubted it was very pretty anyhow. She looked a little roughed up as well.
  5. Why did he smirk all of a sudden? There was nothing funny with the situation, they were both trapped in a forest and didn't know why or how they got there. They were doomed, there was not a chance that they would survive the night out in no where.

    His answer to her question didn't make her feel any better, he didn't precisely know, which meant he had no memories either? She tried to remember her own name when he asked her, but she didn't have a clue what her name could be. Nothing seemed familiar even though she liked some names better than others. "I don't know. But I guess you can call me Tess for the time being" She told him. Mostly because that was one of the first names that came to mind and the name that felt best on the tongue. But she didn't think it was her own name, it didn't feel like hers really. But it had to do for now.

    "So you don't know what happened either?" She asked even though she already knew the answer. If they didn't know at all where they were then they could be anywhere in the world, they had no idea what kind of animals that could be there. If there were big animals that ate humans or poisonous spiders. Without knowing what they would have to face it would be hard to prepare themselves and survive.
  6. He wasn't the type to handle seriousness well, and blowing off steam with facial expressions seemed to be the way to go here, as there was no possible joke that could make him smile at the moment, so the same was probably to be said for her.

    They didn't have any memories, and how that happened was not a thought he wished to delve into. Was it amnesia? Or was it something more permenant, that he would never recover from? He felt as though there were things he needed to remember, for both of their safety, but functioning was the only basic knowledge she had. "Well, Tess, I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances." He told her quietly, shaking his head, as though that would bring back his memory and thoughts alike. She didn't know what her name really was either, and they were in a bad situation for that.

    "I haven't a clue." It irked him, knowing that he didn't know everything for once in his lifetime. He thought he should remember. Especially her. Why couldn't he remember her? Was he supposed to know her prior to this? He cast a glance around them. What lurked out there was not a thought he really needed to have at the moment. The last thing he wanted was to scare himself out of his wits, and by result make it so neither of them were comfortable.
  7. Tess, as she called herself at the moment, sighted when he told her that he didn't have a clue. Even though she expected that it was still disappointing. They had to get out of the jungle somehow, after that they just had to find a house and then from there they could get taken to a hospital or the police, whichever was most needed. Even if they didn't have their memories back then it wasn't hard for the police to check up on who they were.

    "We should try to get out of here, but without knowing which direction we should walk in or what kind of animals there are here it feels a bit like a suicide attempt." She said a bit to herself but loud enough for him to hear her. If they stayed at the same spot then they could defence themselves more easily, but if no one would find them then they would starve. If they walked around without knowing where too then they could walk in a circle until they died from an animal attack or exhaustion. They also would have to find as much food as possible, and make sure they didn't eat anything poisonous.

    She felt her stomach rumble a bit, so she hadn't been eating for a while. Maybe she should get used to that feeling, if they were able to survive the animals then they probably would have a lot of times when they were on the range of starving. They had to find food they knew where eatable and in some jungles the major of all fruit were poisonous to humans.
    "Maybe we should find some place to hide before the night, if there are carnivores out here then it will become dangerous during the night."