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  1. "..Opko Land, an abandoned amusement park that closed down due to two tragic deaths on one renowned duck-themed ride...It was thought that the owner wanted nothing to do with the responsibilities of the deaths, and fled the night of the second casualty..."

    Vuna clutched the article he was holding in his hand, a scowl forming on his face. He absolutely despised things as useless as a theme park. There was no point to any of it, and to him, it was all merely a scam done by one for money. Vuna couldn't stand the bright colors, loud screams, and the general happiness of kids there, but...

    Here he was.

    Standing in front of the gates of the infamous abandoned Opko Land amusement park, Vuna Albergrown stood, as angry as ever.
  2. Opko...


    "One of the many closed amusement parks of Asia, Okpo Land has a tragic past related to one ride in particular. The duck-themed rollercoaster ride, one of the main attractions of the park, is known to have caused at least one fatality in the late 1990s, for which no compensation or apology was received, and the ride continued to operate. However, in 1999, the ride claimed its second life, a young girl who was thrown to the ground when a cart derailed and capsized at speed. After this incident, the park's owner disappeared overnight, leaving another family with no compensation or apology and leaving the park to be closed in 1999, after it was deemed unsafe.

    Okpo Land was abandoned after its closure, the rides left in place, with only small buildings in the plot of land being partly demolished. Horrifically, the capsized cart from which the child plummeted to her death in 1999 was also left in place, hanging over the edge of the ride's tracks."

    ((Credits to the original owner))

    There was much information on the place, it wasn't news, the south Korean theme park Opko Land had turned into quite the urban exploration site. However there had been news on the television two weeks previous to the present moment, the theme park was going to be demolished for a hotel to be build anew. He knew it was the last chance to explore it thorough, and take whatever he could because hey, abandoned. He didn't know what to expect so he decided to not take this particular trip alone. He needed help.

    This time it meant calling Vuna and Jordan over to help him, alongside with Owen. Even if he knew that Owen was an asshole. And a bully.

    He just stood there now, a few meters away from the very angry looking young man, sighing and looking around constantly, reading the pages of information he had found on the Opko Land incidents and the photographs as well, he actually had mapped the entire place with his mind.

    "I hope the guys arrive soon ... hehe..." he shrugged, not exactly knowing what to tell Vuna, he obviously knew this wasn't his cup D'tart and he didn't like this, but hey, abandoned. Again. "Hey ... at least it's quiet here, huh?" he tried.
  3. "I can hear your breathing from a mile away, so no. It's not quiet, you dunce." Vuna snaps, momentarily turning to face the taller man. "I have no idea how you even convinced me to come here. This place is horrible, and not to mention it reeks."

    Vuna knew it was unnecessary to react in such a rude way, but hey, that was him. It was almost like he couldn't help but be grumpy. As many say, just be yourself.

    Sighing, the dark-skinned grouch let his eyes wander. The whole place was wrecked; there was mess everywhere. Signs, once bright and colorful, were now dull and gray. Almost all of them were hanging by a nail to the decaying wooden posts that were the gates themselves. Rubbish was scattered about on the cracked concrete of the entrance, and several paper and bags fluttered and tumbled around in the wind. Vuna shuddered. The cold was getting to him.

    "Should have brought a jacket..." He murmurs.
  4. He shrugged with a bit of a smile "Hey, if I didn't breathe, I'd be a zombie." he chuckled at his own ... bad joke. His eyes averted the young man's and he looked back again, sighing yet once more to lay back on the bench "Why don't you relax and just take in the view? It's interesting to look at such a mountain.. Hey I bet there's punks living here, or animals or something." he snickered and looked at a worn down brochure on the ground under his feet, with a map and all that, he couldn't help feeling somewhat awkward right now, being with the forever angry Vuna...


    He actually felt surprised, that it was like new, even after so long... He didn't know what to think exactly, "Hey, what if we see a little girl's ghost?" he asked lively, but suddenly the footsteps of boots alerted him of a new presence. Owen's. He turned to his side and finally saw him approaching them, his usual black and white hair, his dog tags and earring gave him off, specially those dark wine red glasses he liked to wear for the sake of not being blind.
    Like a mole.


    "Hey." he simply waved at them for a second before shoving his hands into the pockets of his grey jean thread jacket, a man of few words as usual, but this made the oldest in the group feel extremely uncomfortable, he actually didn't like the quietness, and specially he didn't like Owen in particular, not just because of his silence, but because of what he was capable of doing when he got angry, or stressed. Maybe bringing him here had been a bad idea...
  5. Momentarily ceasing any scowling that he was doing before, Vuna turns to look at the newcomer's face. Glasses. Of course he would have glasses. "Stupid four-eyes..." Vuna mumbles, still staring. Nothing made him more uncomfortable than the gleam of lenses, epsecially on a person's face. It was intimidating in its own special way.

    "Take off your glasses."
  6. The other male didn't respond, he didn't even make a single sound, before averting his eyes away from Vuna. He knew that the young man was unnerved by glasses, but he himself didn't really have a choice. Everything was too blurry to see without them. " ... " he kept his silence, only unnerving the older one the most.

    "H...hey, when is Jordan arriving?" he looked up at Vuna, hoping to get an answer from him.
  7. "He said he was here aleady." Vuna says, glowering at Owen as he does so. "It doesn't matter to me, either way. He's a brat."

    Vuna's eyes light up, almost as if he'd come up with a great idea. Approaching the glasses-wearing man, he reaches up for the said glasses. "Take them off."
  8. "..." He still remained deadly quiet, however he did take a step back and away from the insisting younger one, feeling uneasy now and pushing his hands onto his pockets frustrated. "........"

    "What do you mean he was here already?" he asked with a frown on his face and taking out his cellphone, staring at the screen of a happy kitten he had for a moment before turning back to Vuna "Hey, I have no signal!"
  9. Ignoring the unhappy boy for a moment, Vuna reaches up and plucks the glasses from Owen's face. (Ooc: sorry for the one liner!)
  10. Owen instantly gripped on his arm with the strength of an iron arm being pressed too strongly on his wrists, forcing him to drop them, and crouching down to look for them for a moment and after he found it, he took them up and placed them back on his face. " .. Don't do that." he requested, walking away to sit down besides the oldest one of the group so far, who just cringed and moved away from him.
  11. "That wasn't very nice." A new voice speaks up, nearly starling all of them out of their skins. Vuna, who had not even flinched before, turns around to find the source of the voice, but to no avail. There wasn't a soul in sight. Well, besides the two ignorant brats from before, but the point still stands.

    "Show yourself." Vuna all but snarls.
  12. Owen only turned his shifting to the sides but didn't find anyway, he as much as blinked when he heard the voice. He just laid back on the bench, while the older man stood up and looked around "Jordan is it you? Come out already it isn't funny!"
  13. "Up here."

    Vuna whips his head around so fast he feels the effects on whiplash. Wincing, he looks to the top of the gate, and his eyes widen slightly at the sight. Jordan was there, sitting and smiling innocently as they gaped at him.
  14. ((He's sitting on the gates?))

    His first reaction was groaning, "Hey what are you even doing there...?" he asked, crossing his arms as Owen stood up with a groan "If you fall it'll hurt!" he yelled, but instead of doing anything, he just glared.

    Owen simply made a smirk.
  15. ((Yesss))

    "Relax. I know what I'm doing. My only hobby isn't just cooking, you know."

    After several minutes, Jordan has managed to climb down and settle himself within the small group.

    "I got here pretty early, so I went inside to look for a map of the park." He says as he tugs a dirty piece of paper from his jean pockets. "I wanted to find out where that one girl fell."
  16. Owen approached him this time, punching his shoulder "... You could have hurt yourself" he growled lowly, before looking behind him "...Why would you want to see a death scene...?" he shrugged, obviously ignoring the eldest and Vuna.
  17. "I heard that it never even moved an inch after the accident. And who knows? We might see a ghost." Jordan says as he punches Owen back. "I parkour. My boyfriend taught me how."

    Vuna clears his throat, eager to begin. "So, are we going to just stand here or actually go in?"
  18. "What a disappointment." Owen replied while walking to the sides of the gates, "..." He remained quiet this time. "Ghosts aren't real" he suddenly responded, walking in, being followed by the eldest who nodded at Vuna.
  19. "Oh? Is someone afraid of ghosts?" Vuna smirks, walking at a brisk pace to catch up to Owen. This place was perfect for a horrible horro movie. Everything was vandalized in some way, whether it be a few spits of a spray can or a completely pulverized piece of carnival equipment. Not to mention there was almost no one around, easily adding a few points to the creepy measure. Not that Vuna cared, of course. His entire room reminder him of this, if it wasn't scarier.
  20. Owen did nothing but shrug "No, they just don't exist." he replied while looking directly at Vuna, his boots making a slight quiet sound of metalic small clashes of chains.

    "Hey guys come one don't fight!" he yelled at them and the approached Jordan "Hey man don't be like that, those two are like scorpions on the desert... put them in the forest and they'll be so pissed off they will sting you in seconds." he glared back at them like they were a sort of menace, the place was pretty trashed and very weak looking, specially from afar as they were now, there was wild plants everywhere and it was pretty much obviously unattended.


    "Hey I can see the roller coaster from here!" he grinned while pointing, Owen only stared at the wild plants and trees of the mountain looking place.
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